20 IMCWP, Written contribution of CP of Malta

10/5/18 9:43 AM
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Towards Solidarity within the Working Class


Comrade Chairperson,



Firstly I would like like to thank the Communist Party of Greece for hosting this Fora which gives us the chance to deliver our address and hear what comrades from others parties have  to say on the problems that we are facing today.



The working class today is in the dire need of a re-education in class warfere, as it has fallen into a dissaray and has forgotten the lessons that their forefathers have learned through hard struggles . The solidarity that existed between the workers of former the days, prior to the disastrous events of 1989 is gone. Apathy has set in to the dire detriment of the  working classes in many countries.  Capitalism today, is finding it more  easy to impliment new measure of exploitation, and this is being  supported by the neo-liberal governments  in Europe and elsewhere, amongst them Social-Democratic administrations. 

Today, Global Capitalism still has a firm hold over the means of production. The Working classes  all over the world, has yet to wrest this control. Since the setback suffered by working classes, with the fall of the Soviet Union and its eastern European allies, Capitalists all over the globe has tightened their fists and have done away with most of the gains that the working class  had won by hard struggles in the  middle years of the Twenthiet Century. 

Third world countries especially those in Africa are robbed of their natural resources  by the  implemention  of brutal corrupt dictators subserviant to imperialism which is their mainstay.  They back them militarly if need be, against their  own people, who are forced  to live in poverty or migrate. This brings about a humanitarian crises that Europe now facies with this forced migration, which in turn is bringing about the resurgence of extreme right wing parties in the European Political Arena. This method is also used in the Latin American countries where democratically elected governments are threathened or overthrown by brutal coups suppurted by the US 

The US Military and Industrial Complex requires a constant supply of wars, so new markets could be found to sell their  lethal  products of death and destruction. The Rotschilds who control most of the global finance hold Capitalist countries under their absolute control, with the aid of US imperialism have ushured  wars to destroy countries like Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan. 

Countries like Syria which has been undergoing a siege from which it has managed to survive, at a great cost. Venezuela suffering from sanctions because people elected a government which the U.S. does not like. The DPRK because  it still insists to re-unify the Korean Peninsula into one country, are threatened with military intervention. One point that emeges here, is that thes countries are not financially controlled by the Rotschilds. 

Another struggle that has been going on for to long now, is the struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate their homeland from Zionist colonialism imposed on them by US imperialism after the Second World War.

The state of Israel which was set up on Palestinian lands is another artificial country like South Korea and Kosovo. South Vietnam another US invention was liberated by the Vietnamese people who gave  US imperialism it’s most greatest and sour defeat.  

These imperialist creations were set up  to offsett people’s aspirations for freedom. In the case of Palestine,  US imperialism  continued on the path started by French and British imperialism to set up an alternative colonizer when they had to leave, to protect their interests (Petroluem) in the Middle East.  

Communists and Workers Parties who are the real vanguard  of the working classes must streghnten theselves by exposing the treachery of Social Democratic Parties that have sold out workers interests a long time ago, some even prior World War One. Other Parties nowadays  calling themeselves left wing parties are not really Workers Parties as they claim as they support “Free Market Policy ” and claim that there can be no Demcracy without this Free Market. They have forgotten that a free Market is the greatest enemy of the working class. 

One  example  of how like Social Democrats these New Left Wing Parties betray Socialism is; Here in Greece SYRIZA made a pre-electoral promise that if elected they would stop the European Union imposed austerity programe. They held a referendum to stop EU austerity programmes, after they were elected.  The referndum result  gave a great victory against the implementation of  austerity measures  but SYRIZA  instead of  honouring  this  result, bows its head to the EU diktat, and the Greek Working Class had to undergo a lot of suffering  through EU imposed austerity programmes. 

The immidiate tasks that we Communists and other progressives is to militate within the ranks of workers to make them aware of these bogus socialists.  The solutions to the problems of the working class lies,  in the transformation of the liberal society which has capitalistic  neo-liberal concept, where profit reigns supreme. This transformation must be  into a Socialist society where the means of productions are no longer  the hands of the bourgeoisie, but taken over by the  working class. thus  changing the ecconomical structre of society, where the profits would be distributed evenly,  in higher wages, funds to better living conditions, to educate their children up to University levels, and to provide free medical care for all. 

Only by the correct Marxist-Leninist analysis, constant  militantism, and hard work within the working classes itself would bring about the required change. Socialism would finally put an end to the barabarity of Capitalism 


Long Live Matxism Leninism.