23rd IMCWP, Stop the spread of Fascism, avert a new tragedy of humankind

12/21/23, 2:14 PM
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Stop the spread of Fascism, avert a new tragedy of humankind


Resolution of the XXIII International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties.Izmir,Turkey 19-21 October,2023 

The participants in the XXIII International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, being fully aware of the threat posed to humankind by the resurgence of the ideology of Fascism and neo-Nazism in the world, sharing the call of the participants in the Anti-Fascist Forum to all the people of good will “To Safeguard Humanity from Fascism!” are gratified to note that pursuant to the decision reflected in the Final Declaration of the XXII International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties  (Havana, October 2022), on the initiative of the Union of Communist Parties (UCP-CPSU) an Anti-Fascist Forum was held in Minsk (Belarus) on April 22, 2023 attended by representatives of 50 countries. 

The current stage of world development is witnessing a significant sharpening of contradictions between labor and capital. The deepening of the world economic crisis contributed to growing reactionary trends in many countries, the onslaught on the rights of the working class, the curtailment of democratic norms and as a consequence to the revival of the Fascist ideology.

Seeking to preserve super-profits, imperialism foments wars and local conflicts, continues the policy of plundering countries and peoples, dooming hundreds of millions of people to hunger and death. To achieve its goals the dominant US-led bourgeoisie in its struggle for re-dividing the world uses all possible resources, including neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, radical nationalists and other extremist forces.


In a whole number of countries the policy of glorifying Fascism and Nazism has been practically elevated to the status of government policy. Ever tougher measures are being taken against the workers who uphold their rights and come out against the man-hating Nazi ideology. Increasingly, nationalist organizations with Nazi ideology are used as a weapon in this struggle by the bourgeoisie.

In a most unceremonious fashion, the history of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War is being re-written and the Nazi crimes against humanity are being hushed up.

Under the cover of liberal democratic prattle, a political and legal rehabilitation of Fascist crimes is taking place. Monuments to the fighters against the “brown plague” are dismantled and monuments to Fascist accomplices are put up. The results and sentences of the Nuremberg Trial which condemned Nazi criminals are being forgotten.

 Fascism is becoming one of the main weapons in the hands of the world bourgeoisie in its struggle against the working class.

The aggressiveness of capital in militarizing politics and economics attests to the real threat of a third world war with the use of nuclear weapons. 

   Hotbeds of regional conflicts (Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, Ukraine, South Caucasus) are developing from civil strife into civil wars and interstate military clashes.

Transnational corporations and the bourgeois governments behind them are actively developing the tactics of re-dividing the world.

Terrorizing the population and executing communists and anti-Fascists,  banning opposition media and all dissent, the imperialists of every stripe are establishing total political and economic control and turning countries into their mandate territories. 

In many countries the ideology of violence has become the ideology of the state. Countries which are  under total external control are being turned by the USA and the collective West into a military bridgehead of the struggle for a new world order. 

In the 20th century the Soviet Union, led by its communist party, defeated Fascism and the socialist ideology gained the upper hand over man-hating nationalist ideology.

In the 21st century the bitter enemy of the working class, Fascism, has reared its head again and gained access to the levers of power. This is a lesson for us, communists, and or all the progressive forces of the world.

Neo-Fascism and neo-Nazism are again threatening humanity. To prevent a world tragedy we are called upon to pool our efforts in resisting the offensive of capital on the rights and freedoms of the working people, to unite in the struggle against reaction, neo-Nazism and militarism.

The new era of trials again clamors for coordinated action in the framework of a broad anti-Fascist Front of progressive forces.


Let us not allow the world to be blown up! 


!Nopasaran! They shall not pass! 


SolidNet Parties signing the Solidarity Statement


  1. Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
  2. Communist Party of Ukraine.
  3. Russian Communist Workers Party.
  4. Union of Communist Parties - Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
  5. South African Communist Party.
  6. PartidoComunista De Espana (PCE).
  7. Party Communists of Serbia.
  8. New Communist Party from Yugoslavia.
  9. Communist Party of Macedonia.
  10. Kurdistan Communist Party.
  11. Progressive Tribune – Bahrain.
  12. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia.
  13. Communist Party of India (Marxist).
  14. Communist Party of India.
  15. Popular Socialist Party of Mexico.
  16. Lebanese Communist Party.
  17. Socialist Workers’ Party Croatia.
  18. Hungarian Workers Party.
  19. Единая коммунистическая партия Грузии.
  20. German Communist Party
  21. Syrian Communist Party (Unified).
  22. Palestinian Communist Party.
  23. Communist Party of Belarus.
  24. PartidoCommunista (Italy).
  25. Communist party of Belgium PCB-CPB.
  26. Communist Party of Ireland.
  27. The Workers' Party of Ireland (Official)

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