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11/25/12 5:50 AM
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Communist Party of Pakistan’s delegate’s speech at the 14th International meeting of communist and workers parties held in Beirut, Lebanon held from 22nd to 25th of November 2012
Strengthening the struggle against escalating imperialist aggressiveness, for satisfying people’s socio economic, democratic rights and aspirations for socialism.

Respected members of presidium and delegates of fraternal parties,

Imperialism, after the success of counter revolution in USSR, has been persistently escalating its aggressive policies. Finance capital has acquired a more decisive role as compared to other forms of capital and is not ready to respect the geographical boundaries. Capitalist globalization is the order of the day. Under developed and developing states have been losing their economic and political sovereignty due to escalating onslaught of imperialism. Four main tactics, conditional financial assistance, economic and political sanctions, imposition of dictatorships, and military adventurism are being used to reshape the world according to imperialist designs. The paradox of this globalization is that, the economic gap among individuals, countries and nations is on the rise. The wealth of under developed and developing countries is being ferociously stashed out to developed countries, in the form of payment of interest on loans, the profit earned by multinational companies, deposit of financial assets of privileged classes of these countries in banks of developed countries and through investment in stock exchanges. The Recent past has witnessed direct and indirect military intervention by imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle-East. The hand behind the so-called Middle East spring is not at all hidden, but imperialism turned naked first in Libya and now in Syria. The same religious fundamentalist and obscurantist forces that are declared enemy no. 1 in the war against terrorism are being used to destabilize the Syrian government. It is the duty of communists and workers parties to help the Syrian people in their struggle for remaining safe from the monster of fascist forces. A unified voice should be raised from this platform in support of Syrian people.

Dear comrades,
The rising aggressiveness of imperialism, on one hand has, as much adversely affected the economy of under developed and developing countries, that much, on the other hand has plunged the capitalist world in most serious systemic economic crisis. The efforts by capitalist countries to wriggle out of the crisis have grossly, being failed, so far. These unsuccessful attempts, however, have multiplied the suffering of major parts of world population. The worst affected are the working masses. Their economic and democratic rights have been targeted in almost entire capitalist world in the name of austerity measures by slashing their rights and social privileges covered under social security regulations. Cuts in salaries and allowances, layoffs and retrenchment on large scales have made the life of working class miserable even in developed countries, what to speak of under developed countries.

Dear comrades,
The world energy reservoirs and its transportation routes remain the central point of imperialist policies. USA and NATO have announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan, till December, 2014. A greater number of American troops will, however, remain stationed there until, 2024. USA also intends to keep five permanent military bases in Afghanistan to safeguard its economic and strategic interests in the area. The entire region will, therefore, remain a friction point between USA and other powers of the area, especially Iran, China and Russia.

Dear comrades,
Communist and workers parties have put up a remarkable resistance against imperialism both at peoples and intellectuals levels. Marxist Leninists parties have been continuously analyzing the capitalist evolution and have been driving correct conclusions to counter the imperialist strategies. No doubt a glorious history of struggle is being written by the people against the imperialist onslaught. A wonderful resistance has been offered by the people of Palestine and Lebanon against the imperialist base in the area i.e. Israel. People of Iraq and Afghanistan have forced the imperialism to retreat from their lands. The success of leftist parties in Latin America is a symbol of resistance against imperialism. The independent policies of Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador have provided a moral strength to the people, struggling against imperialism and their local lackeys.

Dear comrades,
Communist Party of Pakistan is part of this international struggle of world communist and worker parties for satisfying the people’s social economic, democratic rights and aspirations for Socialism, We have been working in extremely adverse conditions to mobilize the unprivileged sections of the society, students, women, minorities, peasantry and working class. Communist Party of Pakistan is thankful for the continued moral support being extended to it by all its fraternal parties.
Long Live Communist Fraternity
Long Live Marxism Leninism
Down with Imperialism
Dr, Shafiq Ahmad
Coordinator, International department

Communist Party of Pakistan

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