13 IMCWP Resolution, We demand that the revolutionists and the activists of the people's struggle in Turkey, who are kept in prison by AKP should be immediately released.

12/23/11 3:44 PM

The AKP (Justice and Development Party) government which is in the servitude of the US and EU imperialists treathens the peoples of Syria and Iran by allowing the settlement of the Missile Shield within the borders of Turkey in order to protect Israel.

On the other hand, apart from being the implementor of the offensive and reactionary policies in the Middle East, it also tries to keep all its opponents under its oppression at the domestic level.

The number of Kurdish politicians and activists who have been put in the jail during the last six months has already exceeded almost four thousands. Five of those who was imprisoned are the elected representatives of the people in the parliament; tens of them are mayors in the Kurdish region; hundreds of them are executives in Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). In addition to these Kurdish politicians, sixty lawyers and four academicians are also among those who have been arrested. Even just ten days ago, sixty lawyers was taken into custody in only one single day, thirty of whom were put into prison.

Furthermore, thousands of young people have also been arrested with the accuse of being a member of so-called "terrorist organization", when they rose up for the struggle for free education, and freedom of speech and of organization.

We, the undersigned organizations who participated in the 13th meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties in Athens, declare our internationalist solidarity with the revolutionists and popular forces as well as the struggling youth in Turkey, who are arrested and tried to be oppressed by the AKP government, and demand them to be released immediately.

CP of Australia
CP of Azerbaijan
CP of Bangladesh
WP of Bangladesh
WP of Belgium
CP of Brazil
Brazilian CP
CP of Britain
NCP of Britain
CP of Bulgaria
CP of Canada
CP of Bohemia and Moravia
CP in Denmark
CP of Denmark
CP of Egypt
CP of Finland
French CP
CP of Macedonia, FYROM
UCP of Georgia
PPP, Guyana
Hungarian CWP
CP of India [Marxist]
CP of Ireland
WP of Ireland
Communist Refoundation Party
Party of the Italian Communists
Jordanian CP
Lebanese CP
Socialist People’s Front, Lithuania
CP of Luxembourg
CP of Malta
CP of Mexico
CP of Norway
Palestinian CP
Palestinian People’s Party
CP of Pakistan
Paraguayan CP
CP of Peru [Patria Roja]
Philippine CP (PKP-1930)
CP of Poland
Portuguese CP
Romanian CP
CP of the Russian Federation
NCP of Yugoslavia
Party of the Communists of Serbia
South African CP
CP of Spain
CP of the Peoples’ of Spain
Party of the Communists of Catalune
CP of Sri-Lanka
CP of Sweden
Syrian CP
Syrian CP [Unified]
CP of Turkey
CP of Ukraine
Union of Communists of Ukraine