4th IMCWP, Contribution of Bulgarian Communist Party "Georgy Dimitrov"

6/21/02, 11:41 AM
  • 4th IMCWP En Europe Communist and workers' parties

Bulgarian CP �Georgi Dimitrov�, Contribution to the Athens
Meeting 21J2002
From: Bulgarian Communist Party �Georgy Dimitrov�, Wed, 26
June 2002
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Prof. Mincho Minchev political secretary of the Bulgarian
Communist Party �Georgy Dimitrov�-Bulgaria

Immediately after the strikes upon the symbols of the
American and world capitalist power in the USA, on the
11-th of September last year, the bourgeois, as well as the
so-called left, mass media, declared unanimously, that the
world is not the same.

They are mistaken! Evidently, such an impudent attack is an
event of huge international importance, but it is not more
than an episode of the more significant event of the newest
history of world the disintegration of the East European
socialist system in 1989-1991.

That is a turning point of World History. Since then, the
world is not the same as before. A new order was
established, which surprisingly reminds us of that order,
which, fascism wanted to establish 60-70 years ago. The
modern new order of the liberalism does not differ from
that �new order� of the fascism, in the form, in the
details, in its deep essence.

After the imposition of the modern New World order, on the
place of nine socialist countries, 25 new state formations
have appeared. On the place of the stable order and
precisely established borders in Europe there came times of
chaos in the economic, social, political and interethnic

A period of a deep economic ruin, a failure of social
relations and of incessant ethnic conflicts has come to
East Europe. All that exhausts the countries of that region
and transforms them into economic and political colonies of
the West.

Due to the impudent treachery, accomplished by the Soviet
party and state bosses, the peoples of Soviet Union and the
peoples of East Europe, lost the Cold War, imposed by the
West half a century ago.

That is a fact, which should not be neglected. On the
contrary - it should be accepted as a starting point of all
our analyses, behavior and actions. Then the war in Persian
gulf, the war against Yugoslavia, and the aggressive
challenges against all the progressive world, will appear
as episodes of the bloody drama which accompanies the
restoration of capitalism on the huge space from Oder up to

Not only the world order, established after the Second
World War, has been destroyed, but even the remnants of the
Versailles system acting after the First World War. The
world today, at the beginning of the XXI century, is really
not the same as a decade ago.

After end of the Cold War, in Europe and in the whole
world, a situation arose, saturated with an explosive
mixture, made from the geopolitical material of those who
gained and those who lost in that war. On the one side, the
united and triumphant Western Europe, and on the other -
the defeated, living in misery and breaking up East Europe.

Already more than ten years on the place of the East Europe
states open territories were created, degrading to the
level of raw materials sources appendixes and sources of
cheap, though high skilled labor.

The Period of restoration of capitalism has opened the
present mechanisms of action of global capitalist
structures which are hidden behind the institutions, that
have been affirmed in the past decades, - the International
Currency Board, the World Bank, the World Trading
Organization, the International Labor Organization, etc.

Nobody doubts any more, that these institutions are means
to perpetuate the authority and domination of the
transnational corporations. These powerful centers of the
global capital are leading a real, though cleverly covered,
war of extermination against whole peoples, races, and
religions. They are imposing in East Europe and the
countries of the former USSR such �structural reforms�
which uncontrollably deepen the social-class inequality,
both in the separate states, and as well as between them
and the advanced capitalist states from G-7.

Today we speak about the global capital, about its centers,
structures and institutions more often. And it is quite
natural, as today that personifies imperialism in its most
aggressive form. As Marxist-Leninists, we should look at
the bourgeois camp very closely. There the affairs are far
not simple.

Today the large capital, on a global scale, is united in
two groupings between which exist both flow from over one
to another, and as well serious contradictions. On the one
hand - that is the grouping of the transnational, global
capital, and on the other - the grouping of the large
regional capital. Those two fractions of the capital - both
globalist and regionalist, coexist in the imperialist camp,
with their two ideologies those of globalism and

Nationalism as a traditional ideology of bourgeoisie,
already is an anachronism. Its carrier, the middle and in
partially the petty bourgeoisie, have insignificant
influence in the modern capitalist society.

The structural reforms, imposed by the transnational,
global centers of economic power, to the countries of the
former socialist block, in effect, are the tool of an
economic genocide. With the help of clever manipulation by
market mechanisms and economic levers, not only material,
but also spiritual culture of the European East is being

This new form of economic, political and military slavery
of huge masses of people, is carried out by means of the
ideology of the �open liberal economy�. That slavery, is
expressed in the operation of the market neo-colonialism,
in its unconditional submission of the peoples to, as if
the objective, games of market forces.

The destinies of more than 100 countries of the third
world, and also of the countries of our world, which we
once named �second �, and now it, in effect, is the fourth,
is put in full dependence of the financial macroeconomic
speculations of the global capital.

How dangerous is that game with the destinies of millions
of people, it becomes clear if one considers that only 8 �
of the existing cash dollar mass in circulation, is covered
with material actives. Ninety two percents of that mass,
has neither material, nor innovational covering, and that
is why represents a huge destructive potential, by much
exceeding the destructive capabilities of the nuclear

Today the global capitalism is in a new situation. East
European socialism is crushed. Peoples of the East Europe
have been plundered. Though huge material means have joined
the economy of the West, though the basic economic
competitor and contender the East block has been ruined,
the expected stabilization of capitalism did not happen.
Thunderclouds gather on the political horizon. A
devastating world crisis is expected.

It is necessary to consider the �strikes against America�,
on the 11-th. of Sept.2001, in that context. The profound
analysis of these strikes has shown that that is really an
act of terrorism. It is already known as well who has
performed it. But, as always in such situations, more
important are those, who were the inspirers of this act.
They, most likely, will become known in the future.

That question, however, has no legal character. It a
political one and, consequently, we need to give it a
political answer. For this purpose, let us recollect, what
a methodological recommendation V. I. Lenin has given in
similar cases: to reply to the question �Whom it profits�?

The answer to this question is clear: the act of terror on
September, 11 the last year was necessary to the global
capital. With its help, America was �humiliated�, it was
led on the way of the gradual expansion of the external
aggression and the gradual, removal of bourgeois-democratic
liberties. Those who have performed the terrorist act, may
turn out to be members of Al-Kaida, or any other terrorist
organization, but the end result anyway is of use for the
global capital. Reckoning on the economic and military
potential of the USA, it will take advantage of it to carry
out a last resolute fight against all the progressive
forces in the world.

Today on all those, that the USA do not like, are specify
as enemies of the �free world�. The free world those are
the countries of the so-called �golden milliard�. They
forces of �good�.

Who are then the forces �evil�? For the time being that
is the Islamic fundamentalism. After them will be the
antiglobalists of all political kinds. And, at last, as in
all similar cases, the turn will come for the communists.
And that is the essence of all �anti-terrorist campaigns�.

All this leads to a clear and ruthless conclusion the
global capitalism prepares for open war with the whole poor
world. That capitalism has all attributes of the
neo-fascism, covered behind liberal phraseology. And why
not name it simply a liberal neo-fascism?

As well as between the First and the Second World Wars
imperialist reaction reckoned on nazism and nazi Germany so
today the global capital reckons on liberal America. Today
USA play the role of � shock group of the global

The Present administration of the USA has already
formulated the new strategic doctrine, which should provide
final and absolute domination of the global capital all
over the world.

When USA were simply the managing force of the capitalist
world, during the Cold War, their administration took
independent decisions. Then the doctrine of nuclear mutual
restraint was in operation.

Now, when even the USA, the most powerful state in the
world, is in effect, simply the most powerful tool of
global capitalism. In that quality, they change the
complete geopolitical doctrine.

That doctrine two basic aspects: readiness to operate
independently - without consideration, and without the help
of NATO allies; and to use forces in any point of the
globe, without sanctions of the United Nations.

There is no doubt, that is already the doctrine of open
aggression. As the authors of this doctrine emphasize, its
main element - preventive strikes by all means against
terrorists or hostile looking states.

My question is rhetorical, but nevertheless, I ask: which
war in the world history did not begin with a preventive

And as to expression �strikes with all means � it is an
element of so-called blitzkrieg war - inventions of German
nazism. The present Washington administration, again uses
similar terms, as �preventive attack�, �defensive
intervention� etc.

That is Goebels style approach - these terms are the
propaganda covering of total aggression against all
progressive, against all who do not accept the absolute
domination of the transnational global corporate capital.

September 11-th attacks, are clear, at first sight, - on
essence reasons, , it is clear who carried them and their
consequences are clear. This visibility is intended for the
mass consciousness, because of the exclusive propaganda

A serious approach to this event enables us to understand
the hidden plan of present Washington administration. It
consists in the opening of a large-scale war, which will be
conducted by not conventional means.

I again would like will return to the thesis which I
considered right at the beginning the new war which modern
imperialism and globalism prepare is a war against all
mankind. In this war the USA will play really the leading
role, but still they will be only the executor. The
generator of the ideas are the anonymous centers of the
global capital.

That is a new fascism, this time a global one. Therefore
and its approach is a global one. In this context the
attack on September 11-th 2001, finds its natural place
to completely serve to the interests of global imperialism.

These provocations, whose inspirers (and may be and
organizers) should be searched for in global imperialism
brain centers. As for the direct executors of the terrorist
acts - in the world there are not few armed formations,
whose ideology professes deep hatred to the global gendarme
the USA.

And so: the imperialism has overcome all national borders
and its localization in national borders. Today it is
comprehensive, i.e. it is global and has unlimited
financial resources and huge military potential. It
conducts constantly expanding universal war against working
people of all world.

In these circumstances one question dominates, may be the
most important for us communists, namely: where are we in
this world?

After heavy the defeat which the communist parties in the
East Europe have sufferred ten years ago, today there is a
real danger of the marginalization of the communistic

With a pain it is necessary to admit, that we, the
communists, are not in the avant guarde of modern
antiimperialist struggle. The treachery of Gorbachev
cliques, internal incessant contradictions in the
communistic movement, the continuing absolutization of the
�national specifics� in today's globalizing the world etc.,
lead us to a well-known phenomenon, to opportunism.

Our main advantage as communists the internationalism, is
frequently removed by archaic and extremely unproductive
nationalism. We for a long time already witness a real
destructive process, the deep split in the foundations of
our movement. And our efforts go not in the direction of
its overcoming, but in the direction of its covering.

To all of us it is clear, that the situation of a century
ago repeats itself, when there were two opposite tendencies
in our movement the authentic Marxism and the
opportunistic reformism.

After the cataclysms of capitalist restoration in the East
Europe, the triumphant social-democracy, finally and
irreversibly has left the left political space, went behind
the borders of the working-class movement. Modern
social-democracy it is already inseparable from bourgeois
political system; from bourgeois �historic the block � as
it was named by A.Gramsci.

In our movement there are two streams also the
revolutionary one and the reformist one. The latter of them
has occupied the space left by the social-democrats in the
working-class movement. Thus both one and other streams
live together in the common space for all.

And still the ideological and organizational divergence in
our movement is the real fact at which we should not blink.
We are divided(shared) with estimations of the past
centenary period of our general(common) history; we are
divided(shared) with the approach to processes in the
modern world; we are divided(shared) also with a sight on
the future of mankind.

And still, not all separates us. There are also things,
which for us are common.
What are they? Those things which should unite us.
There are two answers: while, us inertia of fear of final
split unites memory of our common roots.

The second answer - that should unite us - is danger of
death of the coming liberal fascism, expanding aggression
of global imperialism.

Real and effective association it does not turn out yet!
And the result is available: today we, communists, are not
capable to show the organized resistance bourgeois
globalism on a global scale. Separate strong, communist
parties in some countries are capable to struggle with the,
local capitalism, but they are powerless before forces
global and even the regional capital.

And still there is an exit from impasse in which we have
got, both historical circumstances, and actions of the
objective factors which are taking place outside of our
movement and as those, a number of internal factors.

This exit to us is prompted by well working Lenin formula
- to find, trace and take advantage of internal
contradictions in bourgeois camp.

In the today's world of such contradictions at all it is
not enough. They both superficial, and deep.

The Modern capitalism expresses the imperialist character
not only in globalism, but also in bourgeois regionalism.
And they are in a condition intense, though and the latent

Traditional nationalist imperialism by which the period
before the second World War is characterized, already
marginized. The similar type of imperialism is
characteristic only for USA, and that, we may speak about

If global association of communistic movement while is
impossible, it may be carried out at a regional level.

Objective development of public processes last decades,
has depicted some geopolitic and geoeconomic regions: the
Western Europe, Northern America, South America, Pacific
region, Far East, Northern Africa, Africa to the south of
Sahara, Near East.

To us, the countries of the East Europe, the unenviable
destiny has dropped out to go through humiliating and
destructive restoration of capitalism. After Cold War in
our region, inclusive and in the countries of former Soviet
Union, almost half milliard the highly cultured population
became object neo-colonial slavery. The most sad that at
obvious route, was not rendered the slightest resistance on
the part of those who was obliged it to make, on the part
of communist parties.

Social-democracy gloated over dying socialism, and former
nomenclature greatness from a management of communist
parties competed in speed and comprehensiveness the

Initial motives of the new bourgeoisie managing in the
countries of the East Europe about inclusion in political,
economic and military structures of the West, resulted from
naive belief, that entry in the �rich club �, the East
European countries, will provide with it the same riches.
But now, when these countries have turned to a ghetto of a
deep social inequality, their motives comprador
bourgeoisies to integration with the Western structures -
the unique guarantor of deduction of their political and
economic authority.

What should be our answer to this aspiration comprador
bourgeoisies? It one - creation of the uniform organization
of communist parties in region from Baltic up to
Mediterranean sea and from Neiise up to Kamchatka. If
creation of the world organization of communistic movement
let we restore in the new form, in our region Communistic
International, having the new maintenance(contents) is
impossible. It is idea it is not utopian, though us and try
in it to convince. Objective conditions favour to the
similar initiative.

I do not doubt, that it is available also collective will
of communists of this region to be united about an overall
aim: revival of socialism as ideas and as political system.