CP of the Russian Federation, 19th IMCWP Summary Report [En]

11/17/17 11:31 AM
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19th IMCWP Summary Report [En]

The 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties was held on the 2-3 of November 2017 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, under the theme “The 100th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution: the ideals of the Communist movement, revitalizing the struggle against imperialistic wars, for peace, socialism.”

The Meeting was attended by 342 participants of 103 Communist and Workers’ parties.

Under the agenda of the 19 IMCWP the following has been undertaken:

I. Contributions by parties

All participating parties delivered their contributions on the theme of the 19th IMCWP, highlighting the following basic issues:

- National festivities and events conducted on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution;

- Proposals for strategy and tactics of the Communist and Workers’ Parties in order to revitalize struggle for socialism world-wide in light of strengthening fight against anticommunism, anti-Sovietism and russophobia.

- National wide scientific research and exchange of views over the political mistakes which caused the counter-revolutionary coup in the USSR as well as the follow-on dissolution of socialist camp.

II. Adoption of the additional members to the IMCWP Working group (In accordance with the decision of the 18th IMCWP)

The 19th IMCWP approved 3 additional parties as members of the Working Group. They are:

Communist Party of China;

Hungarian Workers' Party;

Workers’ Party of Korea.

The updated list of the Working Group members includes:

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia;

Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB);

Communist Party of China;

Communist Party of Cuba;

Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL, Cyprus);

Communist Party of Greece;

Hungarian Workers' Party;

Communist Party of India;

Communist Party of India (Marxist);

Τudeh Party, Iran;

Workers Party of Korea.

Lebanese Communist Party;

Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist Leninist);

Palestinian Communist Party;

Portuguese Communist Party;

Communist Party of the Russian Federation;

Russian Communist Workers Party;

South African Communist Party;

Communist Party of Spain;

Communist Party, Turkey;

Communist Party of Ukraine;

Communist Party of Vietnam;

III. Final document/Appeal of the IMCWP.

The 19th IMCWP approved the Appeal as attached.

The 19th IMCWP assigned the Working Group to conduct further discussion on improvements of the process of adoption of new member joining the Solidnet list and report to the forthcoming IMCWPs.

The 19th IMCWP appreciated an agreed on the proposal of the Communist Party of Greece for hosting the 20th IMCWP since it coincides with an important occasion for the Party, the completion of 100 years since its foundation