6th IMCWP, Contribution of Communist Party of Norway

10/8/04 12:45 PM
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Athens Meeting 8-10 October 2004, Contribution of CP of
Norway (NKP)
From: SolidNet, Sunday, October 17, 2004
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International Meeting Communist and Workers' Parties

"Resistance to Imperialist Aggressiveness. Fronts of
Struggle and Alternatives"
8 10 October 2004, Athens

Contribution of CP of Norway

The Communist Party of Norway: contribution at the
International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties on
"Resistance to Imperialist Aggressiveness. Fronts of
Struggle and Alternatives" Athens 8-10 of October 2004.

Dear comrades,
Communist Party of Norway wants to use this opportunity to
thank the Communist Party of Greece for once again taken
the initiative to hold this meeting on issues of great
significance for the international class struggle.
We the communist's of Norway want to stress the importance
and the role of the communist parties in the struggle of
the working class for their rights in a time of increased
attacks from the monopoly capital at national and
international level. Only a political party based on the
Leninist principles of democratic centralism and armed with
the principles of scientific socialism can mount the
struggle necessary to isolate the anti democratic
monopolists and finally in the end crush the capitalist

Our anti monopolist strategy is developed through the
practice of the world communist moment in its struggle for
the interest of the working class during many years. Our
experience in the fight against fascism has a special
importance to us. We had to pay a high price for the left
deviation of that time and the correction of this error
under the famous leader of Comintern Georgi Dimitrov marks
a leap in our thinking about building alliances in the
fight for the working class.

The dismounting of USSR and the socialist world system has
altered important preconditions for our strategy. In spite
of this it is our beliefs that the main core of the anti
monopolistic strategy is still valid, but we have to
address what consequences the altered situation gives. We
believe we are only at the beginning of this processes.

The crises in monopoly capitalism mount more severe overt
aggressive tendencies, no longer constrained by the might
of Soviet Union, as seen in the Middle East and Iraq. And
also seen in the American governments attacks on the
peoples judicial and democratic rights under the pretext of
fight against terrorism.

The people of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan daily feel
the aggression of the imperialists, through a brutal
occupation of these countries. Other countries like Cuba,
D.P.R. of Korea and Venezuela feel the breath of the
imperialists every day.

The people of Venezuela set in the referendum a stop for
the plans of the imperialists to remove the legal
government of Chavez for the time being.

Our answer to the imperialist threats and actions must be
based on proletarian internationalism and solidarity. We
have to sharply condemn those leftist party who in strive
for a seat in the government, don't fight imperialism
rather give support to imperialists actions like the
bombing of Yugoslavia, as the leaders of the Norwegian Left
Socialist Party did.

Recalling the heroic fight and victory of the communists,
the mighty Soviet Union together with other democratic and
progressive forces, over Fascism in the Second World War,
which was paid by our comrades' blood, it is now natural to
point at the development in the USA which represent a quite
similarly threat and burden for mankind.

It is important that we early on manage to stand up against
leftist deviations that spark of support for the
reactionary by the middle class. We have to deprive the
monopolist their public support with all means. We can
manage this without falling victim of serious rightist
deviation like the Social Democrats only if we are armed
with the thought of scientific socialism. This can hardly
be overestimated. The roll of the working class and the
scientific concept of the proletarian dictatorship are
still valid.

Together with other Nordic communists expressed in a common
statement that it is through EU that the imperialistic
globalisation process is forced upon Europe.

EU is one of the international monopolistic capitals three
imperialistic centres - USA, Japan and EU. EU is the tool
of the European monopolistic capital to create a world
power, as strong as the other centres. EU is the
supranational tool of the great capitals dictatorship
against the people and working class in Europe.

The communist parties in the Nordic region agree that the
people's resistance against the EU is necessary:

- At the national level, because the defence of national
sovereignty is essential in the class struggle.

- At the international level, to unite the fight to destroy
imperialism's tool at the European continent.

We state that the parties have a common position towards EU
and its consequences, and we bind us to fight for keeping
Norway out of the EU and at the same time cancel the
European Economical Agreement (EEA), as well as Denmark,
Finland and Sweden resign the EU membership.

The Nordic communist parties are committed to fight

The Charter of the European-Union implies an imperialistic
superpower, dominated by the European capital of the

And fight against the militarization of EU. The EU's
oppression of the people's opposition as a consequence of
the so called anti-terror bills and by EU police
cooperation. The EU's policy of closed borders as a
consequence of Scheme.

Because of this we seek to strengthen the cooperation with
communist- and workers parties and to back the popular
movements in the countries applying for EU membership in
their fight against entering the European Union.

At last:
Many leftist- and social democratic parties have accepted
capitalism, take part in governments launching
imperialistic wars, united their positions with national
capitalists as well as multinational companies. These
parties cannot be seen as a tool for the working class,
oppressed and all those who want to change the unjust world
of today.
We stand firmly on Marx, Engels and Lenin's ideological
basis, and we will never subordinate ourselves for other
interests than those of the working class and the other


Knut Hartmann Olsen
Secretary of the Politburo of the Central Committee of
CP of Norway