CP USA, Solidarity Statement from the Communist Party USA to the Communist Party of Chile on Government Repression and Anti-Communism

2/11/20 11:44 AM
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To Guillermo Teillier, President of the Communist Party of Chile:


Dear Comrade Teillier,


The National Board of the Communist Party USA sends fraternal greetings to you and your comrades of the Communist Party of Chile.  Currently popular forces in your country are protesting severely limited access to social services, education, and health care.  These have been in existence for many years. Protesters are denouncing wealth inequalities, injustice to indigenous peoples, and violent repression at the hands of security forces. Young people and students have remained in the front ranks of the uprising.  Their courage and determination have won our admiration.


We realize that a powerful class of oligarchs is responsible for the injustices. They exerted their influence before and during the era of dictatorship and have continued doing so since.  We realize too that they have imposed austerity, privatization, and an export economy. These, of course, are markers of neo-liberalism.  The U.S. government has led these neo-liberal actions globally and these are current prime manifestations of imperialism. We understand that government and military leaders in our own country collaborate with Chilean counterparts.


What’s clear, from a distant vantage point, is that the Communist Party of Chile serves the people’s interest. You have demanded a sovereign constituent assembly made up exclusively of representatives chosen directly by the people. You oppose a government-inspired proposal that a supermajority be required for assembly decisions. You have motivated leftist parties to back the social movements that are the backbone of the ongoing protests. And, your representatives in Congress laudably voted against heavy repressive measures presented by your government.


In support of your party and the Chilean people, the Communist Party USA will use our press to report on political developments on Chile; we will testify to the truth. We will collaborate with progressive forces here in promoting legislation and other collective actions serving the Chilean people’s needs and the cause of basic change.

The Communist Party USA also condemns the persecution of Communist deputy Hugo Gutierrez.  The actions taken against comrade Hugo Gutierrez are nothing less than outrageous; he has our solidarity. Our overall commitment to solidarity and international justice will not waver.  

Lastly, the Communist Party USA declares its high regard for your party.  In 2005, Comrade Juan Lopez represented us at the funeral of your former president Gladys Marín. He later wrote that, “Compañera Marín, alongside her party, was in the forefront of every significant struggle for democracy, social justice, world peace, and socialism.” 


Rossana Cambron and Joe Sims, Co-Leaders

Communist Party USA




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