CP of India, CPI Condemns Killings of Passengers, Haryana Riots

8/2/23, 12:08 PM
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CPI Condemns Killings of Passengers, Haryana Riots


The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement today (on August 2, 2023):

The National Secretariat of the Communist Party of India condemns the recent killings of passengers in Jaipur-Mumbai train which is being dubbed as mental derailment of the offender. This is over simplification of the fact and is aimed to derail the real picture. In the riots and arson in Haryana more than five people have lost their lives which include Imam and two home guards.

The failure of the police arresting a notorious murderer Monu Manesar for the past five months and his declaration to participate in the Brig Mandal Dharmik yatra ignited the situation in Nuh (Haryana) which is a hyper sensitive communal place. Further the cautions given by district intelligence chief towards communal clash eruption if the procession is allowed through Muslim localities were ignored. Subsequently the clashes took place.

Communal tensions which are a result of divisive politics pursued by ruling BJP is obviously responsible for these incidents and is a warning to all on the background of Manipur happenings as to what awaits in future if BJP rule is allowed to continue. CPI demands strict action against the perpetrators of violence and arson and proper compensation to the victims. CPI also appeals to all to maintain peace and harmony and preserve unity and composite culture of India.

The Party also appeals to all Indians that they should not fall prey to politics of hatred, fear and violence which is the main plank of BJP-RSS politics unleashed in the background of ensuing elections.



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