CP of India, CPI Press Release - 10.05.2019

5/10/19 3:56 PM
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CPI National Secretary Dr. K. Narayana issued the following statement:

  1. I demand that Globarina technology company should immediately be banned by the Telangana state government.
  2. The education minister must be immediately suspended from the government.
  3. An ex-Gratio of rupees one crore must be paid to each of the all bereaved families of the students who died after the declaration of intermediate results.
  4. I demand that a high level inquiry commission be instituted with sitting judge of the High Court immediately on the entire affairs right before entering agreement with Globarina.  It is quite evident that there are connection between politicians and corporate companies hence I demand a full fledged enquiry with a sitting high court judge to probe into the nefarious connections.
  5. In this connection I would like to bring to the notice of the public that on 04.05.2015, I’ve sent a letter to the Hon’ble Governor of AP, Shri ESL Narsimhan quoting that the Globarina company is a bogus company and should not have any connection with government in the educational field.  At the same time when I went to Kakinada I brought this to Mr. Kumar, Vice-Chancellor regarding the same company.
  6. It is brought to our notice that when Tulsiram was the Vice Chancellor of JNTU, this Globarina company entered into an agreement with JNTU with the pressure from the then education Minister.  I met vice chancellor Kumar and brought to his notice about this company and he immediately cancelled the earlier agreement.
  7. Even after the affairs, it is most unfortunate that Telangana government through intermediate board entered into an agreement with the Globarina which is a malicious company for valuation of intermediate answer papers. It is most irresponsible on part of the government.
  8. Everybody is aware that the intermediate education and intermediate board is highly influenced by the corporate’s and this Globarina is added to that monopoly.

What happened in the Intermediate Board?

 Usually after the completion of Inter exams, qualified lectures will undertake valuation of answer sheets. At present there are more number of contract lecturers than permanent lecturers. More and more number of non-teaching staff are being employed for valuation of answer sheets.  These people are not fully equipped and lack of thorough knowledge for valuing the answer papers properly.  As such lot of lapses are evident after their valuation.  For example: a Manchiryal student named Navya, who obtained “99%” was showed as ‘0’ marks.  Same fate with a Khammam girl who got 33 was showed as 0.  

Globarina software didn’t work properly. They have to handover the completed results CD to Intermediate Board.  In this process, due to the combined inefficiency of both Inter Board and Globarina, lot of lapses were happened and the same were published without any cross checking.  Immediately students who observed their results on the website were shocked and terrified and as such resorted to suicides. In fact some students passed in the exams.  

Due to the haphazard and callous behaviour of the Intermediate Board and Globarina, precious lives of students were ruined. 


We have expert educationists, IAS and other officers in our government. When we have most dedicated officers and staff in the government, outsourcing a private company from outside the government is most inefficient action of the state government.  As such the government itself is encouraging corruption and insulting its own expert staff. 

Due to the education in the iron hands of the corporate sector many students are sacrificing their precious life during their education.  Moreover due to the inefficiency and lapses in the valuation of answer sheets, many students who answered well also resorted to suicides. 

Tomorrow’s citizens are today’s students.  At the time this society has to prepare good citizens, by the beginning of this academic year itself, we already lost 23 precious lives of students.  The government is only responsible for this highest sin. 

The education minister must be suspended forthwith.

Rs. One crore ex.gracia must be paid to the each of the bereaved student family.

Immediately ban Globarina from all its activities and criminal cases including Sec. 304 be filed against Globarina.

All the answer papers of the students should be published on Intermediate Board website to facilitate the students to assess how their answers were valued.

An inquiry commission headed by a sitting judge of High Court be instituted.  The commission also should suggest modalities to avoid the present incidents and malicious intentions of the people involved.

(Dr. K. Narayana)

National Secretary, CPI.