CP of India, Pranab Dhadhas opportunist participation in RSS meeting

6/11/18 3:23 PM
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Pranab Mukherjee is recognized political leader and an intellectual, he could reach to highest position of this democratic country. In his political career he might have changed political parties, that matter can be ignored. Once he has become president of the nation, and even after the retirement he should maintain dignity. In country of pluralism he should have been very careful while sharing such a platform. He has accepted the invitation of RSS. He might have given good speech but on which dais he has given speech is a peoples concern.  It is just like chanting of Vedas in front of ghosts. One cannot say that Pranab do not know the history, but it may be his opportunistic utterances to impress the RSS cadres and army of Modi. 

He did not mention single sentence about Godse who has killed Gandhiji. BJP MP and RSS leaders want to install statures of Godse throughout the country. He was very careful and did not mention single sentence on this matter just to appease the RSS cadres. Pranab was praising Hegdewar the founder president of RSS as great patriot. It is not out of context to mention that RSS or it's head never participated in the struggle for independence. Hegdewar rather stated in those days that Muslims, Christians and communists are enemies of our country, but he never mentioned Britishers were our enemies even today there is no change in RSS's approach towards imperialism. But definitely there is little change in them. That is earlier they used to wear nickers but at present they are wearing pants and they are thing that they are grown up boys. That is only the change but thinking is the same 

In four years rule of BJP controlled by RSS bosses have killed many intellectuals, writers, journalists, communists and even rationalists like Gauri Lankesh, Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabolkar ,and Kalburgi etc.. Present government is doing the same thing what Nazi Hitler did in Germany. On the name of cow protection beef is being vulgarized. But Is it not a fact that beef export is more from Gujarat a BJP ruled state? During the period of Manmohan singhji and Pranab dhadha many corrupt leaders like Madhu Koda, A. Raja and Kanimozhi and many were kept behind the bars. But what is happening now. Most corrupted fellows who have evaded loans worth of thousands of crores rupees could cross the borders of our country comfortably. Could not they crossed the borders with the connivance of BJP government. How Nirav Modi  who could cross the borders of our country on 31 st January, cheating Punjab national bank to the tune of 14,000 crores rupees and joined the group photo along with Modiji and eminent leaders of Global economic Forum held at Davos of Switzerland in first week of February? How Lalit Modi was allowed to leave London to another country with Indian passport? Why our Dhadha did not utter single sentence about loan evaders like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Nirav Modi etc in his speech? Is it not his sheer opportunism? 

RSS is the brainchild of the Union Government in all political, social and economic affairs of this nation. Foreign policy of our country during the tenure of Pranab it totally reversed at present by 100%. He was conspicuously silent on this matter in his speech in order to radicalize RSS cadres. As usual they have neither hoisted national flag nor chanted national anthem. 

They have boasted that they are going to conquer entire country from north to south. They will win all states one after another. This statement was given prior to Karnataka elections. They are forgetting a fact that they have secured mere 32% of votes in all over the country. It is also a fact that BJP's image graph is going down. Their countdown has started from Gorakhpur.  In recent by elections they have contested 11 Assembly seats and 4 parliament seats. But they could secure mere single seat in Assembly and another seat in parliament.  Hats off to their optimism to win from North to south. We have seen their melo drama in Karnataka using the power of Governor. But thanks to Supreme Court which has saved the democracy and united all secular and democratic forces in the country. 

In this their pathetic position they have started requesting friendly parties like Shiv Sena etc Amit shah, National president of BJP has gone to the extent of meeting cine actress Madhuri Dikshit. This is keen indication that their graph is definitely going down. Certain Pranab's admirers might have got impressed with his speech but if we go into deep study one can find that is nothing but demagogy without content and there is no use for our country. BJP is using Pranab Mukherjee for their benefit, but Pranab may be expecting the same earlier position. The idea of accepting invitation of RSS may be opportunistic or he may be under impression that he will impress fools. BJP might have got benefitted by making former president to accept their invitation, but it is definitely a dark spot on the career of Pranab.