CP of India, Press Release 8.03.2019

3/12/19 12:56 PM
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The National Executive meeting of the Communist Party of India in New Delhi held on March 6 and 7, 2019 adopted the following resolution on Venezuela:

The meeting of the National Executive of the Communist Party of India notes with indignation and contempt that the United States and its right-wing allies in Latin America have come out in support of a right-wing coup attempt against the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro after they supported a decision by opposition law maker, Juan Guaido, to declare himself an ‘interim president’ of Venezuela on January 23 in violation of the country’s constitution.

The meeting underlines that Maduro has repeatedly called for the restoration of talks between his government and the opposition in order to maintain peace and avoid a US backed coup, or even military intervention by the United States. The military has repeatedly stated its full support for the Maduro government and rejected US intervention as a breach of the sovereignty of Venezuela.

US, Guiado and his allies have so far responded to such calls for talks by escalation and rejection of any dialogue. They continue to call for the military to intervene, while the United States declares that it is ‘seriously considering’ military intervention in Venezuela if Maduro does not step down. To further the pressure, the United States imposed harsh economic sanction on the Venezuelan oil industry and its national oil company, while also blocking the bank accounts of the Venezuelan State in the United States. In the name of ‘humanitarian aid’ the US backed mercenary forces intend to forcibly enter Venezuelan territory.

The National Executive of Communist Party of India expresses its solidarity with the people of Venezuela who are defending the sovereignty of their country and protesting the intervention of the US. The meeting resolves to mobilise Indian people’s opinion in support of Venezuela and exert pressure on the Indian government to stand up against the dictates of the US and in solidarity with Venezuela.

Com. Swapan Banerjee presided over the National Executive meeting of the CPI.


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