CP of Kurdistan Iraq, The will of the Sudanese people has won with determination

4/12/19 5:48 PM
  • Iraq, Communist Party of Kurdistan- Iraq En Asia Communist and workers' parties


Once again, the history of the struggle of the peoples proves to us a fact that cannot be overcome, namely, by continuing the struggle and by determination and determination to change; it is possible to achieve what some do not envisage achieving. It is the struggling Sudanese people who prove to the whole world that their struggle and sacrifices will not be wasted. On the change, four months ago when his protest erupted against peaceful demonstrations against Bashir's regime and his demand for his legitimate rights to provide a decent living and achieve democratic freedoms, the regime was betting on putting an end to this protest, and resorted to violence against demonstrators and its prisons filled with the best fighters, This system fell by the will of the people after his power lasted thirty years and March sins against all members of the Sudanese people and its different components.

Merry to the Sudanese people in achieving their noble goals

All solidarity with his valiant revolution to hand over power to a civilian transitional government reflects the components of the revolution and implements the terms of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in full.

And the blessing of the efforts and struggles of our comrades in the Sudanese Communist Party, who have fought a bitter struggle against dictatorship over the past years.


Political Bureau

Kurdistan Communist Party

11 April 2019