CP of Swaziland, Communist Party of Swaziland's deepest condolences on the death of Bachir Radhi, Ambassador of the Sahrawi Republic to South Africa

11/29/19 2:28 PM
  • Swaziland, Communist Party of Swaziland En Africa Communist and workers' parties

The Communist Party of Swaziland sends heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, fellow comrades and people of Western Sahara on the passing of Comrade Bachir Radhi, former Ambassador of the Sahrawi Republic to South Africa, who died on Wednesday 27 November 2019.

Comrade Bachir dedicated his entire life to the struggle for human rights and emancipation from his youth age till his untimely death.

The freedom of the Sahrawi people from colonial Morocco was in his heart and was his life too.  He formed part of the history of the Polisario Front, the popular movement for the freedom of the Sahawiri people. He will remain an inspiration to millions of people across the world in the struggle for the end of oppression of one country by another. 

The Communist Party of Swaziland reiterates its call for the end of Morocco's colonialism of the Sahrawi Republic and supports the calls for the isolation of the colonialist regime of Morocco by democratic and human rights bodies across the world as means to put pressure on the Morocco state to stop colonial practices. The independence of the Saharawi Republic, including the right to self-determination, is possible because that is what the Saharawi people want and are fighting for. The struggle of the Sahawiri people against Moroccan colonialism, for independence, is bound up with the struggle of the people of Swaziland against the rule by the absolute monarchy, for freedom, democracy and socialism!

Issued by the Communist Party of Swaziland