CP of Tukey, TKP Newsletter 22.2.2021: TKP calls for 2023

2/22/21 11:08 AM
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TKP calls for 2023

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a pamphlet explaining how to struggle against Turkey’s ruling AKP and calls for coming together and forming a front against the existing order.

The communists will start a campaign to spread the call via several different platforms including small-scale visits and large-scale online meetings. Hundreds of thousands of copies of the pamphlet will be distributed across the country. 







Women’s Solidarity Committees in Turkey organizing photo exhibition for March 8


Women’s Solidarity Committees, which first announced their establishment in Turkey’s Çanakkale, İzmir, and Ankara in recent months, are increasing rapidly. Approaching March 8, the International Working Women’s Day, the Committees made a call for photo exhibitions to visualize and propagate the working women's struggle against oppression, discrimination, and violence.


Astana meeting: Syria accuses Turkey of increasing military presence

At the ongoing Astana meetings in the city of Sochi in Russia, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Ayman Suzan stated that "Turkish regime is hiding its military presence and expanding it in Syria. These steps show Turkey’s hostile intent and betrayal against Syria, and all of them are reflected in the region’s security.”

In the final declaration of the 15th International Meeting on Syria in the Astana Format, it was emphasized that the international community should participate in facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.







Ruling AKP does not have competence to make new constitution

On soLTV Youtube Channel, Kemal Okuyan, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey, answered the journalist İskender Özturanlı’s questions about the ongoing debate on the possible new constitution.

‘The AKP is constantly looking for a new debate. However, this new constitution has a place in the AKP’s vision of new Turkey. Because the AKP needs to legitimise what it has done to the country. The AKP also thinks how to divide the mainstream political parties and movements.’ Okuyan said.















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