CP of Turkey, TKP Newsletter 10.2.2020: Education is a right! & What's happening in Idlib?

2/10/20 4:14 PM
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TKP: Education is a right! Say ‘stop’ to privatization and reactionism!
Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a call on parents and teachers on the opening of the second semester of the school year, against privatization and reactionism, in order not to leave children to ignorance, darkness and to the mercy of bosses. The call for scientific, public, egalitarian education will continue throughout the semester.

"Education is a very important public responsibility that should not be left to the initiative of market conditions and bosses. It is the responsibility of the state to provide free, scientific and secular education to the citizens by paying regard to the interests of the whole society. In other words, education is a right. In today’s capitalist order, the state is protecting the interests of the bosses, not of the workers and children. In every field; education, healthcare, housing… 

Let’s get organized and strengthen our struggle so that we can win our children’s right to public, scientific and secular education against this darkness! "

Communist Party of Turkey 

For full text of the call: https://tkp.org.tr/en/say-stop-privatization-and-reactionism




soL news: What is happening in Idlib?

Idlib, which has become one of the hardest knots in the war on Syria, is once again at the top of the agenda after the hot conflict. soL news compiled the recent developments in Syria and the route of Turkey's ruling AKP in its intervention in the country.


For the Brochure on War in Syria by the TKP International Relations Bureauhttps://tkp.org.tr/en/temel-metinler/war-syria

Avalanches hit eastern Turkey, killing at least 38

At least 33 people from rescue crew, who were on a mission to find people hit by an earlier avalanche on Tuesday in the region, were killed by a second avalanche in Turkey’s Van on Feb. 5.

The failure of the management of avalanche and the dozens of losses of lives reflect clearly the outcome of the AKP rule that has undermined the structural services in Turkey in the past years.



Embroidery workers won their struggle

Following the bosses of the factory, which consisted of printing and embroidery, ran away with the machines, the workers announced they would undertake resistance.

The workers, who worked at the printing section, undertook certain actions in cooperation with the "We breathe down the bosses’ neck" (PE), the solidarity network initiated by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), and obtained the majority of their rights.





Development of anti-communism in Turkey during the “Foundation” period

Article by Kemal Okuyan, TKP General Secretary, for the 2nd issue of International Communist Review, focusing on the foundation period of TKP. On the 100th anniversary of TKP's foundation, we share a detailed analysis about the bourgeois revolution of Turkey, the role of communists for the anti-imperialist struggle and the relationship between Bolsheviks, Kemalists and the communist founding cadres of TKP.