CP of Turkey, TKP Newsletter 11.1.21: Universities will not surrender to AKP

1/11/21 12:47 PM
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Universities will not surrender to AKP

What happened in recent days reminded us that: Political power in Turkey, no matter how much they push, cannot cross the line. Students of the Boğaziçi University reminded AKP of that line again.

AKP, which occupied the parliament, unions, and even the opposition parties with its mentality, again hit a wall at the university. We would like to remind Boğaziçi University students and all our citizens that they will try to disband the wall as they could not pierce it.

This is why they claimed it was "not political" decision to appoint a party militant to the head of the university. After no one believed this nonsense, the activists were labeled as terrorists. But this label can no longer go beyond satisfying a few fascists.

Who can convince AKP? Families who they declared terrorists the day before, the miners that they dragged on the ground to avoid harm to the bosses, or tens of thousands that they couldn't silence after the murdered women?

Whatever labels the AKP and its militants try to put on, in Turkey, this is the only legitimate and strong front. Our friends who were detained in a house raid at night, are the ones they want to intimidate. You must have already understood that neither the universities nor the country will surrender to your stick of fear.

Immediately release our detained friends! Neither Boğaziçi University will be a company, nor the AKP official will be the rector!

Communist Youth of Turkey

Engels and Dialectics in Science

The Engels documentary, prepared by the Academy of Science and Enlightenment for the 200th anniversary of Engels, premiered on the youtube channel of soLTV on 28 November 2020. The documentary is available for international audience with subtitles in English.



Students protest pro-AKP rector appointed to Boğaziçi University 

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently appointed Melih Bulu, known for his close ties to the ruling party AKP, as the new rector of Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. The appointment has not been welcomed by the students as they have held demonstrations against the pro-AKP rector.   

The new rector Melih Bulu has held various managerial positions within the AKP since 2002. He was a mayoral candidate in the 2009 local elections and a candidate for parliamentary deputy position from the AKP in the 2015 elections. 

He is also accused of plagiarism in many of his publications including his doctoral thesis.



Boğaziçi University students protesting trustee president detained 

Monday, İstanbul’s Boğaziçi University students organized a major protest against the appointment of pro-AKP Melih Bulu as the rector, saying, "We do not want the trustee rector".

Many Boğaziçi students were detained after home raids by the police. 17 students were detained, and there are search warrants for 11 other students.

While the protests continue reaching one week, the students were released.



“We have cheap labour force”: Turkish Presidency to foreign investors

Not irony, but reality: The Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey called for foreign investors to “enjoy cheap labor force in the country.” in an official call.




Brochure: Youth in Survival Against Pandemic and Capitalism 

20 European Communist Youth Organizations have gathered on the 103rd anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution at the “Online Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations to Share Experiences” and exchanged their experiences about the struggle of the youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While every organization, who attended to the meeting expressed their analysis on the effects of pandemic to the youth and students, 17 of the speeches have been gathered under a brochure.

The brochure also includes the Press Statement that have been signed by all participant organizations.

The digital version of the brochure is ready to download on TKG's website: https://tkg.org.tr/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Youth-in-Survival-Against-Pandemic-and-Capitalism.pdf