CP of Turkey, TKP Newsletter 14.9.2020: TKP celebrates centenary & Launch of Solidarity Assembly

9/14/20 1:21 PM
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TKP is 100 years old!

Communist Party of Turkey is 100 years old.

TKP was founded in Baku on September 10, 1920, a year after the foundation of the Communist International and just following the Baku Congress of the Peoples of the East.

On September 10, 2020, Party members and friends saluted the centenary in 500 spots in Turkey and abroad.

Commenting on the centenary of TKP's foundation, General Secretary Kemal Okuyan said: "TKP is the earliest founded party of the country, yet it will never grow older".

Gülcan Altan’s latest album, "Songs of Revolution" is available on all digital platforms.
Revolutionary musician Altan presented the album as a gift to the centenary of Communist Party of Turkey.



TKP awards Dimitris Koutsoumbas with TKP Mustafa Suphi Friendship Award 

The Central Committee of Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has awarded Dimitris Koutsoumbas, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, with TKP Mustafa Suphi Friendship Award on the 100th anniversary of TKP's foundation.

In a letter from the Central Committee of TKP was said:

"The Central Committee of TKP has decided to present the Award this year to our esteemed Comrade Dimitris Koutsoumbas, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, for his contributions to our struggle, deep-rooted friendship and revolutionary solidarity.

We hope this Award will further strengthen the historical ties between our Parties and peoples."



TKP joins PCP’s 44th Avante Festival 

Due to the pandemic, the traditional festival of the Portuguese Communist Party took place under all the necessary health measures.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) joined the festival, as in previous years, and held a stand in the international area. On the second day of the festival, TKP participated in a debate on the Middle East and shared its positions on Turkey and the region.


Turkey’s Solidarity Assembly launched with declaration of intellectuals 

Turkey’s Solidarity Assembly released a founding declaration on September 8, undersigned by 56 founding members consisting of leading and prolific intellectuals of the country. 

The foundation of the Solidarity Assembly came after a congress resolution of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP). Convened in August 2020, the 13th Congress of TKP called for the establishment of the Assembly in order to bring together the patriotic, pro-enlightenment, secular and socialist accumulation of the country. 



Total number of COVID-19 cases in Turkey surpasses Italy 

Turkey has surpassed Italy in terms of the total number of COVID-19 cases as of August 25 due to the failed government policies fighting the pandemic with the ‘normalization’ period. While the total number of COVID-19 in Turkey was 276 thousand 555 as of September 4, Italy had 274 thousand 644. 



Brochure by the International Relations Bureau of TKP on the COVID-19 pandemic 



September 18, 2020 - September 19, 2020 - Barcelona 2nd Congress of Communists of Catalonia
November 27, 2020 - November 29, 2020 - Portugal XXI Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party
September 3, 2021 - September 5, 2021 - Portugal 45th edition of the «Avante!» Festival