CP of Turkey, TKP Newsletter 29.6.2020: High-school students protest unjust exam & From olympic wrestler to state-owned bank executive

6/29/20 1:59 PM
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Students ask: "Who will ensure justice in these conditions?" 

Turkey's high school students organization Leftist High School Students (Solcu Liseliler) issued a statement about the university entrance exam that took place this weekend.

"We all know that this system is rotten and have been for a long time but the pandemic gave us a chance to see it more clearly. The mental or physical health of the students is not a matter of concern for those who brought the exam forward by an entire month when the outbreak had not yet eased. Those who made these decisions are the bannermen of this system."



Demonstration of Leftist High-School Students in front of the Measuring, Selection and Placement Centers (OSYM) in Istanbul against the unjust entrance exam system.




Applications for unemployment pay increase

142 thousand 90 people applied for unemployment pay in April 2019, while the number has increased to 308 thousand 968 in April 2020 across Turkey amid coronavirus pandemic.


Bars protest controversial amendments in attorneys’ legislation

The chairpersons of bars started last Friday a nationwide march from their towns to Ankara to protest the government’s draft on multiple bars in big cities. The police obstructed the demonstration at the entrance of the capital.

During the commotion, the security forces attempted to arrest and pound several presidents. Then the lawyers sat in against the police barricade. As the officers surrounded the attorneys by roadblocks, members of the bars protested the arrogance of the police force in several towns and courthouses.


Erdoğan's advisor wrestler appointed as board member to state-owned bank  

A controversial decision sparked public debate last week, as the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Hamza Yerlikaya has been appointed as a board member at Turkey’s third-largest state-owned bank, Vakıfbank.

Yerlikaya was a former Olympic wrestler and is now one of the senior advisers of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Yerlikaya is to receive four different salaries together with his controversial board membership in a state-owned bank.


Tension between France and Turkey raises amidst Macron’s statements on Libya 

Turkey has been playing a proactive role in Libya’s domestic affairs and political confrontation. After the conflict raised between Libyan National Army’s Khalifa Haftar and Government of National Accord’s Fayez al-Sarraj, Turkey involved in the dispute as a party standing next to Sarraj’s forces politically and militarily. 

French President Emmanuel Macron criticized Turkey’s position in Libya, Turkish Foreign Ministry slammed Macron’s statement as “mental eclipse”.




Turkish gov’t has eye on workers’ severance pay and job security 

Alpaslan Savaş, soL columnist and member of TKP Central Committee, has evaluated the recent attempt of the government under the pretext of “increasing the employment”. Savaş underlined that the ruling party is essentially planning to attack the workers’ severance pay and job security.

According to Savaş, for the age groups, below 25 and over 50, the severance pay will be eliminated, the loss of income will increase, the insurance premiums paid by the bosses will decrease, the workers’ unionization will witness much more difficult conditions. 



ICR #10: "Timeliness of Proletarian Internationalism" 

The 10th Edition of the International Communist Review has been published. You can find an introduction from the editorial message below: 

"Dear reader,

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist International that was completed in March 2019, The Editorial Committee of the “International Communist Review” decided that the issue of the journal to be prepared this year be dedicated to the issue of the Timeliness of Proletarian Internationalism under contemporary conditions, in light of the contribution and the experience of the Communist International

In this way the Editorial Committee of the “International Communist Review” honors and recognizes the important contribution of the Communist International to the international labor and communist movement, emphasizing at the same time the need to draw lessons from the experience that was accumulated from its action. Lessons useful in shaping a unitary revolutionary strategy, against capitalist power, against bourgeois and opportunistic ideologies, which reduce or downgrade the significance of the timeliness of Proletarian Internationalism.

For articles see ICR website: https://www.iccr.gr/en/issues/issue-10/



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