CP of Venezuela, Solidaridad con el KKE

11/20/20 12:19 PM
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CP of Venezuela expresses solidarity with the CP of Greece KKE


To: Communist Party of Greece - KKE

Dear comrades.

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela, CPV, salutes the glorious  Communist Party of Greece,KKE, and condemns the cowardly anti-worker and anti-popular attacks by the authoritarian Greek government and repressive police forces. 

The CPV stands in solidarity with the Communist Party of Greece KKE and the unions that commemorated the 37th anniversary of the historic uprising of the students of the Polytechnic and the workers of Athens against the military dictatorship.
The bourgeois governments use more and more the excuse of the pandemic to restrict the constitutional rights and the legal demonstrations and protests of the revolutionary and workers forces.

The CPV wishes for the release of the detainees, the speedy recovery of the comrades wounded by the repressive forces and we support the Communist Party of Greece in their demand that the material and intellectual authors of these attacks must be punished.
Count the Communist Party of Greece KKE always with the militant solidarity of the Venezuelan communists.


Oscar Figuera, Secretary General
Carolus Wimmer, Secretary for International Relations

Solidaridad con el KKE