Italian CP, Solidarity Campaign with CP of Poland

12/5/18 2:03 PM
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The Italian Communist Party (PCI)has launched in Italy a Solidarity Appeal with the Polish Communist Party, which Poland's far-right government intends to outlaw.

The appeal was firstly signed by a large group of Italian Promoters of great political, social, intellectual, artistic and academic prestige. The appeal was already signed by hundreds people, including those of other important organisations, intellectuals, university professors, leaders of the Italian labour movement, artists.

On Monday, December 3, the PCI organized protest sit-ins against the anti-democratic policies driven by Polish Government and solidarity action with the Polish Communist Party in front of the Consulates of the Republic of Poland in Palermo, Genoa, Turin, Milan, Naples and Bologna.

Apart from the PCI, every sit-in was attended by other communist, leftist, democratic and anti-fascist organizations.

The Consuls of Poland in Palermo, Naples, Genoa, Milan and Turin received the PCI representatives who have delivered to them the copy of the Solidarity Appeal. As well as, to every Consul, the reasons for the denunciation against the Government of Poland and the reasons for the solidarity with the Polish Communist Party were exposed. Moreover, the members of the sit-in have exposed to the Consuls their criticism against the European Union, that is "complicit in the anti-democratic policies of the Polish government and hypocritically silent in the face of the drama of outlawing the Polish Communist Party". All the Consuls who received the appeals delegations confirmed, however, the intentions of the Polish government, aimed at outlawing the Polish Communist Party.

A protest sit-in, on Monday 3 December, was also held in Bologna, even though in this city there is no longer the Consul of Poland.


Tuesday 4 December a sit-in was also held in front of the Honorary Consulate of Poland in Ancona.Also in this occasion the Consul received the participants that gave him the Appeal. In this occasion the regional state television filmed and broadcasted the meeting between the participants and the Honorary Consul.


Since in Rome the Police Headquarters did not authorize the sit-in in front of the Polish Embassy on Monday 3 December, we will organise it on Thursday 6 December.


Here the Appeal (in Italian):

Here some pictures taken from the sit-in:


Press release by PCI International Department