Solidarity with the struggle of Communists of Ukraine [En]

11/16/15 2:38 PM
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Solidarity with the struggle of Communists of Ukraine [En]

During the time after the armed coup in Ukraine in February 2014 the violation of the human rights and freedoms became critical, that is directly reflected in the results of the local elections that took place in Ukraine, October 25, 2015.

According to the impartial observers and experts they had not seen before such a dirty elections. Arsons of polling stations and disappearances of members of election commissions, the intimidation and bribery of voters and candidates, refusal to register undesirable candidates for the election, the persecution of Communists, depriving 1,2 million of forced migrants from the war zone in the Donbass of the opportunity to participate in the elections, destruction of ballots,, forgery and falsification, refusal to admitt as the the observer from the PACE of the representative of the Left comrade Hunko. This is only a small set of crimes committed by the ruling fascist junta and its armed militants against the citizens of Ukraine.

This situation is the result of the installment of the oligarchic neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, promotion of Nazi ideology as the state ideology, discrimination of citizens on political, ethnic, linguistic, religious grounds, forced anti-communist and militarist hysteria.

As history shows, fascism and Nazism - are the products of the capitalist system. Therefore, it is impossible to defeat fascism without destruction of the capitalist system.

The Communist Party is only political party in Ukraine, that stands for the elimination of predatory and degrading capitalist system and the source of the Nazi threat. The party, which is under threat of being banned, its members and supporters are subjected to repression, harassment and illegal prosecution.

In this regard, we are in solidarity with the struggle of Communists of Ukraine for the rights and freedoms of its citizens and against the dictatorship of oligarchs and neo-Nazis. We also affirm the need to intensify the efforts of Communist and workers' parties in all international organizations, deputies of the European Parliament and national parliaments, members of the Parliamentary Assembly in order to protect the Ukrainian Communist Party and to prevent the ban the communist ideology.

Participant Parties

  1. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
  2. Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  3. Communist Party of Brazil
  4. Communist Party of Canada
  5. Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  6. Communist Party of Cuba
  7. AKEL
  8. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Rep.)
  9. Communist Party in Denmark

10. Communist Party of Denmark

11. Communist Party of Finland

12. French Communist Party

13. Unified Communist Party of Georgia

14. Communist Party of Greece

15. Hungarian Workers’ Party

16. Tudeh Party of Iran

17. Communist Party of Kurdistan – Iraq

18. Iraqi Communist Party

19. Workers’ Party of Ireland

20. Communist Party of Ireland

21. Communist Party of Kazakhstan

22. Lebanese Communist Party

23. Socialist People’s Front (Lithuania)

24. Communist Party of Malta

25. Palestinian Communist Party

26. Portuguese Communist PArty

27. Communist Party of Russian Federation

28. Party of the Communists of Serbia

29. Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

30. Communist Party of Sri Lanka

31. Syrian Communist Party

32. Communist Party, Turkey

Other Parties

  1. Phillipine Communist Party[PKP-1930]