19 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Norway [En]

11/15/17 1:20 PM
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Contribution of CP of Norway [En]

by Runa Evensen Chairman CP of Norway

Communist Party of Norway (NKP) would like to express our gratitude for the invitation to the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP). It is a great honour to be present in the year of the 100thAnniversary of the Great October SocialistRevolution here in St. Petersburg.

The Great Russian revolution has been of great significance and has given fundamental knowledge for our analyses. Socialism works, it is proven.Capitalism is not unshakeable. NKP sees the necessity of a Communist vanguard party, and we understand the strength in acting together internationally.

As we are gathered here today, all Communist and Workers’ Parties in the world, it is on the background of our common ideology. Still, the historical background of our parties and the development in our different countries varies. But the side we choose is clear; we all side with the working class. We hate injustice and abuse of power. We are communists with a will to fight and sacrifice, with a steady course for political analysis, tactics and strategy. We have the methods, and move based on how reality looks – for enlightenment, analysis and knowledge.

Norway today is a highly developed country, and in the consensus of the bourgeoisie there are high ratings of satisfaction, despite increasing differences. The thing is that everyone would be so much better off with a social society change. Norway needs a change in system.

The result of the election this autumn gives Norway four new years with bourgeois politics, meaning; increasing differences, tax credits to the rich at the expense of the poor, poorer working conditions, unemployment and keep up the double morale politics with supporting NATO-wars abroad and hand outthe Nobel peace prizes. And Nazis demonstrates again in Norwegian streets. The bourgeoisie cannot tell the difference between freedom of speech and hateful antagonism.

Historically NKP gainincreased support and renewed trust in period of crisis, and after showing what communists are capable to accomplish, like the efforts of our comrades during the Second World War fighting for peace and liberty, or the period after the referendum against EU membership in 1972.

For the first time since the Second World War Norway has foreign military forces on Norwegian soil. These are American NATO-soldiers. This is against the base policy of our country. NKP demands disarmament, solidarity and peace beyond the borders, and invite you all to participate in the demonstration against the aggressive NATO exercise “Trident Juncture” in Norway next year. This NATO exercise is the biggest in over 20 years, with 35 000 soldiers, thousands of vehicles, 150 aircrafts and 70 ships participating.

NKP is the real alternative against capitalism and imperialism. Therefore, we have strengthened our party as the only revolutionary party in Norway, and important themes are taken care of.

However, our party has strong forces against us – all means used to throw us away from the scene. Anticommunism, the rewriting of history, opportunism and illegal surveillance, defines our working conditions. After the counter revolution in the Soviet Union, still the fear of communists is present among the Norwegian population. We are being judged and punished by the historic and present anti-communist lies.

The correct understanding of the successful Marxist-Leninist principles which led to the Great October Socialist Revolution are as important today as they were100 years ago.

Long live Marxism-Leninism!

Long live Communism!