United Against the Imperialistic Tool- International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia [En.]

11/25/12 11:00 PM
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The Hague Tribunal represents the political lever of imperialism, which is the instrument of permanent blackmailing of people of ex-Yugoslavia. The Hague Tribunal was formed to hide the facts that lead to the key instructing party for bloody dispersal of Yugoslavia, which bloody imperialistic trace goes to the recent war operations in Gaza, Syria, across the Middle East, to the Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan... The existence of the Hague Tribunal enables the accomplishment of imperialistic goals of total dominance over the region, dividing the peoples and nations of the teritory of Yugoslavia, continue the chauvinism, hatred and nationalism which has always been an ally of imperialism, to place all the blame on Serbs and in that way to close one complete historical convinction in which is impossible to find even the thinnest trace of responsibility of imperialistic factors for which direct involvment in war events exist the thousands irrefutable evidences.

Verdicts of the Hague Tribunal don’t express any historical objectivity, don’t contribute to the conciliation of people of Yugoslavia, and that is why we reject all the verdict brought by this institution.

Down the court of injustice, down the tool of imperialism, for the lasting peace, for progress and solidarity among peoples of ex-Yugoslavia and Balkans which are all impossible without socialism!

  1. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
  2. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  3. Workers Party of Bangladesh
  4. Workers Party of Belgium
  5. Communist Party of Brazil
  6. Brazilian Communist Party
  7. Communist Party of Britain
  8. Communist Party of China
  9. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  10. German Communist Party
  11. Communist Party of Greece
  12. Communist Party of Ireland
  13. Workers’ Party of Ireland
  14. Lebanese Communist Party
  15. Communist Party of Mexico
  16. Palestinian Communist Party
  17. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  18. Communist Workers Party of Russia - Revolution Party of Communists (RKRP-RPC)
  19. Communist Party of Soviet Union
  20. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  21. South African Communist Party
  22. Communist Party of the People of Spain
  23. Communist Party of Sweden
  24. Syrian Communist Party
  25. Communist Party of Tajikistan
  26. Communist Party of Turkey
  27. Union of Communists of Ukraine
  28. Communist Party of USA
  29. CP of Vietnam