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11/25/12 2:10 AM
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“Strengthen the struggles against escalating imperialist aggressiveness,
for satisfying peoples’ socio-economic-democratic rights and aspirations, for socialism”.
IMCWP 2012

On behalf of the Communist Party of Sweden I want to expess our gratitude to the Lebanese Communist Party for arranging this meeting in such an excellent manner under difficult circumstances.


The advances made by the Soviet people profound in the Great Socialist October Revolution 95 years ago forced the capitalist world of social concessions to the workers and people outside the Soviet Union. The Swedish capital that during the two world wars made huge profits also had margins to compromise, something that became even more urgent 1945, after the victory of the SU over the fascism. Through the cooperation between capital and social democrates- SAP the concessions were reduced, also a process towards a socialist society could be avoided. Hereby the so-called "Peoples home" was created, with a Swedish model for the labor market, which was characterized by its relative independence from governmental influence. Sweden remained a kingdom and a part of the world capitalist system- all itself a paradox. With a look backwards in time, we can conclude that the concessions of the capital to the welfare state was extensive and despite overproduction with a growing crisis from 1970-90's the Swedish working class was relatively well-being.

From 1991, and in the absence of the world socialist system the Swedish working class also suffered from very serious setbacks. Now there was no longer any need for the partners social democracy leaders and capitalists to continue to uphold the "Welfare State". Sweden: the country of the former West that since the demise of the Soviet Union more than other countries has privatized the jointly-owned and slimmed down the public sector in line with IMF and ECB requirements. Severe deterioration in the trade union and labor law has gradually been implemented. The financial crisis in 1990-94, and before EU referendum -94 the swedish people was told to have been living beyond their means, then its alleged debts were enumerated while society's gains and assets were suppressed. According to capitalism strategists Swedish economy from now on only stood to be rescued by an entry in the EU, with a sale out of the welfare state.

A milestone of anti-working class policies were implemented in 2006, when the SAP in agreement with the Left Party stole the unemployment fund of the union and converted it to a government authority. Later, the same year, it was just for the new right-wing government to shock increase the charge and reduce the allowance, whereupon 500 000 workers walked out of their unions. Now, an unemployed without unemployment insurance could be forced to work for a slave´s pay.
SAP approved the Lisbon Agreement 2009. Now the labor right issues no longer was a national question but one thing for the jurisdiction of the EU in accordance with the promised land of the capitalists.

Sweden, with its 9.2% has an higher unemployment degree than the EU average (according to Eurostat) and in spite of all joy calculations from the right alliance about 25% young people aged between 16 and 25 are without work. Approximately 425 000 are registered as unemployed. A third of them do not have an unemployment insurance. More than 50 000 workers have this year been foretoken (dismissed) (6/11 among other - 1550 workers in the Swedish Ericsson also those working with research & development, and 1000 - working at Scandinavian Airlines System 11/11). Manufacturing industries are reducing their staff bodies for a relocating abroad, although Sweden is said to have the third best business climate next to Singapore and Finland. It should be noted that over 1.6 million people currently are employed by Swedish corporate groups abroad, mainly in manufacturing production.

Propaganda lies from SAP leaders did guarantee an EU-membership with statements that Sweden could retain their distinctive social system and be exempted from privatization of pharmacies, health care, etc. But first of all EU was described as a peace project. From there it was a short step to the alleged lie that Sweden would retain its "non-alignment and neutrality."

The changed security doctrine of Sweden to abandon the "neutrality principle" after the Cold War is contrary to the majority view of the Swedish people. The popular commitment to neutrality and non-alignment in the war was strengthened after the attack on Libya and Sweden's parliament decision (240 for 18 against) to participate in reconnaissance. Despite this, we had no popular protests.

Today the politically blind are sitting in clothes with the Stars and stripes length- and crosswise while the war criminals of the US are invited to the Cabinet Office "Rosenbad" in Stockholm: This year came Hillary Clinton after meeting Syrian allies in Geneva, then the supervisor of world dictatorship, Zbigniew Brzezinski lectured at Institute of International Affairs. After him Christopher Stevens, the U.S. coordinator for Libya intervention one week before he died in an attack from the Libyan Green Resistance. Stevens left no official traces behind him other than on the blog of his friend, the Chairman of the Left Party, Jonas Sjöstedt which describes Stevens as a "warm and humble man, connoisseur of the Arab world and very progressive," reviews that of course will help Sweden to be tied up to U.S. war machine, like the shameful participation in the war against Libya.

In the past we could to some extent assume that the struggle for the preservation of peace was the lowest common denominator for the entire Left movement. But after the demise of the socialist system, the parliamentary opportunists of the "workers' parties" makes common cause with the chief of defence, the political right and their propaganda. And the right wing openly express solidarity - with NATO.

During the 1990s, Sweden participated in the NATO-led military operations in the Balkans and interact with a
number of countries in the NATO "Partnership for Peace". Sweden was on place in the NATO headquarters in
1999 the SAP government expressed its tacit support for NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia and Belgrade
Sweden participates since 2001 in the war under NATO command in Afghanistan.
Sweden has abolished compulsory military service, rebuilt and adjusted his defense to NATO
Sweden sells weapons to the warring countries, primarily the United States.
Sweden sells weapons to and builds weapons and fuel depots for the Saudi dictatorship.

On Wednesday, the 21, this week it was revealed that the Swedish government knew that the Institute for Defence- FOA Research allowed the dummy company Swedish Security Technology & Innovations- SSTI to handle the weapons cooperations with Saudi Arabia. The government darkened by removing sensitive documents from the record, something that is prohibited according to the Swedish constitution.

This week it was also revealed that Sweden and Israel have a very intimate and close weapons cooperation in which they perceive themselves to be on the same side. Videlycet: Sweden together with the occupant.

Sweden built shelters for Iraq to then provide design drawings of them to the United States during the war against
Embassy in Minsk, Belarus, fomented turmoil and attempts to storm Parliament.
Sweden pays today 1.2% of its GDP to NATO
Sweden invites U.S. / NATO / EU / USrael to practice war against Russia and other countries on Swedish territory
NEAT (North European Aerospace Test Range)

And so forth ....

At home
The CP of Sweden- SKP participated together with the CP of the Russian Federation, Finland and Norway in the Nordkalott meeting, a regional conference in Finnish Tornio in June. For peace and security in the Arctic and development without environmental disruption and with ultimate responsibility for the sensitive environment for a future exploitation.

SKP participates in and is co-organizer of the anti-imperialist manifestations, including to the memory of Pinochet- coup 1973. And most recently, through a solidarity campaign for Syria, where the people's protests have been hijacked by extreme Islamic groups financed by U.S. imperialism with minions to attack Syria. As a communist party, we condemn all forms of imperialist intervention and believes that Syrian people will solve their own conflict and determine their own future. We demand an immediate end to all sanctions and aggression against both Syria and Iran.

We stand with both DPR Korea as the Socialist Cuba, as well as the anti-imperialist and popular development taking place in many countries Latin America as Venezuela Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua. We sympathize and stand in solidarity with the working class in Europe, which through struggle, strikes and demonstrations say no to pay the crisis of the capital.

Against the system's anti-communism and the falsification of history, it´s not easy to come out with our policy.
But we frequently use our party organ Riktpunkt and make statements via homesite, website. blog and also regional websites. We do targeted actions in the form of flyers when needed or allowed financially and we have a very close and good cooperation with our friends in fraternal parties in Sweden from the Chilean CP, Greek KKE, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, the Iranian Tudehparti and the "Network for solidarity with Latin America".
Together we celebrate socialist international holidays.

An important source of propaganda is the spreading of information around actions and statements from the militant trade union movement PAME and the KKE's struggle in Greece, as well as the similar situation in Spain, Portugal and Ireland. These and other examples of socialism and organized working-class struggle may serve as sources for knowledge to those who are deceived and passivated from opportunism.

The influence of SKP in the Building workers union of 100 000 members is very good and the Left Party as well as KP (KPMLr) influence is eradicated. Construction Communist as an organizer for construction workers have a good spread and make a strong impression for the contract negotiations, which most recently has yelded very good results for Construction Workers.

SKP has in Stockholm for "reasons of space" been excluded from "Socialist Forum" on 1 December 2012. SKP is since the beginning a member in the "Workers' Educational Association, ABF, the organizer of the forum. The reformists, particularly the Socialist democrates deny interested to take part of the lecture:" Can capitalism be reformed so that the welfare state may be saved. "In Gävle ( a town in the middle of the country) however, SKP is within the planning group.

Minor improvements and permanent reforms are only pushed up by keeping the strategy of throwing the whole system overboard. With this in mind:
SKP is participating in a cross-political and trade union networks at the left edge to go against taxpayer-funded health care companies, primarily in care. The network "Welfare without profit" was formed after various healthcare scandals, also fatal. In this important subject SAP is speaking about a transparent capital that can be controlled, why private companies in the public sector not ought to be banned. SAP is as usual trying to deceive the working class while unfair profits can be magicked away by a conformed book-keeping.

The party has during the year participated in sympathy actions together with the union, against cuts and
dismissals, including the Post, where the constant reorganizations have advanced so far that the item no longer
The ongoing insurgency of retired to safeguard pensions. Pensioners who today is a large group of 2 million and
taxed harder than workers. They are comparing their situation with the politicians and their fantasy salaries.
Politicians who lost the touch with those they represent. Pension capital is since the 90's on the stock exchange.
It should be mentioned about a remarkable campaign for Swedish conditions measured, in which the population of
Dorotea (A small town in the north) forced a referendum in a regional parliament to preserve their emergency
station and infirmary.

Former members are coming back or would otherwise renew the touch with the party. They have increasingly
recognized that reform policy did`t constitute resistance to the system doctrines.
Significant is also that young people are turning to us to acquaint themselves with the social situation, vulnerability, crisis, basic life issues and especially communism.

The Communist Party of Sweden- SKP
International Committee
Kjell Bygdén

Stockholm 2012-11-21