14 IMCWP, Contribution of NCP of Yugoslavia [En.]

11/25/12 3:57 AM
  • Serbia, New Communist Party of Yugoslavia IMCWP En
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Intervention on the 14 International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties of comrade Aleksandar Banjanac on behalf of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Dear comrades,

I am warmly greeting you all on behalf of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NCPY) and I wish to express a special gratitude to the Lebanese Communist Party for hosting the 14. International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. Aware of the great importance of the International Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties, especially in the period of intensification of imperialistic aggressiveness as a logical consequence of systemic crisis of capitalism, our Party has regularly participated in all previous meetings. Guided by the principles of the proletarian internationalism , our Party has put a special accent to the International Meetings of Communist and Workers’ Parties and has been represented at the highest level, mainly by participation of General secretary of our Party, which up to this year was comrade Branko Kitanovic, who unfortunately is no longer with us. Comrade Branko passed away soon after the previous 13. International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties in Athens where he was a delegation leader of our Party. I will use this occasion to once again heartily thank on behalf of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia to all our fraternal parties who condoled over a loss of distinguished revolutionary and fighter of our movement, comrade Branko Kitanovic.
Dear comrades, our Party see the framework of this year’s meeting as a completely proper, considering the accentuation of “struggle against the escalation of imperialistic aggressiveness” which is much more than apparent in the region of the Middle East in these recent events. That is why the holding of this year’s meeting right in the region of the Middle East is the best possible way of sending a message of solidarity of progressive international communist movement with the peoples who suffer from the cruelest way of exploitation by the bloodthirsty imperialism, and with whom our Party along with the people of our country commiserate, and emphasize the fully and unreservedly support and solidarity. The old-new president of the USA with the old unchanged hegemonic and criminal foreign policy of the USA, which essentially represents the best example of imperialism, was bestowed by the Israel with the bomb shelling of the region of Gaza with the new streams of blood from innocent victims who suffer from the cruelest brutalism. This was the move of the Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu who needs help from the greatest friend in order to get another mandate in the approaching elections. If Netanyahu fights this battle successfully, his new Prime Minister position will be bonded. The US State Secretary Hillary Clinton approved it with her recent meeting with Netanyahu where she said that she “will keep consulting closely with Israel, almost on a daily basis between two governments, in order to find a best way toward peace and stability of Israel, USA and the rest of the world” while the bombs are being thrown on the innocent children in the region of Gaza. This hypocrisy is supported with a disapproval of Israel attacks by few European representatives, representatives of the imperialistic EU, Arab League where there are some eminent allies or direct performers of imperialistic politics, and representatives of the government of Turkey as well, who all together, which is commonly known, participated in the imperialistic intervention in Syria. The recent attacks in the Gaza region, despite the temporary and ephemeral political developing processes related to the elections in Israel, are nothing else but the action which has generalization of imperialistic aggressiveness toward Syria and Iran as its ultimate goal. NCPY categorically condemns attacks in Gaza region and calls for the urgent and objective investigation for these war crimes caused to innocent people of Palestine, whose sovereign state with the Capital in East Jerusalem and full membership in UN we advocate.
In the case of Syria, we repeat our opinion that only people of Syria have rights to direct their destiny, and that the situation in Syria has to be solved without external interference, without NATO, USA, EU, Saudi Arabian and Turkish interventions. NCPY condemns the newest crimes in Syria, and we use this occasion to once again express our full solidarity with the people of Syria and its communists, and express concern about difficult situation in Syria and annunciations about opening the new fronts of imperialistic aggressiveness.
Out party believes that the recent events in the region resulted from the systematic crisis of capitalism which tries, in the most barbarian manner, to postpone its final collapse spilling blood of innocent people only because of its need for absolute economic, military and political dominance in this important geostrategic region. Current crisis is only one in a row crisis of a system which clearly shows that there is no progress, or better days in the places where barbarian capitalism rules, there is no clear solution and idea that are going to bring better life conditions in the setting of capitalistic system and all its varieties. The basis of all crises lies in the system of capitalistic economy. Imminently, crisis is characteristic of capitalism, capitalism cannot develop without crisis. To destroy crisis, capitalism needs to be destroyed in the first place, or in other words imperialism as its ultimate stage.
Unfortunately, the imperialistic aggressiveness is not unknown to the people of our homeland. We repeat that the destructive character of imperialism is not more obvious anywhere in Europe like it in the region of Balkans, especially among territories of ex-Yugoslavia. The process of destroying of Yugoslavia is not a past event or out-of-date topic in any way. The confirmations for that are the recent events that are related to the tool of imperialism, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, allegedly made as an international tribunal which should objectively examine the criminal acts committed during the wars on the territory of Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, but the reason for its disappearance we cannot explain objectively if we use term “dissolution” for its disappearing. Yugoslavia didn’t dissolute, it was enforcedly and bloody dismantled, and the greatest responsibility for it, for all the dreadful crimes and enormous material damage made during the fratricidal wars is in the bloody hands of NATO, EU, and American imperialists and their levers used in dismantling the country that represented the geostrategic key for control and dominance over the region of Balkans. Program orientation of our Party is the restoration of Yugoslavia based on the equal rights for all the peoples who live on its territory, which is impossible without authentic principles of scientific socialism, Marxism-Leninism. To cover up their guilt the imperialists used the presence of the war to create the Hague Tribunal, which had and still has only one purpose: to politically blackmail for purposes of imperialists and to turn almost all the blame on the Serbian side. By creating historical convictions, the tendency was to hide the facts that lead to the headquarters for destroying the country, which bloody imperialistic trace goes to the recent war operations in Gaza, Syria, across the Middle East, to the Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan… The same imperialistic goals just like in the case of ex-Yugoslavia are the most responsible factors for instability and war on the global level. The precedent of wars for oil in the region of Middle East had to be the action of submission of Balkan nations as a logistic, geostrategic and every other buttress for war actions in the nearby region.
To achieve their filthy goals, imperialists liberally used domestic fifth column and secessionist and chauvinistic forces on the ground of Yugoslavia itself, who saw their own economic and political profit in destroying and process of privatization that later came. Croatian generals Gotovina and Markac, who were shamefully released last week by the Hague Tribunal are among them. Almost 2000 of innocent civil victims of Croatian military operation „Storm“, more than 250. 000 of displaced people from which most of them will never return to their homes, they are all left without any justice and consolation for all dreadful things that happened to them caused by the dismantling of Yugoslavia. This imperialistic strategy has only one goal. To continue the total dominance in the region, divide the peoples and nations of the territory of Yugoslavia, continue the chauvinism, hatred and nationalism which has always been an ally of imperialism, to place all the blame on Serbs and in that way to close one complete historical conviction in which is impossible to find even the thinnest trace of responsibility of imperialistic factors for which direct involvement in war events exist the thousands irrefutable evidences. The continuation of this scenario can be expected in the cases of accusations of Albanian war criminals from Kosovo whose amnesty and release from any blame by the imperialists from Brussels, London, Paris and Washington would be in a manner of justifying the creation of NATO country in the middle of region, in other words in a manner of continuous modification of the borders by the wish of imperialists.
We cannot not to mention that the part of Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija, is still under the NATO occupation, and that action represents the continuation of process of dismantling our country Yugoslavia, and that all the people of Kosovo and Metohija, especially the Serbs, live under the constant pressure, fear and terror which all together administer the NATO occupators and their followers the puppet regime in Prishtina. The problem of occupation of Kosovo and Metohija is inexplicable without considering a role played by the government in Belgrade, also the puppet regime, that changes on the elections but constantly represent the political sub branch of EU imperialists. They accept all the conditions given by the Brussels under the platform of ’’the path of no return for Serbia toward joining EU’’. EU imperialists use it ably, and every time they impose more gluttonous requests. The German chancellor Angela Merkel openly sent a message that Serbia cannot be accepted into EU without approving the independence of Kosovo.
The problem of Kosovo is the problem of great importance for the political actions of our party. That problem determines the total political and economic situation as well as other social aspects of life in our country which is characterised by the imperialistic occupation. That is why it is not astonishing that this crisis of capitalism in Serbia is very strkinig for the most people, standard of living and the unemployment rate which objectively has crossed 30%. The attitude toward independence of Kosovo is not only theoretical, but truly practical problem of attitude toward imperialism. Undoubtedly, the ’’independence’’ of Kosovo is a result of imperialistic interests of USA and EU contrariwise the permanent interests of all the people who live on these territories, on the territory of Ex-Yugoslavia as well. We see only one solution for it, the united and anti-imperialistic struggle of Balkan nations, fight for freedom, peace, independence and complete equality.
In these conditions, our Party, the only one in Serbia, fights the consistent struggle based on the principles of scientific socialism, despite the irrefutable fact that in the conditions of crisis coherent and consistent political demands give place to the open populism, opportunism and inconsequential promises to the popular strata. The series of perfidious methods which bourgeois government uses in its anticommunist struggle must be added to this list. Illegally, with the use of variety of tricks, and law machinactions, the offices of the headquarter of our Central Committee were taken from our Party last year. Today, there are government offices for integration of Serbia to EU. Bourgeois government also managed to remove our Party from the list of registered political parties in Serbia, which brings us many administrative problems in our work, especially in appearing on the elections. That is why we were unable to participate in this year’s elections, parliamentary and presidential where the change of government only ostensibly happened. Pro-imperialistic orientation of new government doesn’t differ in any way from the orientation of the old government, orientation toward Euro-Atlantic integrations, continuation of privatization, dependence of IMF, as well as rehabilitation of anticommunist war criminals from the WWII, are a mission which completely extend the newly established government in Belgrade.
The main stronghold of our political struggle is still the implementation of our program among the working collectives, student organizations, at working class demonstrations and protests, trade union protests, student protests, support to workers in strikes against the privatization, high-principled defense of heritage of all the authentic socialistic aspects of construction in our country, as well as the defense of antifascist heritage and its affirmation among young generations.
Our party struggles and survive in the extremely hard conditions for communist movement in Serbia and on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia, but we are aware that easy and good times for our struggle have never existed, and not only in Yugoslavia. We are aware that this fight is difficult, but rightful, we are aware that it is hard to achieve it without internationalism as an approach, in its literal everyday use.
That is why I want to conclude with