Festivals * Meetings * Congresses 2005


22 to 24 .01.2005
Porto Alegre, Brazil. 3rd International Seminar of
Communist Parties from Latin America and Europe

26 to 31.01.2005
Porto Alegre, Brazil. World Social Forum

Brazil, Porto Alegre. International seminar in WSF "The
struggle for peace, against imperialism and war" promoted
by Cebrapaz 
29 to 30 .01.2005
City of Mexico, Mexico. Foundation Congress of Communist
Youth of Mexico

Brazil, Porto Alegre. International seminar in WSF "The
actual challenges of the struggle for socialism" promoted
by "Mauricio Grabois", theoretical institute of CP of


09 to 12.02.2005
Athens, Greece. The 17th Congress of the Communist Party of

12 to 13.02.2005
Duisburg, Germany. The 17th Congress of the German
Communist Party (DKP) 

23 to 25.02.2005
Sao Paulo, Brazil. XIV Congress of the Caribbean and Latin
American Student Organizations, OCLAE


03 to 06.03.2005
Italy. 6th National Congress of Party of The Communist

10 to 13.03.2005
Istanbul, Turkey. The 4th Meeting of Communist Youths of

24 to 27.03.2005
Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The 13th National Congress of
Brazilian Communist Party
26 to 27.03.2005
Belgrade, Servia and Montenegro. The 1st Yugoslav
Conference of Communist and Worker's Parties held by
Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the
League of Communists of Yugoslavia in Serbia

29 to 03.04.2005
Chandigarh, India. The 19th Congress of the Communist Party
of India


06 to 11.04.2005
New Delhi, India. The 18th Congress of Communist Party of
India (Marxist)

08 to 10.04.2005
Durban, South African. Special Congress of the South
African Communist Party 

09 to 10.04.2005
Asunción, Paraguay. The 1st Congress of Paraguayan
Communist Youth

13 to 16.04.2005
Caracas, Venezuela. 3rd International Conference in
Solidarity With Venezuela hosted by Communist Party of
Venezuela. mailto: pcv_internacional@yahoo.com

16 to 17.04.2005
Barcelona, Spain. Festival of the Party of the Communists
of Catalonia

17 to 18.04.2005
Moscow, Russia. International Conference devoted to the
60th Anniversary of the Victory over fascism 

Kiev, Ukraine. Round Table on "The Real European
Perspectives of Ukraine and the Way for the Consolidation
of the European Left" hosted by Communist Party of Ukraine
and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, mailto:

23 to 24.04.2005
Prague, Czech Republic. International Conference with
subjects 1) How to achieve a socialist future and 2) Actual
European security and defence policy hosted by CP of
Bohemia and Moravia


Athens, Greece. 2nd European Meeting of Retired Military
Officers Against NATO and EuroArmy. EEDYE and the
Initiative for National Defence, mailto:eedye@otenet.gr
27 to 29.05.2005
Argentina. 12th Congress of FJC

Thessaloniki, Greece. Conference on the Newest Developments
in the Balkans. Balkan Anti NATO Centre


03 to 06.06.2005
Bogotá, Colombia. 19th Congress of Colombian Communist

16 to 17.06.2005
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 4th International Seminar on "The
Value of Internationalism for the construction of Political
and Social Alternatives to the Capitalist Domination".
Review Cuedernas Marxistas

24 to 26.06.2005
Madrid, Spain. 17th Congress of Communist Party of Spain

25 to 26.06.2005
Kiev, Ukraine. 39th Congress of Communist Party of Ukraine


Chicago, USA. 28th National Convention of Communist Party,

01 to 04.07.2005
São Paulo, Brazil. 12th Meeting of the Forum of São Paulo

30 to 31.07.2005
Guyana. 28th Congress of People's Progressive Party


07 to 15.08.2005
Caracas, Venezuela. XVI World Festival of Youth and the
Student Organizations, WFDY


02 to 04.09.2004
Lisbon, Portugal. 29th "Avante!" Festival

15 to 18.09.2004
Athens, Greece. 31st Festival of KNE-Odigitis 

16 to 18.09.2004
Madrid, Spain. Festival of CP of Spain


30.09 to 03.10.2005
Australia. The 10th Congress of CP of Australia

Istanbul, Turkey. International Conference "The
Developments within the Imperialist System: the New
Dynamics in the Anti-Imperialist Struggle" hosted by CP of
Turkey  and CP of Greece

01 to02.10.2005
Denmark. Congress of CP of Denmark

Istanbul, Turkey. Mass Rally Against the EU organised by
Patriotic Front

to 22.10.2005
Montevideo, Uruguay. International Meeting on "The
Integration in The Process of Freedom for Latin America"
Foundation Fodney Arismendi, 

20 to 23.10.2005
Brasilia, Brazil. 11th Congress of Communist Party of
Brazil mailto:internacional@pcdob.org.br


01 to 05.11.2005
Mar del Plata, Argentina. Summit of the Peoples

Philippine. National Meeting on the 75th Anniversary of
Philippine Communist Party PKP-1930

09 to 12.11.2005
Damascus, Syria. The 10th Congress of Syrian Communist

18 to 20.11.2005
Athens, Greece. International Meeting Communist and
Worker's Party "Current trends in capitalism: economic,
social and political impact. The communists' alternative"

Nicosia, Cyprus. International Conference on "The new world
order and its impact on the Greater Middle East" organized
by AKEL, Cyprus

24 to 27.11.2005
Nicosia, Cyprus. 20th Congress of AKEL, Cyprus


01 to 04.12.2005
Havana, Cuba. The 15th Congress of WFTU