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11/28/08 4:23 AM
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10th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties
Speech Of Comrade Imdad Qazi, Member Centeral committee, Communist Party Of Pakistan, delivered at the 10th international meeting of Communist and Workers parties held in Sao Paulo( Brazil ) from 21st to 23rd November 2008.
Dear Comrades.
I Congratulate, On behalf of Communist Party Of Pakistan, Brazilian Communist Party for arranging this meeting. Participants of the meeting also deserve congratulations as there active participation will make the event a successful event. World is passing now a days, through a crisis of capitalism. Intellectuals, supporting this system, are trying to present the phenomena as crisis limited to financial institutions of U.S.A. Actually it is a crisis of system itself. Capitalist governments and economists are trying to save the system by mixing in it some elements of socialism. Will capitalism be able to wriggle out of this crisis ? NO.
A Review On Reasons Of Present Crisis Of Capitalism
Consequent upon a leap in production during eighties, due to scientific and technical revolution, production conspicuously became socialized. Distribution of production, on the other hand, could not be socialized. Profit margin of capitalists showed a marked increase as a result of it. The surplus production needed markets. The balance of power tilted in favor of Capitalist world as a result of counter revolution of soviet union in 1991.International imperialism seized the opportunity and introduced and implemented concept of free world economy and structured adjustment to capture the markets of developing countries. The economics of these countries were changed, in planed manner, into consumer economies through manipulations of IMF and World Bank. A situation of economics anarchy was created by cessation of subsidies, supporting prices and regulatory power of governments. The prices of goods rose sharply and started touching skies not only in under developed countries but in developed countries as well. The currencies of under developed countries started loosing their values resulting corresponding increase in volume of loan?s owned by them. The earrings of developed countries grew out of proposition. Accumulation of wealth gained momentum and it piled up in advanced countries. America , owner of one fourth of entire world?s assets gained further. Its one percent population owned 8% of national wealth in 80's. Their fortunes increased to 20%. The diabolic process had to affect common man. The purchasing power declined. The sale of consumers? items decreased. The heaps of wealth started to confine within banks. Consumer banking was introduced to artificially increase the purchasing power of man in the street to utilize the idle money in banks. Interest rates were lowered and schemes like the credit cards and personal loans were introduced. Markets gained impetuosity apparently. The real state business particularly flourished. There was many fold increase in prices of houses and open plots. A vast majority of people become burdened with debt by purchasing automobiles, houses and consumers good on credit. This increased market activity lasted for about 10 years. Interest rates started increasing. Prices of commodities increased sharply. Wages and salaries did not increase proportionately. Payment of loan installments became difficult and impossible. Once flourishing business of real state suddenly crashed and banks providing finance for it plugged into bankruptcy. The present crisis started from U.S.A as it is the champion and center of unbridled speculative economy.
It is however, engulfing the entire world rapidly. Unemployment is on increase. Dearness is out of control. Life has become a burden for people of low income group. Common man is crying due to intolerable pain of beingness.
American government is purchasing shares of badly affected institution to bail out them. European countries, Japan and Australia are collaborating with America to arrest the spread of this infectious disease. The end of crisis is, however, out of sight., the money paid as taxes by people, The money belonging to common man and collected through tensions is being utilize to support the capitalists. The crisis is definitely not going to be resolved by these supportive measures. The money paid as taxes by people, After pinching their bellies will be wasted in a sin without pleasure. The communist and left wing forces in America , Europe and other developed countries should struggle against these tactics of their governments. The communist forces should increase effort for mass mobilization as the economy is going to face a recession on global
It is time for all of us to work hard for stoppage of oxygen supply to this seriously ill gasping patient of capitalism lying in intensive care unit. It is time to wage struggle against multinationals operating in developing or imperialist consumer markets. The movement by workers of these empires should be for increase in their wages and consumers should raise voice against price hike.
The propaganda, propagated after dismemberment of Soviet Union , calming eternity of capitalism, has breathed its last. The champions of Neo liberalism and free market economy have not only accepted the positive role of public sector but are inducting it their economics. Restrictions are being placed on capital to restrict its freedom. Leaders of capitalist world, like Gordon Brown, Sarkozy, are raising voice against free market?s monopoly. All this prove the importance of social, political and economic planning. The essentially of states regularity authority has been universally accepted.
Capitalist system has withdrawn privileges of worker and rendered them, jobless, during last 20 years, in developed countries. In developing countries, they have been forced to live an animal?s life. In my country more than 40% of population is passing life below poverty line with daily income of less than one dollar. They are not in a position to purchase one kilogram of flour and one liter of milk from their daily remuneration. This unbelievable poverty is waiting for a change in system. These facts prove that capitalism is now a completely rotten system and the only alternative to it is socialism. The imperialism has been trying to stop the change by creating non issues and encouraging sectarian and racial forces. The results of recent presidential elections of US America are a manifestation of people's desire for a change Neo Cones, representing war mongers camp, have faced a devastating defeat. But will Mr. Obama and democrats be able to provide peace and prosperity to world. The answer is a definite. NO. They will only change the methods for continuation of capitalist system. There is no way out accept socialism for full filling human desire for peace, justice and national independence.
We, in Pakistan, are passing through a grave situation. A civilian government has been established as a result of elections held after a prolong struggle of nine years against military dictatorship. American CIA has started war against Afghanistan and Soviet Union since 80s by mobilizing criminals and religious fanatics from all over the world. Pakistani military establishment made huge amount of money through this project. The war was financed by imperialism and Saudi Arabian version of Islam provided ideological basis for the so called Holy War. A completely peaceful geographical zone was converted into a area full of turmoil in a very short period. It became safe heaven for heroin and Kalashnikov culture. The project was amended in 2002. The new job created for Pakistani military was to contain Taliban and bring them under full American control. It was provided with money and arms to carry out new assignment. Now Pakistani Army generals have created deep roots in politics through secret agencies. They continue to organize Taliban to keep running profit earning Holy war industry and also receive money from America by few of them and arresting few others and handing them over to American government. This phenomenon has increased intolerance and extremism in Pakistani society. Many communist workers have lost their lives due to atrocities committed by secret agencies and extremist organizations. They continue to remain under threat from these negative forces. Political forces in Pakistan are divided in following camps;
1. Religious militants who have waged in armed struggle for imposition of a fascist system in country. Right-wing political parties, few nationalist organizations and some left groups are supporting them on the basis of their struggles anti-American color.
2. Ruling liberal alliance, serving American interest under banner of so called war against terror.
3. A third camp opposing above two camps and fighting for freedom, circular democracy and economic, social rights of common people. Communist Party of Pakistan represents this camp.
Our Country has become a battlefield for forces representing different power centers of today's multi polar worlds.
Contradictions within Imperialist Countries
U.S.A started to avoid giving share to other developed countries in the world market after the end of bipolarity of world. It violated W.T.O regulations. After mysterious incident of 9/11 it restored to war to capture world resources. It attacked and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan to control Oil and Gas reserves and trade routs specially those of central Asia . Iran was threatened with military action. Great Britain supported USA in all its evil designs. Russia did not show any opposition before Putin?s take over. With the formation of European union , France and Germany started asserting themselves. They wanted their share in world trade and resources. Meanwhile china?s share increased tremendously after remarkable boost of its consumer good?s industry. Two important oil producing countries Iran and Venezuela have come out of American influence. Russia is now ready to play its due role in international politics after overcoming its economic crisis. No. one is now ready to accept a unipolar world?s concept. The Russian role in Georgia , to support Venezuela government against America pressure and its opposition to any armed action against Iran are pointing toward changed future scenario. Three distinct groups can now be recognized on world map. They may be described as America , Europe and Shanghai Group. Contradictions between them are increasing with regard to trade of armaments, energy and consumer goods. Beginning of a new cold war can be seen easily. There seems no possibility, at present, of world war but it can not be ruled out in distant future. These inter imperialist contradictions can be helpful for acquisition of necessary technology for countries trying to establish an independent political and economic system after coming out of imperialist orbit.
Peace, Democracy, Independence and struggle for progress and socialism.
Contradiction prevailing in USA , Europe and other developed countries are limited to world peace and class struggle. These contradictions in developing and under developed countries, on the contrary, are multidimensional. Elimination of class system, independence from imperialism, establishment of democratic order, elimination of pre-capitalist systems remnants, white ants, in the form of over developed armies, eating economics, racial and lingual conflicts are the fronts on which progressive forces have to fight. One special feature of Muslim dominated areas is narrow mind-ness on basis of religion and sect. Even in the largest democracy of world i.e. India this conflicts is deep and wide spread. Communist and workers parties of these countries have, therefore, to fight a multidirectional war on all the sides. In these countries people are living a life far below the international line of poverty. There is no or very little industrialization. The meanings of peace, democracy, freedom and social justice are more easily understood here than developed nations of world. This phenomenon explains the intensity of movements in these region s during decades of sixties and seventies. Progressive movements in these s countries were at peak during this period. These movements advanced despite cruel and despotic rulers being imposed on the people by imperialism. Millions of innocent men and women were murdered by these stooges but they could not succeed in halting the progressive force?s advances. Many progressive governments were established in Asia, Africa and Latin America . These areas have remained the axis of communists and workers parties? struggle. But criminal disloyalty of Gorbachev plunged these parties in ideological basis. The inner party ideological conflicts weekend these parties. These forces are re-arraying themselves. There are greater possibilities of revolution in these regions, in future. Latin American example is before us. More than half a dozen countries have changed their system through ballot. Progressive leadership of these countries succeeded in securing popular votes on the slogans of national independence, democracy, social justice and peace. Successful revolutions of Asia, Africa and Latin America can lead to positive developments in preparing grounds for revolution in developed countries of Europe and America . Revolutionary uprisings in Europe and America , in turn can start a chain of change in entire world. Imperialist countries have forced the vast majorities of populations of under developed countries to live a sub human life by plundering all resources of these nations. They have tied to tranquilize their own working class by transferring some benefits of their plunder to them. We must keep in mind Frederich engels writings about British workers. Thinking on Ireland question we see more chances of revolutionary changes in developed countries if brain drain from developing countries to developed countries is stopped.
Although communists of entire world are striving for one and same cause under a common ideology, but they lack the coordination which can be seen between imperialist forces. In spite of existing contradictions among them, all imperialist centers are helping American economy. Our parties continue to suffer from the fear of domination of party of a particular country in the background of Soviet Union experience. This fear has remained instrumental in delaying conversion of international contacts into organization. It is best opportunity, now, to shed all confusion from minds and take practical steps for formation of an international..
Imperialism indirectly rules certain regions of strategic importance. Communists, working in these regions have to face state terrorism. Parties of these regions have insufficient financial resources due to very low wages and per capita income. Problems of these parties need special consideration by this conference.
Capital stands globalize today. World is one entity today through multinational organizations. The struggle for problems of the workers of these multinational giants should also be fought collectively. The shape of fight against economic terrorism of IMF and World Bank should also be global. In this way cooperation and coordination among communist and worker parties may develop in a better way
Long Live Socialism
Long Live International Communist Unity
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