CP of Israel, This escalation must stop - Israel is held accountable

10/10/23 11:32 AM
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The Communist Party of Israel: 

The crimes of the fascist right-wing Israeli government, aimed at sustaining the occupation, are leading to a regional war. This escalation must be stopped.   

In these challenging times, we repeat our unequivocal condemnation of any attack on innocent civilians and call upon all sides to remove civilians from the cycle of violence. We send our condolences to the families of victims of the occupation – Arabs and Jews alike.  

The Communist Party of Israel holds Israel’s right-wing fascist government responsible for the intensely dangerous escalation in recent hours, which took the lives of many innocent civilians. 

In the past week, settlers backed by the government razed havoc in the occupied territories, desecrating Al-Aqsa and pogroming in the streets of Huwara. Since this morning, we have seen a severe escalation of hostilities that risk turning into a regional war. The threat of such a war was persistently fed by the actions of this right-wing government from its first day. 

Today's events indicate the dangerous direction that Netanyahu and his partners in the government are leading the entire region toward. We emphasize that it is impossible to “manage” the conflict or resolve it militarily. There is only one solution – striving to end the occupation and recognizing the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and their justified demands. Ending the occupation and instating a just peace is the clear interest of both peoples. 

The CPI warns that the Netanyahu government is using events to launch a vengeful attack on the Gaza Strip and call upon the international community and neighboring states to intervene immediately to silence the roaring drums of war and initiate a political solution. 

The CPI is concerned about possible retaliation actions against Palestinian citizens in Israel, especially those who live in the joint cities and in the unrecognized villages in Al-Naqab/Negev. The latter had already paid a high price for the neglect with which the state treats them. In this reality, the sane forces in Israel, Jews and Arabs alike, must raise a clear voice against any attempt to incite violence against groups or to take the law into their own hands. We must advance joint activities that strive for a normative life without occupation, discrimination, or ethnic superiority. We should strive for peace, equality, and true democracy for all. 



October 7th, 2023




International Relations Committee

Communist Party of Israel