20 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Norway

11/15/18 6:17 PM
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The Communist Party of Norway appreciates the invitation to the 20th International Meeting of Communist- and Worker's Parties (IMCWP) – under the theme «The contemporary working class and its alliance, the tasks of its political vanguard – the Communist and Worker's Parties – in the struggle against exploitation and imperialist wars, for the rights of the workers and of the peoples, for peace and socialism». 

The Communist Party of Norway is opposed to Norwegian NATO-membership, and in this context, we would like to express our appreciation for all international support, in the form of activists and speakers who travelled to Norway, having our invitation published on Solidnet, international media coverage and international greetings and appeals, in the context of our nation-wide demonstration against NATO's military exercise Trident Juncture in Trondheim on October 20th. For a party with few members, being a member of IMCWP is of immense value and significance to us when it really counts. Once again, we sincerely thank you, comrades! 

NATO's largest military exercise since the cold war, an exercise for World War 3, Trident Juncture, is for the most part over. The last soldier participating in the exercise leaves on Christmas eve. But US and British soldiers stationed in permanent bases in northern Norway will remain. 

Fortunately, only one soldier lost his life, but many were injured, out of more than 53 000 soldiers from 31 nations. But the destructions are immense, and more than 500 complaints have been received from civilians. The farmers' fields, the fishermen’s' ocean, and infrastructure, have been severely damaged. The pollution is colossal, particularly after the Norwegian frigate hit a tanker and capsized. Children, young and old have been pestered with fear and discord. The military officers made VIP-tribunes, served champagne and canapés, and were entertained by war scenarios. Unpleasant indeed! Clean-up, and the fiest itself, is estimated to cost about 10 billion NOK. A large share of the bill will be paid by the Norwegian working class and the rest of the population through taxes and electricity bills in the time ahead. 

The Communist Party of Norway fears the forces that want to keep gears running in the world's largest industry – the war industry. Those who race to arm themselves, while we see the vital necessity of disarmament. This is why we work against continued Norwegian NATO membership, and against Norway joining Macron's European army. 

We are of the deepest conviction that the market liberalist project called the EU will never guarantee steady economic growth and a socially just society. The struggle against the EU is about inconsolable conflicts of interest. Norway is not a member of the EU, but we are still subjugated by the EU through the EEA agreement, which incorporates Norway into the EU little by little, surrendering our sovereignty. 

This is one of the reasons why we follow the Brexit negotiations enthusiastically, hoping that its side effect in a fragile EU will be that Norway leaves the unsolidaric EEC agreement. Social democracy has become weaker in Norway, and tries desperately to oppose the introduction of an important directive for our country; The Fourth Railway Package. The people's movement against the EU, where NKP is represented in the national leadership as well as through local representatives, are pushing a lawsuit against the state for violating the constitution in the process of introducing the EU energy union ACER in Norway. 

We see that the Brits want to protect their own economy. We see that Trump leaves one deal after another, creating an economic mess through sanctions and tolls, also in order to secure the economic interests of their national capitalists. Major world economies seem to be leaving the project of globalisation, and national capital interests are now national questions once again. Do you also experience it that way? It would be interesting to hear your views regarding this.


Together for workers' rights, peace and internationalism!

Thank you for your attention!