20 IMCWP, Contribution of WP of Korea

11/15/18 6:13 PM
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Speech delivered by Head of the delegation of The Workers' Party of Korea in the 20th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

Esteemed Comrade Chairman,

Dear Party representatives from different countries,

I would like to begin my speech with warm congratulations on the 20th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties that has opened in Athens, a cradle of human civilization and city with a time-honored history, for the purpose of advancing the cause of socialism, the ideal and future of humankind.

I also take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Communist Party of Greece on the centenary of its founding and convey militant greetings of the members of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) and the Korean people to the members of the KKE and the working people of Greece.

My warm comradely greetings go to all the delegations and representatives of communist and workers' parties present here.


Today, we came together in this place to discuss the tasks of the communist and workers' parties in the struggle to safeguard peace and socialism and to champion the rights of working masses in light of the vicious reactionary offensive of imperialists against socialism and world progressive people.

As the ruling party of a socialist country, the WPK assumes theimportant mission of defending peace and security on the Koreanpeninsula from imperialist aggression and threats of war whilesuccessfully carrying out socialist construction in the country.

Defending peace and socialism and protecting the popular masses from imperialist aggression and threats is not a question raised yesterday, but a protracted and arduous struggle the WPK had to wage for more than 70 years since the very day of its foundation.

The socialist construction is accompanied by constant war threats of imperialists and the anti-imperialist struggle is in itself the course of building socialism—these are the special characteristics and arduous nature of the Korean revolution.

Last year on the stage of the 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties held in Russia, the Workers' Party of Korea expressed its unwavering resolve and firm determination to root out the nuclear war threats of the US imperialists and to safeguard the Korean-style socialism and the peace of the Korean peninsula and the region.

Today, at this place, I can state with pride that the Workers' Party of Korea has fulfilled its noble mission before the Korean revolution and the world revolution through its struggle this year, thus making it possible to eliminate the threats of a nuclear war from the Korean peninsula and reliably ensure the peace and security of the region and the world.


A year ago our Party solemnly declared to the world that we had accomplished war deterrence capable of defending the security of the state and people in a reliable manner, thus equipping itself with a powerful treasured sword for defending peace.

This is truly a great victory for the Korean people that put anend to the history of imperialist threats of aggression and nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, an event of great historical significance that fundamentally changed the power dynamics on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

This miraculous turn of events surrounding the Korean peninsula was made possible only because the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean people secured a mighty strength at a costly price with a do-or-die spirit, the strength so powerful that no one would dare challenge; this reality also explicitly shows that one should defend peace and socialism with one's own strength.

As we all know, Comrade Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea energetically conducted bold summit diplomacy, thereby bringing about a dramatic easing of tension on the Korean peninsula and in the region that only a year ago had been driven to the brink of war and successfully opening up a new era of peace and prosperity.

Changes that were unimaginable in the past have been made in inter-Korean and DPRK-US relations and the relations of friendship and cooperation with our neighbouring countries were revitalized, creating a favourable environment for Korean reunification and initiating a process of removing the danger of armed conflicts and nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

Countries that remained hostile toward the DPRK for decades are now stepping forward for dialogue with us one after another and this is by no means due to some sort of "change in our stand" but because they could not but acknowledge the hard fact that nothing could undermine the strategic status of our state and so have to re­formulate their policies toward the DPRK.

The new phase of situation created on the Korean peninsula thanks to our proactive actions and efforts is of great significance.

With the arrival of calm on the Korean peninsula and in the region, our Party and people are now able to vigorously push ahead with the socialist construction in a more peaceful environment, and the imperialists are left with fewer excuses for war provocation and intervention in Asia.

The inter-Korean relations have greeted a new era of peace and prosperity, opening up a prospect for the Korean people to realize their long-cherished desire for reunification and national liberation and advance the building of an independent world where the sovereignty and equality of all countries and nations are ensured and where there is no domination and subjugation.

The successes achieved by the WPK and the Korean people in their struggle to frustrate the threats of aggression and war by the imperialists and ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in the region are a common victory for all the revolutionary parties and progressive peoples of the world who have fought for socialism under the banner of independence against imperialism.

The essential factor in this great victory is not elsewhere.

The Central Committee of the WPK has put forward grand and correct policies and strategic and tactical lines to accelerate the overall upsurge of the Korean revolution in accordance with the prevailing situation and the requirements of the revolution, and organized and mobilized all the Party members and people in the struggle for their implementation. Herein lies the key to all victories won.

In the historic April plenary meeting of the Party CentralCommittee Comrade Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea put forward a new strategic line of concentrating all the efforts of the Party and the state on building the socialist economy now that our revolution has entered a new stage.

The new strategic line is taken by our Party on its own initiative under current circumstances in which the DPRK has risen to the solid position as a global politico-ideological power and military power. It is a correct and realistic line which scientifically reflects our people's aspirations and whose feasibility is fully guaranteed.

Now that we have fostered our strength to the level that we require and we can firmly guarantee the security of our state and people, it became possible for us to channel all efforts into economic construction and the improvement of people's livelihood.

Despite vicious sanctions and blockade by the imperialists, the WPK and the Korean people are performing unprecedented miracles and innovations in the economic construction and in the efforts to improve the people's livelihood, relying on science and technology under the banner of self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

The grand celebrations which were held recently on the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK amid great interests of the international society marked a significant occasion through which the politico-ideological might and economic and military strength of Korean-style socialism as well as the high international prestige of the WPK and the DPRK were fully demonstrated.

Despite its economic difficulties, our country is invariably implementing social policies such as free education and free medical care and channelling all efforts into promoting the well-being of the people. This testifies to the superiority of Korean-style socialismcentred on popular masses that never loses the original nature of genuine socialism under any circumstances.

Although what our Party and people have achieved is tremendous, we are never satisfied with it and there are still hurdles and challenges to overcome in the way forward of our revolution.

The WPK will invariably adhere to the socialist and revolutionary principles in the revolution and construction and successfully accomplish the cause of building a powerful socialist country relying on our own efforts under the unfurled banner of independence against imperialism.


Global independence has always been the goal of WPK's foreign policy and it is a common aspiration of humankind.

Socialism constitutes the core of anti-imperialist forces and acts as the decisive factor of promoting the struggle to repel the moves of war and aggression by the imperialists and realize global independence.

Socialist countries should strengthen mutual support and solidarity through the struggle to frustrate the aggression and arbitrary practices of the imperialists under the banner of socialism and anti-imperialism. All the countries and peoples of the world defending independence should support and encourage the cause of socialism and staunchly fight against the anti-socialist moves of imperialists and reactionaries.

The communist and workers' parties and progressive peoples should unite and cooperate to stand up against the crafty moves of the imperialists trying to divide and disintegrate the global socialist movement and direct the spearhead of their struggle at theircommon enemy, the imperialists.

The WPK will continue to set store by the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation with all parties and peoples of socialist countries including Cuba which is building socialism in direct confrontation with the US imperialists and constantly strengthen and develop these relations.

We hereby reaffirm our solidarity with the Communist Party of Greece and all other communist and workers' parties who are vigorously fighting against capitalist exploitation and for the rights of the working class and popular masses.

We also extend our firm solidarity to all progressive peoples of the world including peoples of Syria, Palestine and Venezuela who are fighting for justice and peace opposing imperialist aggression and intervention.

I wish to once again express my sincere thanks to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece for kindly inviting the WPK and for hosting such a successful meeting as well as to the communist and workers' parties from around the world for their consistent support and encouragement extended to the just cause of the WPK and the Korean people.

The WPK, in the future too, will stand in the van of the struggle for the ultimate victory of the cause of socialism, the ideal and future of humankind, and fully commits itself to the joint struggle with all revolutionary parties of the world to this end.

Thank you.