20 IMCWP, Resolution on opposition to us war on Iran

12/10/18 3:33 PM
  • Iran, Tudeh Party of Iran 20th IMCWP En Communist and workers' parties

Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties:

We strongly oppose US economic sanctions and interference in Iran!  We support the Iranian people’s struggle for peace, democracy and social justice!

We, the undersigned Communist and Workers’ Parties meeting in Athens, Greece, during the 20th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties on 23 - 25 November 2018, express our deep concern at the hostile and irresponsible policies announced by the Trump administration against Iran in complete contravention of international law and indifference to world public opinion.  Following the US administration’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) agreement with Iran on 8 May 2018, President Trump announced crippling economic and banking/monetary sanctions, including an oil embargo, against Iran.

Both the UN and the IAEA have criticised US withdrawal from the JCPoA, while confirming that the Iranian side has fulfilled all its obligations under the Agreement. 

John Bolton, the US National Security Advisor, has spearheaded the effort of the US administration aimed at “regime change” in Iran. The actions and policies of the US administration in relation to Iran have been, and continue to be, coordinated with the reactionary governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

These measures could have dangerous ramifications in Iran and across the Middle East, significantly increase tensions and have raised the threat of a new devastating conflict in the region. We believe that if the current course of events is not halted and reversed immediately, the consequences will be devastating. 

The Communist and Workers’ Parties signing this statement strongly condemn any direct or indirect interference in the internal affairs of Iran, including use of economic sanctions to force the country into submission.  We further believe that these actions will have a disastrous impact on the continuing struggle of the Iranian people against dictatorship, for peace, sovereignty and social justice, as well as human and democratic rights.

The future of Iran and its political system should only be determined by the Iranian people and them alone. The Iranian people and its progressive forces strongly reject any foreign intervention in their country under any pretext. 

We call on all forces campaigning for peace and disarmament globally to condemn the position of the US administration and its allies, which is contrary to the UN Charter.  We commit our support for all international efforts aimed at securing peace and averting the threat of war against Iran.   


  1. ​​​Communist Party of Albania
  2. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism
  3. Communist Party of Argentina
  4. Communist Party of Australia
  5. Party of Labour of Austria
  6. Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  7. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  8. Communist Party of Belgium
  9. Communist Party of Bolivia
  10. Brazilian Communist Party
  11. Communist Party of Brazil
  12. Communist Party of Britain
  13. New Communist Party of Britain
  14. Communist Party of Bulgaria
  15. Party of the Bulgarian Communists
  16. Communist Party of Canada
  17. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  18. Communist Party of Cuba
  19. Progressive Party of the Working People - AKEL
  20. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  21. Communist Party in Denmark
  22. Communist Party of Denmark
  23. Force of the Revolution, Dominican Republic
  24. Communist Party of Ecuador
  25. Communist Party of Estonia
  26. Communist Party of Finland
  27. French Communist Party
  28. Communist Party of Macedonia
  29. German Communist Party
  30. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  31. Communist Party of Greece
  32. Hungarian Workers' Party
  33. Communist Party of India
  34. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  35. Tudeh Party of Iran
  36. Communist Party of Iraq
  37. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  38. Communist Party of Ireland
  39. The Worker's Party of Ireland
  40. Communist Party of Israel
  41. Communist Party (Italy)
  42. Jordanian Communist Party
  43. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  44. Party of the Communists of Kyrgyzstan
  45. Lao’s Peoples' Revolutionary Party
  46. Socialist Party of Latvia
  47. Lebanese Communist Party
  48. Socialist Party, Lithuania
  49. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  50. Party of the Congress for the Independence of Madagascar (AKFM)
  51. Communist Party of Malta
  52. Communist Party of Mexico
  53. Nepal Communist Party
  54. New Communist Party of Netherlands
  55. Communist Party of Norway
  56. Communist Party of Pakistan
  57. Palestinian Communist Party
  58. Palestinian People's Party
  59. Paraguayan Communist Party
  60. Communist Party of Poland
  61. Portuguese Communist Party
  62. Romanian Socialist Party
  63. Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF)
  64. Russian Communist Workers' Party - Communist Party of Soviet Union (RCWP-CPSU)
  65. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  66. Union Of Communist Parties-CPSU
  67. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  68. Communists of Serbia
  69. New Communist Party Yugoslavia
  70. Communist Party of Slovakia
  71. South African Communist Party
  72. Communist Party of Spain
  73. Communist Party of The Peoples of Spain
  74. Communist Party of The Peoples of Spain
  75. Communist Party of ​​Sri Lanka
  76. Sudanese Communist Party
  77. Communist Party of Swaziland
  78. Communist Party of Sweden
  79. Syrian Communist Party
  80. Communist Party of Turkey
  81. Labour Party (EMEP)
  82. Communist Party of Ukraine
  83. Communist Party USA
  84. Communist Party of Venezuela