21 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Bohemia and Moravia

10/22/19 11:01 AM
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Contribution of the Chairman of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia V. Filip, to the XXI st Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties /IMCWP/, in Izmir, October 18th-20th, 2019


Dear participants of the XXI st Meeting of the Communist and Workers parties, dear comrades.

Beginning my speech, I would like to convey to You  to the all members and symphatizers of Your political parties, fraternal, cordial greetings of the Communists of Bohemia and Moravia. At the same time I want to express my sincere gratitude to the co-organizers of this event, both, to the Communist Party of Turkey and the Communist Party of Greece, for an extraordinary successful and generous organization of the meeting, in a marvelous enviroment of the historical city of Izmir.

This year´s meeting is characterized by the reminder of the 100 th anniversary since the establishment of the 3rd Commintern, to the fight for peace and against the imperialist aggressions.

Dear comrades, the issue of avoiding a war conflict and restoration of the peaceful coexistence in the world, for the benefits of our families, children, is the basic precondition for the survival of human civilization, I will try to clarify positions of the CPB&M, in the space limit granted to me.

In the period after IX th Congress of the CPB&M the conclusions about continuation of the deepening of the globalization processes and connected conflicts of the major imperialist power centers has been confirmed, including the increasing aggression of the NATO alliance and its expansionism, the pressure on the increasing of the military budgets, further militarization of the international relations, revocation of international disarmament treaties and a general increase of tension and endangering of the peace in the world, like a basic precondition for the survival of the human society. Russian Federation and China are labelled outright as the biggest enemies of the United States, endangering the world dominance of the USA and that is why they have to be punished until their extintion, whatever the price. That is what is happening and we can observe it on a daily order.

CPB&M doesn´t consider NATO alliance as a guarantee of the national security of the Czech Republic. Opposite, humilitated and subdued position of the Czech Republic to the interests of this military alliance, has brought the Czech Republic on the verge of loosing the defense capacity of the country, in conditions, when the army of the country is being bulit like an expedition corp, designated to fulfill the foreign mission tasks and being put under the foreign command, endangering to pull the country into a war conflict.

The strategic aim of the party for the forthcoming period stays the rejection of the expansionist policies of NATO and USA, like its leading force and leaving the NATO, as minimum its military structures.

The myth about the superiority of the USA and the West in general, in international relations has been finished. On the shambles of the unipolar world, there is a new political order emerging, the multipolar one, politically, economicaly and militarily.

Reasonably considering politicians of the West, lately president of France E. Macron in his speech towards the ambassadors of France admitted, that there will be no prosperity of Europe, no security of Europe, without changing the approach to Russia, and creating the major euro-asian alliance, from Lisabon to Vladivostok.

Policies of sanctions, trade wars, military aggressions and neocolianism, stands behind the problems that are facing the international community and without restoring the governance of international law again, based on the principles of the Chapter of the UN,  peace in the world is in danger and cannot be guaranteed.

Visible expressions of such policies, given by a desperate effort to uphold its imperial governance over the world there are sanctions against Russia, trade war with China, sanctions against Iran, military aggression in Syria, Jemen, occupation of Afganistan and many others and that everything with the massive support of mass-media being controled by global governors.

No doubt it is connected with the efforts to distort the history, the results of the 2nd World War in the first place, when the victims are becoming agressors and vice-versa, putting under doubt the role of the Red Army in the liberation of Czechoslovakia and hiding the historical facts, that had laid foundations of the post-war settlement a emergence of the socialist camp.

Increasing apetite of the Sudeten Landsmanchaft, under the pretext of historical reconciliation is targeted to change its role from the one of collaborant with nazism to the one of having been the victim. This effort is aimed to justify their claims to have their properties, confiscated after the decision of the conference of victorious powers in Potsdam, returned.

Political support of some Czech political parties, including that of Social-Democracy for this efforts is alarming.

That is why, the CPB&M has to be explaining in its policy, especially to a younger generation that has become a target of mass misinformation campaign, beginning in schools, cultural productions and media massage as well, that distortion of the history has to create propositions for historical revenge, return of properties, including those of the Czech aristocracy. This is an open attack on the sovereignity, territorial and propertial integrity of the Czech Republic.

The CPB&M is very critical towards the policies of the Czech governments and especially to one-sided orientation and sub-dued position towards the interests of the United States and other western powers. The today´s, Foreign minister of the Czech Republic, having been imposed from abroad, is just an obedient servant of his foreign mentors.

CPB&M is mobilising its political influence at the all levels of the democratic system, since the Parliament down to the communal level and is giving an active fight against all steps that are in contradiction with the interests of the majority of the population and explaining their dangerous impacts on the interests of the whole country.

CPB&M is going to support multidimensional development of the relations in all directions, based on the mutual advantage, respect for sovereignity and non interference in the internal affairs.

We are rejecting all types of sanctions and using force or threat of force in international relations without the consent of the Security Council of the UN.

The security of the Czech Republic and Europe will be secured in a best way outside of the military blocks. CPB&M is therefore supporting creation of the system of collective security on the platform of Organization of the Security and Cooperation in Europe /OSCE/, that is corresponding best to the interests of the all involved sides and should be guaranteed by superpowers.

We suggest to organize a new Conference on security and cooperation in Europe that should consider and discuss the changes that has emerged since 1975 and there is a need to face them. The guarantor wouldn´t be this time USA and USSR, but at least Russia, USA and China, like guarantor powers and permanent members of the Security Council of the UN.

We demand a stop to militirization, arms race and starting disarmament negotiations as soon as possible. It would contribute to the increase of mutual confidence and security, spared financial resources should be used for the financing of the massive social projects, ecology and improvement of living conditions in the poorest countries of the world.

CPB&M cannot support the project of European Union /EU/, without its deep reform and democratization. EU has to become a space for an equal cooperation of the sovereign states. We reject EU that serves the interests of supra-nationals monopolies through beurocratic, non-elected stuff of the bruselles civil servants. We are asking for strenghthening role of the European Parliament and sovereign states on the decision-making processes in the EU.We consider scandalous recent resolution of the EP on the so calledEuropean memory, where nazism and communism are being considered equal and this way de facto approving the persecution of the communist parties in some countries, with Ucrania and Poland as the most visible examples and is corresponding to a general effort for the distortion of the history, what I have already mentioned.

Emancipation of Europe instead of being an obedient servant of the interests of the USA, respect for international law and rights of the sovereign countries for their own choice of social development. That is a direction that might contribute to the unity of European nations, their prosperity and peaceful future.

Deepening of the regional cooperation on the platform of Visegrad-4 and its widening for other countries that have the common historical and cultural roots and experience. We consider that it is an important element in the protection of the sovereign interests of the Czech Republic and all these countries in the EU and despite their different ideological approaches.

I have a pleasure to inform You, that already this year we have an intention to organize on this platform a meeting of the communist and working parties with target to create a shadow regional project with a potential for further development.

The CPB&M is rejecting all types of illegal migration, efforts to impose quotas for their redistribution among member states of the EU. EU has to fullfil its committments assumed by Schengen Agreements, reinforce the protection of the borders of EU and thus prevent inflow of illegal migration to Europe. Oppositely, we are supporting all the steps leading towards removal of the origins and the reasons of migration and not only their consequencies.

CPB&M is suppporting the inclusion of the Czech Republic into an international effort for enviromental protection all the steps leading towards improvement of the enviromental conditions in conditions of sustainable development. It is very well aware that in the capitalist rush for profits, consumer way of life-style are bringing inevitably the draining of natural resources, pollution of the enviroment, climatical changes, this target cannot be fullfiled. PR activities, like that of :Greta: are only hiding the real state of matters and serve only for foolishing of the worldś public.

Dear comrades,

I find the legacy of the 3rd Comintern in the message, that only under the conditions of unity of the communist and working movement, it is possible to face and overcome pandominium of capitalism and upholding the noble ideas to build a socially justful society, socialism and saving the world civilization. Capitalism took lessons from its historical defeats, the left has as well to get a rid of schematic and dogmatic approaches and build its unity in new historical conditions, based on the unity in action, respecting at the same time varieties and national specifics in new historical conditions.

Thanks for Your attention.