21 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of Norway

10/14/19 1:28 PM
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21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties

 Izmir Turkey 18th-20th October 2019


Theme: “100th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist International

               The fight for peace and socialism continues!”


Intervention by Svend Haakon Jacobsen International Secretary PB of CC.


Comrades, many thanks to Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) for hosting this important 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in cooperation with the Greek Communist Party (KKE). And thank you for introducing us to Turkeyssecond largest and beautiful coastalcity of Izmir.


We stand together in our common fight against capitalist barbarism, imperialism, opportunism and revisionism, fascism and war, for social justice, working class and people`s power, socialism-communism.


Capitalisms immanent over-accumulation crises show us that the system is not sustainable.The Capitalist system is notable to cover the basic needs of the peoples. Green environmental policies are only pursued when it creates profit for the monopoly-finance capital. Capitalism cannot meet the challenges of today or tomorrow. We are living in the imperialist epoch of convergence from imperialism to socialism, and we should examine in a very concrete fashion which strategy corresponds to our era.


Our 21st meeting is held under all-sided attack by capital against the working class and the peoples, under conditions of intensification of the intra- imperialist contradictions and wars. It is vital for us to develop a successful class struggle.


The AKP 2020-2022 Economic Program is an attack against the working class and the people of Turkey. AKP will get rid of the economic devastation of 2018 with this program. AKP presents an IMF supported plan to attack the working class, undermining rights, job security, pay, causing basic living expenses to increase.

Withdrawal of US military forces on the ground in northern Syria made president Erdogan invade northern Syria, attacking the Kurdish YPG forces. He says Turkey need to build a security zonealong the border in northern Syria. In this way he evades acute serious questions over the hardship felt by the population as a consequence of the AKP 2020– 2022 Economic Program.


Communist Party of Norway (NKP) support KKE in their difficult important fight for the only pro-people way out of the crises; unilateral cancellation of the debt, Greece`s disengagement from the EU and NATO, socialization of the means of production with workers`- people`s power.KKE has built a strong party organization, women, youth- and student-organizations, the united class-oriented movement of Trade union PAME, unemployed, small farmers, immigrants etc.

New Social-democratic parties like Syrizahave shown to be efficient   revisionist tools of monopoly-finance capital.


In the imperialist epoch the objective material base factors for the socialist revolution are ready. The ideological class-fight for winning the subjective factor is crucial for the socialist revolution. It has been so since the great October Revolution.


NKP support the Final Declaration of the international conference in Moscow 1-2 June 2019 “100-years to the Communist International and tasks of the Communist movement today”. We consider the role of the III Communist International under the leadership of Lenin as positive, and appreciate its contribution to the cause of the development and strengthening of the world Communist and workers movement.


There are similarities between the revolutionary movement in the beginning of the XXth  century and  today. First of all the crash of the Second International, a strong wave of opportunism lashing the Communist and left movement. One of the largest communist parties outside the Soviet Union, the Italian CP with its Euro-communist opportunistideology contributed to spreading opportunist atmosphere in the Communist and left movement. These false conceptions developed alongside the development of the basis for the counterrevolution in the CP of the Soviet Union.

The consequences are well known, both the disappearance of the Italian CP, once supported by 33% of the Italian people and the counterrevolution in the Soviet Union.


Today opportunism and revisionism is a well guided and organized weapon of bourgeoisie. The European Left Party ranks as the top renegade, an ideological and organizational center of revisionists, living on EU money and functioning accordingly,

working for strengthening the EU imperialism.


We are happy that activities in direction of strengthening the Communist pole initiated by KKE has been carried out for more than 20 years. The struggle with opportunism must be an obligatory part of anti-imperialist struggle andintroduction of scientific knowledgeon the movement towards the Socialist revolution, both nationally and internationally. Mutual connections and assistance in the cause of strengthening  each party`s position on the national level as an indispensable condition of general Communist pole strengthening.We will study and be guided by the everlasting principles of Marxism-Leninism, incarnated in the activity of Bolsheviks and the Communist International, created by them!


NKP is the only CP in Norway. The Social democratic Party (SDP) is revisionist - opportunist supporter of capitalism. NKP was formed 4th of November 1923, broke out from SDP as the majority decided to brake with the Communist International. 

The communists were fighting hard in Norway under the German Nazy-fascist occupation, stood for 75-80 % of the fighting and sabotage, and became very popular after the war. The SD prime minister in a speech criminalized NKP as spies of the Soviet Union.SDP leadership then cooperated with the US, and together they organized what later became NATO.SDPgovernment without informing the public, delivered heavy water to Israel to produce their atomic weapons. The General Secretary of NATO is the former SDP Prime minister of Norway Stoltenberg. SDP supported and took part in the wars on Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria.


Norway is an imperialist nation and our capitalist system is undemocratic

US, Great Britain and France are big in the profitable weapon-industry. The Military Industrial Complex is big business profiting from wars, killings and pollution.

Norway and Sweden are among the largest weapon producers in the world,in relation toinhabitants. We are all contributing to imperialist wars, and profit from it.


Socialist-Left party and Red party are social democrats. They are against the EU, as is the majority of the Norwegian population. They have problems with parts of the NATO policies, but they do not speak out loud, or vote to leave NATO.

But we have common positions on EU social dumping and trade union policies.


NKP is working to establish a united class oriented non-party trade-union platform on the ground floor to develop the subjective factor in the anti-imperialist fight against the EU capitalist policies that Norway have to adopt without debate through the EEA agreement.