11/1/19 3:17 PM
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The NKPJ emphasizes with this resolution that 20 years after the end of the criminal imperialist aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, Kosovo and Metohija remain occupied territories by its striking military fist - NATO. Both Serbs and Albanians were occupied, as were all other residents of the southern Serbian province where is nowadays the largest US military base outside US - BONDSTIL. This occupation is the main result of an aggression that has claimed over 4,000 innocent lives and caused over $ 100 billion in material damage to Yugoslavia.


The NKPJ demands the occupying NATO troops to leave the territory of the southern Serbian province immediately, and demands its immediate return of Kosovo and Metohija to sovereignty of Serbia. Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo should unite in the fight against imperialism and occupation, following the illustrious example of partisan heroes Bora and Ramiz from the World War II Liberation Struggle.


The NKPJ states that any "demarcation", division, replacement of territories and similar ideas that are perpetual frequent agenda of Western imperialism officials, but also by various echelons of governments in the Balkans are unacceptable. The main goal of Western imperialism is to force the authorities in Belgrade to recognize the borders between Serbia and Kosovo and Kosovo's membership of the United Nations, which is also absolutely unacceptable.



Signed by


  1. PADS, Algeria
  2. Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain
  3. Communist Party of Bangladesh 
  4. Workers Party of Bangladesh
  5. Brazilian Communist Party
  6. Communist Party of Canada
  7. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  8. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  9. German Communist Party
  10. Communist Party of Greece
  11. Hungarian Workers Party
  12. Iraqi Communist Party
  13. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  14. Communist Party of Israel
  15. Communist Party of Pakistan
  16. Palestinian Communist Party
  17. Palestinian Peoples Party
  18. Portuguese Communist Party
  19. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  20. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  21. Communists of Serbia
  22. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  23. Communists of Catalonia
  24. Communist Party of Ukraine
  25. Communist Party of Uruguay
  26. Communist Party of Venezuela