21 IMCWP, Solidarity Statement with the people of Cyprus

11/1/19 2:37 PM
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  “The freedom and reunification of Cyprus is a milestone against imperialist aggression”

We assert that the current stalemate that persists today in the Cyprus problem must be overcome. The agreement on the terms of reference as these have been defined by the United National Secretary-General himself, is necessary for the resumption of a substantive dialogue, under the conditions, of course, that Turkey will terminate the initiatives conducing towards new illegal actions. We underline that the achieving of a comprehensive solution on the agreed basis of a bizonal bicommunal federation with political equality as this is prescribed by the relevant UN resolutions, with the withdrawal of the Turkish occupation troops and termination of the Treaty of Guarantee, constitute the sole viable option for Cyprus to be freed of the illegal occupation by Turkey and for the country and its people to reunify.  We regret that 45 years after the illegal invasion, the occupation of 37% of Cyprus is ongoing in flagrant violation of international law; and expect that the process, with the support of the UN Secretary-General, will resume as soon as possible.        

  • We remind that the Cyprus problem is the result of foreign interventions and imperialist aggression. The 1974 coup d'état planned by CIA, NATO and their allies and staged by the Greek junta and their local fascist collaborators EOKA B, served as the pretext for the materialization of Turkey’s expansionist plans in Cyprus.
  • We reiterate that the solution of the Cyprus problem must resolve the international illegality done by the invasion and continuing with the illegal occupation, and must restore the relations between the two communities of Cyprus.
  • We reiterate that the bicommunal, bizonal federation with political equality, as this is prescribed in the relevant UN resolutions and the High-Level Agreements, is agreed and that this provides for the restoration and respect of the human rights of all Cypriots, and that it will be based on the International Law and the European acquis.
  • We recall that the federal Cyprus will be one reunited state, with a single sovereignty, a single international legal personality and a single citizenship, a truly independent state whereby no third parties will be able to intervene; which means that the anachronistic Treaty of Guarantee of 1960 must be terminated, any right for foreign interventions must be excluded and the occupying forces of Turkey must fully withdraw.
  • We underline that the status quo  is not static but is constantly negatively transformed strengthening the long- term aspirations and objectives of Turkey against Cyprus and the permanent division of Cyprus and its people. We also recall that the comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem, is a necessary prerequisite for the demilitarisation of the island, for common class struggles and a future socialist transformation.

The Communist and Workers’ Parties signing the present Statement:

  1. Express their strong support for the agreement of the terms of reference that will be made up of the 2014 Joint Statement of the leaders, the convergences achieved until the 2017 Conference in Crans Montana and Gutierrez framework for the resumption of substantive negotiations. To this end, the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus have a crucial role to play.  
  2. Denounce Turkey’s illegal actions in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus and initiatives it plans in Varosha in violation or UN Security Council resolutions 550 and 789.  They call on Turkey to abandon its long-standing intransigent stance against Cyprus and commit to the withdrawal of its army from the Republic of Cyprus, the abolition of foreign guarantees and of any rights for foreign intervention, as prescribed in the Framework of the UN Secretary-General.
  3. Demand the solution of the Cyprus problem on the agreed basis and according to international law and the UN Security Council resolutions, the soonest possible. The perpetuation of the status quo or departure from the bicommunal, bizonal federation as agreed, will lead to the permanent partition of Cyprus.
  4. Call on the international community to face decisively Turkey’s illegal actions through which it plans the creation of new fait accomplis on the ground and hinder the resumption of substantive negotiations.
  5. Express their solidarity with and support to the struggle of the Cypriot people for the liberation and reunification of its country.


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Solidarity Statement with the people of Cyprus

 “The freedom and reunification of Cyprus is a milestone against imperialist aggression”





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