21 IMCWP, Unmask Green Imperialism

11/1/19 1:12 PM
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It is higly alarming that the global warming caused by capitalism, big business and  greedy human actions is threatening to get us into a vicious circle, that will lead to the melting of the icecaps and permafrost. As a result, the large part of the earth will change so that it will become inhabitable for humans as well as for many animal and plant species. 

Climate change is a part of a more fundamental global environmental crisis. This environmental crisis is more than anything a result of the capitalist social system and the industrialisation associated with it. ‘Fossil capitalism’ has had a decisive impact on the climate, massively accelerating carbon emissions.

There are many aspects to the environmental crisis, including; climate change and global warming, loss of biodiversity and species extinction, pollution of water, air and soil, waste problems, deforestation and over-consumption of natural resources. These all have an impact one another and taken together they comprise the environmental crisis.

Socialism is the key to solving the environmental crisis.

We must start to act here and now in order to slow down climate change to an acceptable level for humankind and to tackle other urgent problems. The need now in environmental struggles is to act against the drive for capital profits. Confidence in the ability of markets to deal with acute crises has been eroded and people want intervention. International environmental activists and ecologists demand a system change. This aim spotlights the need for a shift toward socialism and opens up new avenues for cooperation between the environmental movement, progressive forces and communists. By policy reversal and radical constraints on big capital, the destruction of the environment can be significantly curbed. 


Unmask Green Imperialism - CAMPAING

Current phase of the imperialist stage of capitalism can be described as “Green Imperialism”. The notion of green imperialism is worth highlighting because it is insidious example of the ability of capitalism to capture "good" things for purposes to serve itself. 

Green imperialism means that the capitalist power hegemony uses the environmental crisis it has self-sustained as a justification and tool for its own imperialist policy. In order to maintain its position in a changing world, it uses environmental protection as an excuse to maintain neo-colonial structures. At the same time capitalist hegemony has capitalized so called “green” environmental movement and made it its own impotent tool whose principle is to generate profits for the current system. This “green” movement only accepts means of combating the environmental crisis that do not undermine the capitalist social system which is the root of crisis. Because current "green" environmental movement is dangerously poisoned by this imperialism, we need a truly anti-capitalist and socialism-based "proletarian environmental movement". This movement must be created so that we will have a potent tool that is capable of resolving both the global environmental crisis and bondage of proletariat.

We who have signed this “Unmask Green Imperialism” appeal will work hand in hand campaigning with the young people worried about our planet´s future. At the appeal's web page and with the help of our different political tools we will unmask environmental crimes locally and internationally. With this appeal we work to construct a proletarian environmental movement and a worldwide anti-imperialist network for radical environmental policy in service for all working class and humankind. 

Participants are invited to join the appeal pages in Instagram and FaceBook to document local environmental crimes and policies that oppress the people and nature and report it using hastag #unmaskgreenimperialism 

Unmask Green Imperialism has official web page www.skp.fi/UnMaskgreenImperialism We will publish articles that unmask green imperialism. Please send articles and documents to skp@skp.fi The Communist Party of Finland is collecting the signatures and editing the campaign for the whole year 2020.




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  3. Workers Party of Bangladesh
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  6. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  7. AKEL, Cyprus
  8. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  9. Communist Party of Finland
  10. Hungarian Workers Party
  11. Communist Party of India
  12. Iraqi Communist Party
  13. Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
  14. Communist Party of Israel
  15. Italian Communist Party
  16. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  17. Socialist Party, Lithuania
  18. Communist Party of Pakistan
  19. Palestinian Communist Party
  20. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  21. New Communist Party of Serbia
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