18 IMCWP, Contribution of CP of the Russian Federation [En]

11/24/16 12:39 PM
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Contribution of CP of the Russian Federation [En]

by D.Novikov

Dear comrades,

Esteemed participants in the meeting,

I would like to convey to you fraternal greetings from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

The CC CPRF appreciates the Communist Party of Vietnam for the large amount of work it has done to prepare the XVIII International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties. We are sure that the meeting will make its contribution to strengthening the interaction among the forces taking part in the international communist movement.

Our party believes that the economic, social and political picture of the modern world is determined by the deepening general crisis of capitalism. This crisis has waxed and waned for a century now. The late 20th century saw a temporary stabilization of the world capitalist system after the USSR was destroyed. However, in the ХХI century the crisis of capitalism is again gathering momentum.

At present there is much talk in the world about globalization and globalism. Proceeding from Lenin’s characterization of imperialism, the CPRF has identified the following main features of globalism:

1. Productive industrial capital is being totally enslaved by financial and speculative capital.

2. At the world level “market relations” have turned into an artificial mechanism of unequal exchange and plunder of entire countries and peoples.

3. The global model of “international division of labor” consolidates the appalling social inequalities on the planetary scale.

4. The political influence of transnational corporations and financial-industrial groups aspiring to unlimited sovereignty of actions is increasing sharply.

5. National governments are losing control over the processes in the world economy. Fundamental norms of international law are being revised to create global power structures.

6. Information and cultural expansion is actively used as a form of aggression. We witness growing spiritual uniformity at the most primitive level. National features of countries and peoples are being eradicated.

7. Transnational capital is becoming increasingly parasitic. It enjoys the benefits from the introduction of high technologies while the rest of the world lives in poverty. Scientific and technical progress is stagnating and its quality is deteriorating.

The exploitative predatory nature of imperialism is vividly manifested today. Because the profit margin tends to decline capitalism is fighting this trend by stepping up exploitation, financial speculations and military adventures.

The international situation is deteriorating. The USA and NATO are persistently expanding their presence in various parts of the world creating new military bases. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria have become victims of aggression. The situation in the Middle East has been thrown into chaos. The migration crisis in Europe has been generated. National and religious conflicts are sharpening and raging.

The Western ruling circles use the most reactionary forces to achieve their political aims. One indication of this is the situation in Ukraine. The seeds of fascism have given sprouts there with direct assistance of the imperialist circles of the USA and the EU. This is happening in the land where 70 years ago the united Soviet people withstood the Hitler invasion and won.

In a bid to establish their world order the USA and its allies use the broadest spectrum of methods. These include economic measures, diplomatic pressure, information wars and direct military threats. Washington is taking fresh steps to strengthen its economic influence. To this end is uses two new agreements, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Under these conditions the key task of the communist and workers’ movement is to create a broad anti-imperialist front. Based on the principles of internationalism and the class approach, it is our duty to oppose the trend of the strengthening of fascism, nationalism and international terrorism. We hope that our meeting will serve the cause of uniting our actions.

In Russia the world socio-economic crisis is combined with the internal crisis caused by the restoration of capitalism and the bankruptcy of liberal bourgeois policy. The country has all the features of imperialism named by Lenin. It is monopolistic, parasitic and decaying capitalism. Russia is under growing outside pressure of stronger countries of the world capitalist system. They resort to economic sanctions, political blackmail and military threats.

Inside the Russian Federation the authorities are making further inroads on the rights of the working people. People’s incomes and living standards are falling, unemployment is growing and the majority of the people are sinking into poverty. The ruling circles propose to raise the retirement age and introduce a tax on unemployed people. The 2017 draft budget would cut spending on healthcare and education.

In September the Russian Federation saw elections to the State Duma. The pro-government United Russia party gained a constitutional majority. This enables it to pass any laws disregarding the opinion of the people. The parliamentary elections have demonstrated once again the cynicism with which the Russian oligarchy achieves its goals. Each time elections approach, electoral legislation is recast and diverse methods are used to ensure the result that suits the interests of the ruling circles. We had to wage our election campaign against heavy odds in an atmosphere of political and information diktat and provocations against party representatives. In spite of attempts to push the CPRF off the political stage, this did not happen. Thanks to the support of the people our party has managed to remain the biggest and effectively the only opposition force. We are still the second biggest party in the State Duma.

Opposing bourgeois reaction, the CPRF is waging political battles both in and outside parliament. Ideological confrontation is particularly important. We debunk anti-communism and counter the attempts to distort Soviet history. Last year in connection with the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory over fascism we, together with other fraternal parties, did much to counter the attempts to justify Nazism and promote honest assessments of the history of the Second World War.

At this meeting we will discuss the tasks facing our parties in strengthening the struggle of the working class for socialism, against capitalist exploitation, imperialist wars and fascism. We have an opportunity to discuss the strategy and tactics of our activities, the combination of parliamentary and non-parliamentary forms of activities. Equally important is the opportunity to share the experience gained in recent years.

Dear comrades,

Next year the CPRF, together with all the fraternal parties and movements, will mark the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

The victory of the proletarian revolution in Russia in October 1917 was the key event of the ХХ century. It radically changed the course of humanity’s development. Thanks to the Great October Revolution the world’s first socialist state came into being. It provided an inspiring example for the working people of all countries who rose to fight the yoke of capital.

The October Revolution found its continuation in the deeds of the builders of Socialism, in the heroism of anti-Fascists, in the defeat of Hitler’s Germany and militarist Japan, in the collapse of the colonial system, the inspiring Cuban Revolution, the courage of Che Guevara, Salvador Allende and Hugo Chavez and today’s successes of China and Vietnam.

At present the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is launching preparations for the jubilee of the world’s first socialist revolution. In March 2015 these issues were discussed by the VII Plenum of the Party’s Central Committee. Gennady Zyuganov delivered the report “The Revolutionary Legacy of the Great October Revolution and the Tasks of the CPRF.” The decisions taken set the tasks of the struggle for socialism, political education of the masses, stepped-up work among workers and young people. Exactly a week ago the CPRF announced a special enrolment of new members to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

The main events to mark the jubilee are planned for October and November 2017. We propose to hold the XIX International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties during this time.

The Russian Communists are well aware that returning our country to the socialist path of development will be an uphill struggle. Of course, the best gift for the 100th jubilee of the Great October Socialist Revolution would be mobilization of working people in the struggle for their rights. Stronger anti-imperialist solidarity will be particularly important for the success of this struggle.

Capitalism, as ever, seeks to mercilessly exploit the workers. To carry its struggle to victory the proletariat must acquire strong class consciousness. The key task of the communist parties in the capitalist countries is to introduce this consciousness into the working class and to help the workers in their struggle for their rights, for improving their position.

Today there is tremendous demand in the world for truth and justice, for humanism and social progress. Life has proved that no one but communists can respond to this demand.

The light of the Great October Revolution shows us the right path. It is the path of struggle and creative endeavor, the path of new victories of the broad popular masses, the path of socialist transformation of humanity.

Thank you.