23rd IMCWP, Contribution by CP of Norway

10/25/23, 12:06 PM
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Dear comrades .

First of all, thank you for the invitation to this conference. I have at the last minute been given the task of representing the Communist Party in Norway, because our leader, Runa Evensen, had to cancel due to her work situation. Then it is given me to say some words, as the international sekretary.


Norway was once a good country, but that was before the privatation  of power, infrastructure, health care and social welfare. Many people  struggle for the most essential things, such as a safe home and and food on the table. This is because social housing has been replaced by cynical speculators and the foodmarket is owned by a small group of capitalists. In real, the «best country in the world» is mostly for the upper class to join  the wheel of fortune, while the majority live in financial uncertainty.  Food queues in rich Norway are nothing but a shame.

As they say, Norway is the best student in the US class, and in spite of  two negative referendums, our govering powers are also fully devoted to the Europe Union. If Brussels say «jump»,  Norway jumps.  The word «democracy» has become a diffuse term, used to justify western dominance and weapons for Ucraine.  It is our war for democracy, we are told, while the domestic arms industry make good profit and the people's savings, the Oil Fund, finance the US military-industrial complex. Norway's Communist Party is the only party that is clearly against arms support to Ukraine.

Norway's Communist Party is 100 years old this November and has a proud tradition on the side of the working class. Our comrades fought and died for Norway's freedom during the second world war, and it was the communist resistance group that made the greatest effort, not to forget the brother people in the north, the Soviet Union. The party newspaper Friheten was the first to be banned by the Nazis and became the contry's second largest in 1945. The Communist Party received great support at the election and have the country's first female minister, but was weakened by the Social Democrats in 1948, who declared communists as potential traitors to the country. It was the start of years of persecution and constant attempt to ban Norwegian communists from political life. The Norwegian people should not be told that there is an system critical alternative, nor does the newspaper Friheten get so much as a penny in support in this freedom of expression high table.

Our country is small, and on a global basis there is not much that puts us on the map. Admittedly, we brag about the Oslo agreement, which did not create any peace in the Middle East, nor could Norway join the 138 countries in the UN that have recognized Palestine as a country. Perhaps Nobel Peace Prize is better known, but rather it is more a means of criticizing the West's opponents than effort to make peace.  Nor is Norway a peaceful corner of the world, as some says. We support every war and conflict initiated by USA and NATO, and Norway alone sent 588 bombs over Libya, and that under a so-called socialist government, leaded by the NATO-boss today.


But we have our aces in winter sports, and where the sport was supposed to bring all countries together in peaceful competition, Norway has now taken the lead in bullying its competitors and former friends among Russian skiers. Russia and mostly innocent Belarus are heavily punished all over the western world and their followers. while no one has ever lifted a finger against the liar USA and Israel's occupation of Palestine and Syria.

We now see a changing world and that the West is losing its footing, especially in Africa. Norway's Communist Party sees potential in a new multipolar world and welcomes every peaceful initiative. Apartheid and neo-Nazism must be fought, but war is not the best solution and the killing of civilians must be condemned regardless of the underlying cause.   What the world needs now is negotiations and peaceful coexistence. Comrades we have a job to do.


Thank you.