23rd IMCWP, Contribution by CP of Vietnam

10/25/23, 12:09 PM
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(Izmir, October 20-22, 2023)

Time: less than 10 minutes


Dear Presidium,

Comrades and Friends,

  1. The delegation of the Communist Party of Vietnam would like to extend respectful greetings and solidarity to fraternal communist and workers parties attending the 23rd International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties taking place in the city of Izmir, Turkey. We welcome the organization of the Meeting, a significant event in strengthening solidarity and mutual assistance among international communist and workers parties and also in sharing information, experience and contributing to the common efforts of the international community for the goals of peace, national independence, democracy, development cooperation and social progress.

We especially appreciate and thank the Communist Party of Turkey, which, despite operating in difficult conditions, still hosted and thoughtfully prepared for this event.

In the context of the current complicated global situation, the Meeting's issuance of the Final Declaration, following the success of the IMCWP-22 Meeting in Cuba, is of great significance to the international communist and workers' movement.  We discussed and shared views on some specific issues; I hope that in the spirit of comradeship, mutual respect and understanding, we will reach a consensus on the Final Declaration.

  1. Since the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam held in January 2021, in the context of a rapidly evolving, complex, unpredictable world situation, new difficulties and challenges have arisen that were harsher and heavier than forecast. Our Party observes that Vietnam has achieved important and quite comprehensive results. In terms of socio-economics, the Covid-19 epidemic has been successfully controlled, people’s lives and production and business activities have returned to relatively normal. Economic growth in 2022 reached 8.02%. Social security is guaranteed, people's lives continue to improve, successfully achieving the goal of linking economic growth with social progress and justice. The State has policies to support nearly 58 million people, workers and nearly 1.4 million employers. Defence and security have been maintained. The works of building a rule-of-law state, Party building and rectification have changed very positively with many outstanding highlights. In particular, the work of preventing corruption and negativity has been carried out strongly and effectively, with the approval and support of the officials, the party members, and the people. Foreign affairs and international integration have been implemented actively and effectively.
  2. Our Vietnamese people adhere to a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation and development, multilateralization and diversification of relations; combining the strength of great national unity with the strength of the times, proactively and actively integrating internationally; being a friend, a reliable partner and an active, responsible member of the international community. Vietnam advocates expanding relations and promoting cooperation with international communist and workers parties, political and social forces and people of other countries, striving for the goals of peace and national independence, democracy, development cooperation and social progress.

Accordingly, Vietnam strongly supports strengthening the friendship and international cooperation in all fields, non-confrontation; resolving international disagreements and disputes by peaceful means, without using force or threatening to use force; upholding international law and multilateralism.

We believe that, to promote peace, cooperation and development in the world, it is of utmost importance that countries implement policies for peace, friendship and cooperation, and accordingly attach importance to the equality and the legitimate interests of each other, dialogue, non-confrontation, respect for international law. At the same time, countries need to work together to consolidate and improve the effectiveness of cooperation and strengthen international coordination to reduce tensions, prevent and end conflicts, resolve problems arising in various fields, and respond to non-traditional security challenges.

  1. The Communist Party of Vietnam always identifies Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's ideology as the ideological foundation and the guiding path for all actions of the Party. Ho Chi Minh's Thought is a comprehensive and profound system of views on the basic issues of the Vietnamese revolution, the result of the creative application and development of Marxism-Leninism to the specific conditions of the country. Vietnam, having inherited and developed the nation's fine traditional values, absorbed the quintessence of human culture.

We consider the protection of the Party's ideological foundation to be a matter of vital significance for the Party's leadership, and a factor ensuring the country's successful development. We identify this as an urgent, regular and long-term task of the entire Party.

The Communist Party of Vietnam's viewpoint on protecting the Party's ideological foundation is to make the people understand and support the scientific and revolutionary nature of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's Thought, and the Communist Party of Vietnam's leadership and guidelines, protecting the people, protecting the Vietnamese Law-governed Socialist State, the Doi Moi process, protecting national interests, preserving a peaceful and stable environment to develop. At the same time, we fight against all violations in all forms.

Today, in the context of Vietnam's increasingly deep international integration, hostile forces have increased their activities to sabotage Vietnam's revolutionary cause, attack the Party's ideological foundation, reduce the people's trust in the Party, and eliminate the Party's leadership role in the Vietnamese revolution.

Against that backdrop, the Communist Party of Vietnam has focused on building and rectifying the Party and protecting the Party's ideological foundation. We pay special attention to the work of Party building, promoting the nature of the Party's working class, improving the Party's leadership capacity, ruling capacity and fighting strength. We build a clean and strong political system, improve the quality of officials and party members, strengthen close ties with the people.

Having observed the practice of fighting to protect the Party's ideological foundation over the past time, we have learned many valuable lessons and experiences. Those are to be steadfast in our stance and persistent in our goals; to broadly organize and deploy the fight to protect the Party's ideological foundation; close coordination between agencies, departments and branches; effectively deploy the struggle in political, diplomatic, legal and economic aspects; to focus on improving the quality of education on political theory; to regularly grasp the thoughts of cadres, party members and the masses, prevent and reverse internal degradation.


  1. On the occasion of attending this significant meeting, the Communist Party of Vietnam would like to once again extend sincere thanks and deep gratitude to communist parties, workers, and progressive forces in the world for your unity and strong support for Vietnam duringour struggle for national independence and national unification in the past, as well as our work of building and protecting our Fatherland today. We always attach importance to consolidating and strengthening relations with socialist countries, traditional friends, with the communist and workers parties around the world, to consistently uniting with the struggle of the communist and workers parties of all countries for peace, national independence, democracy, social progress and socialism.

May our 23rd Meeting a great success.

Thank you, comrades and friends./.