23rd IMCWP, Contribution by NCP of Yugoslavia

10/25/23, 1:00 PM
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Dear comrades,


Allow me to begin my speech by thanking and congratulating the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) on the successful organization of the 23rd International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties and greeting on behalf of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) the representatives of all organizations participating in this meeting as well as all other party-members and sympathizers of the Solidnet network.


Dear comrades,


NKPJ, as an authentic Marxist-Leninist party, implements an ideological line of opposition to the views of both mutually opposed bourgeois camps in Serbia. In other words, it is equally opposed to the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the bourgeois pro-imperialist government led by the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, as well as the bourgeois pro-imperialist opposition in which Dragan Đilas' Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) plays a dominant role. These political options implement a neoliberal economic course, a reactionary privatization process. They insist on the accession of Serbia, the dungeon of nations, to the European Union, whose only goal is to make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer and to cooperate with the striking fist of Western imperialism, NATO, which is responsible for the criminal aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.

Accordingly, NKPJ and SKOJ are agitating for the creation of the People's Front of progressive forces in Serbia, led by communists, which would act under the slogan "For the interests of the working people - Against the retrograde politics of the bourgeois government and the opposition." An essential step in that struggle is the demand for the abolition of anti-democratic and discriminatory laws on elections and political parties in Serbia, which, with their reactionary content, prevent true representatives of the working class, primarily communists, from participating in elections.


Dear comrades,


Since June 9, 1999, the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia has been under occupation by the striking military fist of Western imperialism, NATO, and the Serbs living in that area have become second-class citizens. On that day, the so-called "Kumanovo Agreement" was signed, which started the NATO occupation of Kosovo and Metohia after the aggression of Western imperialist countries on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (March 24 - June 10). By signing that agreement, the Yugoslav Army was forced to leave Kosovo, and the power in that territory was taken over by the terrorist pro-imperialist "Kosovo Liberation Army." At the same time, NATO formed the most extensive military base in the Balkans, "Bondsteel." The aggression against FR Yugoslavia, the occupation of Kosovo and Metohia, and the installation of the pro-imperialist separatist "Kosovo Liberation Army" in power in Pristina were done for the sake of the expansionist and predatory interests of significant Western capital.


Many Serbs and other non-Albanian populations were forced to leave their homes and escape to the territory of Serbia proper. At the same time, the remaining Serbs who lived in Kosovo were exposed to constant torture and harassment by the Albanian pro-imperialist separatist authorities in Pristina. Since 2013, under the control of the European Union, meetings have been held in Brussels between the leaders in Belgrade and the separatist leadership in Pristina, where the goal of the Western imperialists is to force Belgrade to accept the "independence" of Kosovo. In the meantime, the Serbian population is exposed to constant pressure from the pro-imperialist and separatist authorities in Pristina.


It is entirely hypocritical but also naive to expect that any negotiations on peace and prosperity are conducted under the auspices of the imperialist power of the European Union, which, along with the United States of America and NATO, is the biggest culprit for the occupation and separation of Kosovo and Metohija from the motherland of Serbia.

NKPJ demands;


 - That Washington, London, Brussels, and other imperialist power centers immediately stop pressuring Serbia to recognize the "independence" of Kosovo. Kosovo and Metohia is an integral and inseparable entity that, as its province, belongs to Serbia. Any change of borders is unacceptable and opposed to the interests of peace and prosperity!

 - That the puppet pro-imperialist government in Kosovo should immediately end all pressures on Serbs living in that territory and provide all refugees with the opportunity to return if they wish!

- The Serbian and Albanian people in Kosovo and Metohija should live in peace and togetherness and in the tradition of brotherly relations between Albanians and Serbs who fought side by side in the Second World War against the Nazi-fascist occupier!

 - The occupying NATO troops must immediately leave the territory of Kosovo and Metohia, and that southern Serbian province must return to the motherland. Only in this way can Serbs and Albanians in that territory live in genuine peace and prosperity!

- NATO troops should leave all the territories they hold under occupation in the region of the former Yugoslavia!


Dear comrades, 

NKPJ fully supports the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggle of the people of Donetsk People's Republic, Luhansk People's Republic, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia and the right to self-determination until secession. At the same time, the NKPJ believes that Moscow's special military operation against the fascist pro-imperialist government in Kyiv is correct and that it represents support for Ukrainian anti-fascists and, at the same time, a fight against Western imperialism that threatens the interests of the Russian Federation.

To this end, the NKPJ supports and actively participates in the initiatives implemented by the World Anti-Imperialist Platform. This international organization includes many members of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties, i.e., the Solidnet network.



NKPJ welcomes the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people and demands from the Israeli Zionist government that its troops immediately leave the territory of Palestine and recognize the independence of that country. Although it rejects and condemns attacks on non-military targets, the killing and kidnapping civilians, and any individual terror, the NKPJ emphasizes that no one has the right to equate the Palestinian struggle for freedom with the brutal occupier embodied in the Israeli Army. The sole and exclusive objective culprit for all the crimes committed in the current conflict, as is the case with the previous one, is the government of Israel, which neither has the right nor can realistically find any justification for the occupation of Palestine and the bullying of its proud and freedom-loving people. The uprising of the Palestinian people is just and legitimate; all political factions united in the struggle for freedom participate in it, and no one under any pretext can challenge the right of the people of Palestine, the request that all other peoples have, which is to have their state. The NKPJ expresses full solidarity with the Palestinian freedom fighters, primarily with the Palestinian Communist Party and the Palestinian People's Party, and fully supports the positions against occupation, discrimination, terror, and war expressed by the Communist Party of Israel.

NKPJ emphasizes that there can be no true peace until Tel Aviv recognizes the will of the United Nations, withdraws its occupying troops from Gaza and the West Bank, and unconditionally recognizes the independence of the Palestinian state.



The NKPJ fully supports the policy of the People's Republic of China towards Taiwan as an integral and inalienable part of its territory and rejects all false and malicious claims about the alleged abuse of the Uyghur national minority in that socialist country.

The NKPJ sincerely stands in solidarity with the people of Cuba and demands that the criminal sanctions imposed on Havana by the United States of America in 1960 be immediately and unconditionally lifted.

The NKPJ sincerely stands in solidarity with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and its people due to the constant pressures of Western imperialism, primarily American, on the government of that socialist country.

NKPJ condemns the brazen pressures of Western imperialism on the governments of progressive countries, such as those in Belarus, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Syria. 

NKPJ sincerely stands in solidarity with all countries and peoples, leading the anti-imperialist and national liberation struggle.



NKPJ is fighting for the re-establishment of socialism in our country and the restoration of Yugoslavia, in which all its people will live in peace, harmony, and prosperity.

NKPJ, guided by the principles of proletarian internationalism, fights to create a socialist society and a communist perspective worldwide. One of the essential preconditions in that process was restoring the first country of socialism, the USSR.



In the fight for socialism and communism, the unity and cooperation of the communist and workers' parties are essential. Since its establishment in 1990, the NKPJ has insisted that the only and best solution for practical cooperation between communist and labor parties is the establishment of a new Comintern.



I wish all of you, personally and the parties you represent, much success in your future work!


Long live Marxism-Leninism!

Long live proletarian internationalism!