23rd IMCWP, Contribution by UCP of Georgia

10/23/23, 11:22 AM
  • Georgia, Unified Communist Party of Georgia 23rd IMCWP En Ru Asia Communist and workers' parties

Dear comrades!

I would like to greet the participants of the 23rd international meeting of communist and workers' parties on behalf of the Unified Communist party of Georgia (UCPG) and send brotherly salute to the progressive thinking population of this country.

I wish that our meeting will be productive.

We thank the Communist Party of Turkey and its Gen. secretary Comrade Kemal Okuyan for his warm welcoming and for giving us the possibility to meet in the hard and critical period.

I would like to use this possibility and touch the article which he published in "SOLIDNET" by the beggining of this year, where we read sorrow of one of the leaders of the international Communist movement about the passive stance of international left. Yes, it is neccessary to open up a discussion about this topic, so we can have real answers about increasing the role of Communist movement in the international society.



We all know very well, that scientific Communism has fundamental stages:

Pre-Marxist -  The longest, not enough based philosophically, badly coupled with word "scientific", mostly spontanous breakthrough of a working man, which always had an attribute of armed ressistance against exploitation; Despite the lack of development of production power, religious colors, lack of knowledge in masses and not understanding the laws of class struggle, it still often had Communistic signs. Lacking World vanguard.

Marxist - True political-economic analysis of history, explanation of the laws of class struggle, based on inevidable world revolution and transformation from Capitalist formation to Communism; First organized steps in this direction, first scientific international proletarian ressistance against the system. Idea becoming the world vanguard.

Leninist - Based on the laws of class struggle and international proletarianism, proof of inevidability of world revolution, but not simultaneous defeat of capitalism in all developed countries, but possible victories in one or several countries, where capitalist camp is more weak; Giving life to scientific thought by laying grounds for great Soviet state. The party becoming the world vanguard.

The Stalinist - Continuation by the laws of class struggle and proletarian internationalism, focusing not on inevidability but non-neccesity of world revolution to start building Socialist even Communist society in a particular country as in centre of anti-systemic action, achieving basic scientific goals through developing Soviet patriotism, creating world Socialistic camp and competing with capitalist camp in millitary and economics. Soviet Union became the world vanguard.

Marxism - Is just Marxism. When we speak about Leninism, we mean Marxism-Leninism. Stalinism respectively would be Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism. Conversation gives us the possibility to use these terms separately. And in this case Stalinism can be considered the most close equivalent of scientific Communism. This will continue until a new infinite teaching will emerge from first three pillars. To continue: Good philosophical style under Communism means theoritical and practical works of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin, as a dialectic unity of Revolutionary-Evolutionary knowledge and action.



World is in a dire economic and geopolitical situation. As we discuss the crises and their solutions today, close to us a brutal conflict is raging between Israel and Palestine, which has been going on for decades. Sides of this conflict must sit down to a negotiating table and end this conflict in a peaceful manner. Also, to find a way of ending this conflict, we must turn to the UN sec. Council decision about creating a sovereign Palestinian state. The US administration plays extremely negative role in this process as it isn't willing to compromise. Instead, US always was a side in this conflict, and even now it has sent destructive weapons to the region. There is no another way to regulate this conflict except - Peaceful one!

Of course we cannot ignore and watch from aside the conflict raging between Slavic states in our Region, where for more than 1.5 years hundreeds of innocent people are dying because of an "ideological" dispute.

When we discuss the reasons of Ukraine-Russian conflict, we must acknowledge this. Capitalism has once again entered deep crisis. 30 years have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Collapse of The USSR and the Socialist camp, gave capitalism another 30 years to breathe. Now the capitalist system has once again seen loss and wants to perform the same trick as it did to the Soviet Union. It wants to either disband Russian Federation or guarantee direct control of it's immense riches by forming colonial control over it. Next step will be turning these collosal resources, including millitary and political against China. As this wasn't possible by a "peaceful" way, the current regime was installed in Ukraine which turned the country into a millitary fist against Russia, provoking the latter to perform preemptive millitary operation. This, is the short summary of the logic of these processes, including the bloody coup back in 2014.

The Fascistic character of Kiev regime can not be doubted. Sharp increase of millitarization, nationalism, Rusophobia, anti-Communism and anti-Sovietism with open terrorist methods to crush all the progressive forces and so on, all this is a proof of Fascism in Ukraine.

The west generously finances the Ukrainian fascism, including mountains of armaments and billions of dollars. Just like 100 years ago, when the west cultivate the dangerous virus of fascism, armed it and set it loose against Russia, to destroy the country and its people.

The danger of the Ukrainian fascism for all the post Soviet countries has also another aspect, it's viral, they want to spread it and it's already spreading in the post Soviet dimension. The Kievian sickness of Fascism spreads to the east. It's path is built by creating nationalism, Rusophobia and Anti-Sovietism. We know what we're talking about: These processes can be seen close in several post-Soviet countries.

Recently the security services of Georgia published undisputed proofs that Kiev regime is attempting to destabilise the situation in Georgia, by organizing a pro-fascistic coup. For years, serious terrorist millitary forces and political platforms have been readied in Ukraine, the plague, formed particularly for Georgia.

If this happens, we will get a fascist Georgia, with crushed workers, tens of thousands of prisoners, hundreeds of physically liquidated leftists and progressive thinkers and actors. We have already gone through this back in 2003-2012 under the regime of Saakashvili. Believe us, about this we also talk with deep knowledge of the case and concrete facts.

So, the only real force that blocks the Ukrainian spreading of fascism on its way to swallow post-Soviet countries is Russia. Yes, the capitalist, the conservative Russia, today is saving all the post soviet people from bloody ethnic and religious conflicts, saves them from full absorbtion by the most dangerous American imperialism and saves the leftist and progressive forces from destruction.

And the fact that Russia initiated millitary action on Ukrainian soil has to be considered as the least of arguments.

This is why UCPG, Socialist Platform, party "Neutral Georgia" and other political and civil organizations of Georgia have supported SMO of RF!

Mechanical shift of this situation to a century ago assesment, which was used before the first world war, will surely lead us to theoritical mistake and therefore to faulty practical conclusions.

We are even sure, that holding a neutral position towards the situation in Ukraine, and condemning the actions of Russia automatically means supporting Kievian Fascism and inevidable Fascistisation of post-Soviet countries and it's people's.



I would like to tell you a little about Georgia.

Historically Georgia was more than 100 000 sq/km but as a result of numerous wars it was almost split in half.

This year will be 240th anniversary after signing the Georgievsky treaty (1783) according to which, Georgia got political and millitary protection of Russia. After this treaty Georgia sighed with ease from centuries of suffering.

From the year 1922, when we joined the USSR, the social-economic rise of our country began. I will give you several examples to give you a picture about socio-economic situation of Georgian SSR.

* Light and heavy industries, agricultural production, tourism and other sectors were developed in blink of an eye.

* Level of unemployment was almost eradicated and was approximately. 0.2%.

* Soviet retiree were quite wealthy, for example with their pension they could buy 6000 Kw electricity; or 400 kilos of bread; or 85 kilos of cheese; or 70 kilos of meat; or 600 litres of petrol; or use public transportation for more than 2300 times and many other.

* Tourism was also well developed. Millions of people from the whole Soviet Union came to Georgia for holidays, which of course benefited Georgia's population financially.

* The savings of our workers were more than 10 billion rubles  (1 rub = $0.62)

* Because of the economic benefits mentioned above, demographics of Georgia also were sharply raised, under the Georgian SSR the population was 5.5 million. When a century before it dropped below to 1 million.

This is just a small part of all the benefits that Georgian SSR had, and I will stop here, because I won't have enough time to list all the beneficiary things of those times.

What has Georgia achieved for 30 years, when we became "free" and “Democratic" and an independent state? After becoming independent, “sovereignl Georgia in just a second crashed into problems: inner political, foreign political, economic, demographic, cultural and so on. It step by step became one party, authoritarian, and one person dictatorial country. In different degrees for these hardships were to blame the burgoise, liberal beaurocratic government and so called opposition sellouts, who did everything to squeeze out the real opposition and the left-patriotic forces from the political scene, they took place and are blocking the development of Georgian state.

* Strategic industries were given to different clans. All the factories and manufacturers are liquidated, main agricultural sectors are destroyed and so on. For example one of the most productive and developed sector of the country was - "Georgian Sea Steamship", the industry had more than 60 cargo ships, (1,5 tonnes of cargo moved) and these ships dissappeared without a trace.

* Private funds were used to steal people's savings and they haven't been returned yet.

* Social services system has registered 1.2 million people, 700 000 them get the social aide, 230 thousand of them are children.

* Today's so called pension is $100 equivalent to Lari, it's about 3.3 dollars a day. And all this, when prices are skyrocketing for everything. The food is getting more expensive, medicine, energy and everything else... basically inflation shocks are depriving Georgia's population from a human being’s conditions for life.

* Because of this hard socio-economic situation, demographic and immigration problems are the biggest for the country. Population was almost reduced twice.The Death to birth ratio is negative. By the data from last year, more than 100 000 poeple have left the country. The finances transfered by the immigrants is the main income of our economy which is a catastrophy for the richest country of the USSR.

From the moment of our independence, government started fighting with Communists, not letting us to function. For example: so called the "Freedom Charter" was passed, a law that bans Communist and Soviet ideology and symbols. Communists, patriots and activist were even arrested, being falsely accused in coup attempts, as also tens of our activists were arrested.

As we were always the real opposition, our ideology and party was hit with focused anti-propaganda. Despite of all the facts I previously mentioned, all the persecutions, we without any help or finances from outside, with only our abilities and our resources, continue to fight the capitalist system.

This is a small summary of what Georgia and its people got after ousting the Soviet government.



Socialist countries that exist now, exploited and opressed people's of all continents, workers, working class of capitalist countries can and should create - an Antiimperialist front with one goal, to liberate humanity from the criminal capitalist system.

After the death of I.B. Stalin and the rise of anti-Communists to leadership of the party and government of the USSR, also in several countries of Socialist camp, for the last 70 years the international Communist movement is in crisis. It's fractured.

Regaining unity of the international movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism (scientific Communism) and proletarian internationalism - is a main objective of all Communist parties.

Communists of Georgia, following the example of our revolutionary predecessors, especially from an excellent political, state and millitary leader of the XX century I.B Stalin, will use everything in their power to get rid of the dissolution in international Communist movement and for United Communist World.

Communists of Georgia firmly believe that socialism will be victorius in XXI century.

Ideas and achievements of Great October are Immortal.



The Great October Socialist Revolution - Opened and lead historical era of our newest history, managed revolutionary transformation of humanity from capitalism to Socialism. The development of this pivotal epoch is going through a fierce class struggle between social-political forces of Socialist revolution and imperialist counter revolution internationally and on domestic levels of the countries. Ability to live for modern humanity, overall progress, civilizational and cultural growth, are tightly connected to rightful strengthening of socialism on planet earth.

Capitalism, that reached it's exsistence' highest stage, is obsessed with deepening global crisis. Capitalism has to take a step back in favor of Socialism, though it will not surrender its social structure of peoples' lifes without resistance.

In this historic process of world transformation of our times, Vanguard should be the international Communist movement. In its work it's guided by the Marxist-Leninist ideology, center of which is scientific understanding of dialectic materialism. In modern times, dialectic materialism is the only teaching, that doesn't fall under effects of global crisis, on the contrary, it helps us to see the reasons of these crises and the ways to defeat them. Based on dialectic-materialist worldview modern Communist movement is creating strategies and tactics. The Communist party of Turkey was the initiator of today's meeting, that should be used to analyze all this and realize them in future, we are grateful for this opportunity to The Communist party of Turkey, to the organizational committee and and to the Gen. secretary Kemal Okuyan,

Thank you for this opportunity.



By the end of my speech, I want to remind you a quote of I.B. Stalin, from his speech on the XIX congress of CPSU.

"Earlier, the bourgeoisie presented themselves as liberal, they were for bourgeois democratic freedom and in that way gained popularity with the people. Now there is not one remaining trace of liberalism. There is no such thing as "freedom of personality" any more, - personal rights are now only acknowledged by them, the owners of capital, - all the other citizens are regarded as raw materials, that are only for exploitation. The principle of equal rights for people and nations is trodden in the dust and it is replaced by the principle of Full rights for the exploiting minority and the lack of rights of the exploited majority of the citizens. The banner of bourgeois democratic freedom has been flung overboard. I think that you, the representatives of communist and democratic parties must pick up this banner and carry it forward if you want to gain the majority of the people. There is nobody else to raise it.

Earlier, the bourgeoisie, as the heads of nations, were for the rights and independence of nations and put that "above all." Now there is no trace left of this "national principle." Now the bourgeoisie sell the rights and independence of their nations for dollars. The banner of national independence and national sovereignty has been thrown overboard. Without doubt, you, the representatives of the communist and democratic parties must raise this banner and carry it forward if you want to be patriots of your countries, if you want to be the leading powers of the nations. There is nobody else to raise it.

That is how matters stand at present.

It is understood that all these circumstances must ease the work of the communist and democratic parties that are not yet in power.

Consequently, there is every ground for the success and victory of the fraternal parties in the lands of capitalist rule.

Long live our fraternal parties!

Long life and health to the leaders of the fraternal parties!

Long live the peace between the peoples!

Down with the arsonists of war!" (end of quote)

Agree with me friends, we should "arm" ourselves with advice and teaching of I.B. Stalin and go forward to fight Capitalism!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism!

Long live World Socialist Revolution!

Proletarians of all countries unite!

Thank you for attention.