3 IMCWP, Contribution of Jordanian Communist Party

6/22/01 12:58 PM
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Jordanian Communist Party
by Adnan Khalil

Dear Comrades,
I am honoured, and the Jordanian Communist Party is also
honoured to participate to this International Meeting. We
appreciate the initiative of the Communist Party of Greece
(CPG) to holding the meeting and sustained support to our
national liberation movement, especially the Palestinian
people struggle for the return refugees.

Dear Comrades.,
On the 50th anniversary of the CPJ, I would account
important events and experience of the party:
Upon the withdrawal of the British colonialists from
Palestine in 1948 and handing it over to the Zionist;
terrorist organisations, who committed massacres to force
the exodus of the Palestinian people to the neighbouring
Arab Countries, and the annixatation of the extension to
the Palestinian Communist Party (Liberation League) and the
Communist cells in East Jordan. Amid much complicated
circumstances and explosive focus where several external
factors (Colonialist designs)interact in the demographic,
economic and social change, the Jordanian Communists
struggled for five decades amid the workers, in the camps
and among the suppressed masses.

They contributed to the establishment of the workers
syndicates organisations for the women and the youth, and
cultural clubs. The Party has been active amid the students
and the masses raisins the banner of freedom, political and
economical independence and the concerns of the both the
people and the homeland. The party members resisted the
colonialist alliances, such as Baghdad Pact, and Zionist
designs, and pursued for th e social progress.

The Party, through its struggle accomplished legality in
1989. But the inflicted causalities by the regime and the
forces of ignorance (the inflicted fundamentalists and
national chevounists), in addition to the dispiriting
collapse of Soviet Union and the Socialist block, lead to
the weakening of the party political role during the past
decade. Despite this, th eroots of the party are deep in
the Jordanian society. We are optimistic about the future
where we posses militant program, which will lead us to
accomplish the ambitions of the workers and our own. Our
experience is full of success, with rich experiences to
link the politico-national with the social, based on
Marxist-Leninist principles.

Dear Comrades,
We foresee the class and the social tasks though the
following struggles:
- Consolidating the presence of the party members within
the existing syndicates and to preserve its leadership to
others through good example. This is through sacrifices for
new accomplishments and group agreements for the benefit of
the workers.
- To strive for the establishment of new syndicates at the
sectors such as computer, programming and communication
- Unifying the progressive workers leadership efforts to
arouse the workers conscience.
- To struggle within the General Union of Jordanian Workers
(CUJW) despite the role of yellow syndicates. This policy
accomplished some success of which the improvement of the
Social Security and imposing minimum wage.
- To co-ordinate activities with the progressive and
leftist forces in Jordan to improve the work of the
syndicates, which play distinguished role in the political
life as a popular alternative to the traditional political

Dear Comrades,
The changes in the producing forces is imminent. The
international burgeos is unifying the world through the
processes of globalisation and multinational corporate
using the international organisations such as WTO, IMF and
World Bank. The thesis that the world is a small village
means that it has become ig piece of cake before the
gigantic corporate. The communist motto �The Workers of the
world unite�, becomes more necessary where the owner
(multi-national corporate) exploit the workers around the
world. We should have fresh start to build up the workers
ranks, that unifies the working class, where the unions is
the backbone of this unity, and the nerve of forces of
liberation and peace.

I thank the CPG and the audience.