3 IMCWP, Resolution on Palestine

6/22/01 12:58 PM
  • 3rd IMCWP En Asia Communist and workers' parties

NTERNATIONAL MEETING  of Communist and Workers' Parties

22-24 June 2001, Athens

Resolution on Palestine

We, the representatives of the communist and workers parties, participating in the International Meeting at Athens during 22-24 June 2001, express our grave concern to the ongoing Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people for the last ten months. 

The US the military, political and economic backer of the State of Israel bears the major responsibility for the defiant Israeli policy to the international law and norms.

The  Palestinian lands occupied by Israel during 1967 war, are recognized by the UN and the International community as occupied land.

The Palestinian people are entitled to self  determination and living in their independent and  sovereign state, and thus entitled to resist occupation including the Israeli colonies established in the Palestinian occupied land.

Israel is using its military might to suppress the Palestinian people and entrench the expanding colonies in order to create demographic de facto change, thus claiming sovereignty on the Israeli colonies.

The Israeli slaughter of the Palestinian people and the blockade of Palestinian authority land is ongoing amid the paralysis of the international community represented by the UN, which is not upholding its responsibility to protect the Palestinian people due to the US pro- Israeli stand and the EU inaction.

We appeal to all; members of the UN, the international  community and the people of the world to support the Palestinian people rights for international protection, withdrawal of Israeli forces, end of occupation, the right of Palestinian people to return to their homeland, and the establishment of sovereign independent state with its capital, Jerusalem. 

We hold the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ariel Sharon, as responsible for this ongoing massacre and previous massacres as in Sabra  Shatela in 1982, and should be tried as a war criminal for crimes against humanity.


Signed by:


Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism 

Communist Party of Australia 

Democratic Trend, Bahrain 

Communist Party of Belarus 

Workers' Party of Belgium 

Communist Party of Brazil 

New Communist Party of Britain 

Bulgarian Communist Party �Georgi Dimitrov� 

Communist Party of Bulgaria 

Marxist Platform of Bulgarian Socialist Party 

Communist Party of Canada 

Colombian Communist Party 

FARC-EP, Colombia 

Communist Party of Cuba


Communist Party of Bohemia Moravia 

Communist Party in Denmark 

Communist Party of Egypt 

Communist Party of Greece 

Hungarian Workers' Party 

Communist Party of India 

Communist Party of India (Marxist) 

Tudeh Party of Iran 

Iraqi Communist Party 

Kurdistan Communist Party - Iraq 

Communist Party of Israel 

Party of the Communist Refounding, Italy 

Party of the Italian Communists, Italy 

Jordanian Communist Party 

Workers' Party of Korea 

Socialist Party of Latvia 

Lebanese Communist Party 

New Communist Party of the Netherlands 

Communist Party of Norway 

Portuguese Communist Party 

Romanian Communist Party 

Communist Party of Russian Federation 

Communist Workers' Party of Russia 

Communist Party of Slovakia 

Communist Party of Spain 

United Left of Spain 

Communist Party of People of Spain 

Sudanese Communist Party 

Syrian Communist Party 

Syrian Communist Party 

Party for Socialist Power (SIP) Communist Party, Turkey 

The Party of Labour (EMEP), Turkey 

Communist Party of Ukraine 

Union of Communists of Ukraine 

Communist Party, USA 

Communist Party of Vietnam 

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia