13 IMCWP Resolution, A call for solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian People

12/23/11 1:18 PM

The under signed parties that are convening in the frame work of the International meeting of the communist and workers parties in Athens express solidarity with the struggle of the people of Palestine. Those parties firmly support and call upon the international community to consolidate the struggle of the people of Palestine in:
  • Ending the Israeli occupation and establishing an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state, on the borders of June 4, 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  • Recognizing the Palestinian state, as a full member-state in the United Nations.
We also demand:
  • The removal of all settlements which seized the Palestinian lands beyond the 1967 borders.
  • The abolition of the separation wall which divides Jerusalem and the West Bank.
  • The right of return of all the Palestinian refugees to their homes, based on the relevant UN decisions mainly the resolution 194.
  • Lifting of the Israeli blockade in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
  • The immediate release of all Palestinian and other political detainees from the Israeli prisons.
  • Withdrawal of the Israeli army from all the occupied territories in 1967, including the Golan Heights and the Shabaa region in South Lebanon.
  • We call upon the international public opinion mainly in Europe to raise their voices and impose on their governments the cancellation of all kinds of military cooperation with Israel and to immediately support the actions for recognition of the Palestinian state.
It time that the international community has to take the necessary measures to force the Israeli government to abide by the International Law, and to be held countable for its regional and international responsibilities.
CP of Albania
PADS, Algeria
CP of Australia
CP of Azerbaijan
WP of Bangladesh
WP of Belgium
Brazilian CP
CP of Brazil
CP of Britain
NCP of Britain
CP of Canada
SWP of Croatia
CP of Cuba
CP of Bulgaria
AKEL –Cyprus
CP of Bohemia and Moravia
CP in Denmark
CP of Denmark
CP of Egypt
CP of Finland
French CP
CP of Macedonia, FYROM
UCP of Georgia
German CP
KKE, Greece
PPP, Guyana
Hungarian CWP
CP of India [Marxist]
Tudeh Party of Iran
CP of Ireland
WP of Ireland
Party of the Italian Communists
Refoundation Communist Party
Jordanian CP
Lebanese CP
Socialist People’s Front, Lithuania
CP of Luxembourg
CP of Malta
CP of Mexico
NCP of Netherlands
CP of Norway
CP of Pakistan
Palestinian CP
Palestinian People’s Party
Paraguayan CP
CP of Peru [Patria –Roja]
Peruvian CP
Philippine CP (PKP-1930)
CP of Poland
Portuguese CP
Romanian CP
CP of the Russian Federation
NCP of Yugoslavia
Party of the Communists of Serbia
South African CP
CP of Spain
CP of the Peoples of Spain
Party of the Communists of Cataluna
CP of Sri-Lanka
CP of Sweden
Syrian CP
Syrian CP [Unified]
CP of Turkey
Labour Party, Turkey
CP of Ukraine
Union of Communists of Ukraine
CP of Venezuela
CP of Vietnam