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11/25/12 9:50 PM
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Parti Algérien de la Démocratie et du Socialisme PADS

14th International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties
23-25 November 2012 - Beirut

Dear Comrades

The crisis of capitalism continues to deepen. It sharpens the contradictions of class. The working class, the workers and youth, resist more and more, in a growing number of countries, in front of the financial oligarchy offensive, supported by social democracy, against the social conquests of the labor movement. Interimperialist rivalries for the extension of spheres of influence and control of the sources and routes of transportation of oil, gas and uranium, are increasing. At the same time the Western imperialist powers coordinate their operations to try to break by all means the economically weak countries that refuse to comply fully with their diktat, including states led by the bourgeoisie.

The extension of war outbreaks in the Middle East is part of the imperialist strategy. Syria is victim of coordinated attack by unprecedented forces of imperialism, Zionism and reaction-monarchist medieval theocracies. This is the region in which the U.S. imperialists, English and French concentrate their efforts not only to break a country that refuses to obey their orders but also to surround by a belt of hostile states the Russian and Chinese new imperialist powers.

Imperialist states encourage new Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza. They exploit the results of work undertaken by the monarch of Qatar towards Gaza to break up the Palestinian people unity. They encourage Israel's war preparations against Iran and seek to take advantage of the internal contradictions of this country. The Iranian working class fights bravely to rescue the democratic freedoms and oppose anti-labor offensive of the bourgeoisie in power under the guise of Islam. Imperialism is also trying to take advantage of the contradictions that have arisen in recent years between bourgeois tendencies in power and those in opposition. Libya reactionary forces installed in power by NATO faces an increasing resistance of the people that they fiercely repress. The vast majority of the Libyan people refused to endorse the election farce organized by NATO and its puppets. In this country, the main fact is the struggle to oust the imperialist interventionists and their local auxiliaries.

The situation is alarming also in the Sahel and in Mali. Imperialist interference became evident supposedly on behalf of the fight against Islamist terrorism and Tuareg separatism. Their goal is clear: to create chaos to justify the intervention of French and American imperialists to control the basement of this vast region, to break the anti-imperialist popular movements. Their long-term goal is to pursue their plan of encirclement of Algeria to recover the oil and gas Algerian zones. With their continuous pressure imperialist states are trying to get now the denationalization of hydrocarbons and permission to establish military bases in the Sahara. Libyan and Moroccan regimes play an important role in this strategy. The Moroccan monarchy applies faithfully imperialist plans per contra of U.S. and France's support for its occupation of Western Sahara. Qatar provides financial assistance to armed Islamist movements in southern Algeria. Qatar interventions in this region are part of a distribution of tasks decided by the U.S. and French imperialists.

Revolts and political and social events that agitate many Arab countries since the beginning of last year are basically the expression of deep internal and external contradictions .

These revolts were triggered by the impact of the crisis in the world capitalist system as a whole and its harsh impact on living conditions of the majority of workers and peasants, who were already very poor, especially in countries that have no oil revenues. These revolts express at the same time large and ideological confusion, the refusal of Arab popular masses to pay the consequences of this crisis, their yearning for democratic freedoms of organization and expression, election and democratic control of governments. The development of capitalist relations in these countries, imperialist domination and economic dependence, massive looting of their resources, widening inequalities of class, the abject poverty of large sections of the people, the struggle of the proletariat and the peasantry against capitalist exploitation and pre-capitalist remains, contradictions of interests and struggles for hegemony within the power between various factions of the bourgeoisie, all these factors have matured demands for radical changes, including in countries where the petty bourgeoisie has exerted during long periods an hegemonic power, often with real social progress, as was the case for El Gaddafi in Libya.

The central issue is not the abstract question "democracy or despotism" but "anti-popular and bourgeois democratic states enfeoffed to imperialism or anti-imperialist popular democracy creating the conditions for transition to the socialist road"? The global characteristics of the present period, that of the struggle for the transition to socialism do not allow to tackle in another way the democratic issues in this part of the world.

Arab people refuse to continue to live as before. But the situation is different from one country to another.

Some Arab regimes are «formally»republics but democratic freedoms must be won through struggle. Others are monarchies ruled by castes originally mostly installed by the imperialist states. They use religion to justify oppression and absolute arbitrary. Petro-monarchies oligarchies have interests closely tied to imperialist regimes. The money stolen from their people is located in the banks of the imperialist countries and is used for the the reproduction of the imperialist system in the world, which does not exclude contradictions between the imperialist powers and rulers. All of them try to find the political forms of government appropriate to the perpetuation of imperialist domination. They will not hesitate to throw in the dustbin of history their current lackeys if their interests are threatened by such alliances.

The intensity of the explosive nature of the situation differs from one country to another depending on the nature of relationships that link these regimes to the imperialist powers.

Regimes that manifest their rejection of the imperialist powers dictates are the target of coordinated attacks by the USA, the European Union, NATO, Israel, Gulf monarchies and theocracies, international plutocracy media. This is true even if these regimes are in their socio-economic basis capitalist regimes. Imperialism does not simply impose to economically weak countries ultra-liberal receipts. It tends to demand total submission of bourgeois regimes in its geo-strategic objectives. He does not hesitate to enforce above all the interests of its oligarchies, to push ruling classes to political suicide by throwing them into irreconcilable conflict with their people. It creates explosive situations that lead to the breakup of the young nations born from the liberation movement and whose economic fundamentals are still weak.

In contrast, the most reactionary regimes, lackeys of the imperialist powers can kill massively, trample basic rights of the population, deny any right to foreign labor, reduce into slaves or stone under any pretext women from Asia or Africa, they will continue to enjoy the protection of their masters. The ferocity with which millions of workers from Asia are being exploited by multinationals is only possible thanks to the support of the most reactionary regimes in the world.

The imperialist states regimes priority is to defeat the regimes or the political forces which try to stand up, and strengthen the position of Israel as military outpost whose mission is to prevent the emancipation of Arab and Muslim peoples located on the oil routes.

The contradictions of the Arab countries are often made confusing by the struggles that oppose different fractions of their bourgeoisies concerning the best ways to strengthen or maintain their domination over the masses as well as on the balance between these positions of power in the exercise hegemonic power at the expense of each other. Everywhere whole fractions of the bourgeoisie allied with feudal potentates use blatantly Islam. Large inexperienced politically and ideologically fractions of the working class and peasantry make their first steps in modern social struggles, seeking in religion a support to their aspirations for social justice. The most reactionary bourgeois currents try to channel popular discontent to prevent it from becoming a revolutionary torrent likely to raise forcefully the question of ownership of the means of production, distribution of wealth, corporate control and the social nature of power. Religion is used as a front for the establishment of an opened dictatorship of money forces in order to prevent the junction of the communist parties with the spontaneous movement of the masses and the working class. It is used to prevent the transmission of ideological awareness to workers, transforming the working class in class-conscious vanguard, organized and leader in the struggle for progress and socialism. To detach workers from reactionary influence of the forces that use Islam, to isolate these forces, the Communists must reject attempts of “secularist” petty-bourgeois circles to move the gravity center of the political, ideological, economic and social struggle, from clarifying the content of the economic positions of different political forces adverse to abstract questions of "modernity" or religion. We advocate the separation of religion and state but this can not be the center of our daily agitation work. As shown by the October Revolution this issue is solved in the very determined struggles for the establishment of the state of workers and peasants.

In Algeria the sham democracy introduced in 1989 after the popular uprising of October 1988 has in reality only benefited to the money powers. These powers are divided between those who present themselves as supporters of secularism, those who disguise themselves under the veil of Islam and those who seek a "centrist" way. These bourgeois currents agree to stifle independent labor movement thanks to paralyzing labor and social laws or laws on parties and associations which put them under the control of the Interior Ministry.

Imperialist interference in Algeria have become more open. Intensive work is being carried out by the embassies and the European Union to enlist youth NGOs supposedly responsible for defending human rights.

The consequences of the bloody confrontation that pitted from 1992 reactionary forces hidden under the veil of Islam to all democratic forces in society and the current regime are exploited by imperialist circles to get more concessions. Senior officers of the army who had fought armed Islamist groups are threatened with prosecution before the International Criminal Court. The bourgeois regime in Algeria is more afraid by the masses than by imperialism. By its class nature it is unable to seek the support of the masses by satisfying their social and political demands. He seeks "understanding" of imperialism by changing the rules of the oil tax, dismantling tariffs. It offers unimaginable financial gifts to multinationals. He invited them to invest in Algeria but it is the Algerian state that provides all capital using public banks loans with very low rates. They are tax-exempt sometimes for ten years. The State pays also the salaries of a large number of young workers under the pretext of the fight against unemployment. Companies from Qatar and other from the Gulf who have no technological expertise control strategic sectors such as steel, mechanical branches of arms, ports, without paying any dollar! The government has also lend $ 5 billion to the IMF!

Regarding Syria, our party believes that it is "obvious already from last year that the armed uprising in Syria (...) has nothing to do with any struggle for democratic freedoms and social progress . The armed insurgency groups is the fact of groups which hide less an less their willingness to establish a sectarian state, undermining the freedom of conscience and religious freedoms, which have hitherto been the particularity of Syria compared to Arab and Muslim countries, and using Islam to make the workers and peasants accept the most ferocious exploitation. "

Political , social and economic système introduced by the Syrian Baath and which has in recent years negatively changed with anti-popular measures for liberalization does not embody our communist ideal.

But it is impossible to place it on the same plane as Islamist terrorists and imperialist powers. The armed uprising in Syria has a distinctly reactionary, obscurantist characteristic because of the objectives and social and economic vision of its ultra-liberal leaders, because of its dependence on political, financial and military standpoint to imperialist countries and theocratic monarchies of the Gulf, because of its role of armed force for this foreign forces coalition. We believe that the primary responsibility for the misfortunes that have befallen on the Syrian people is the responsibility of officers and bourgeois or social democrats from imperialist countries. "

Algerian communist are inspired by the rich experience accumulated by the international communist movement in the fight against fascism. This struggle had led to the conclusion of conditional temporary unions with other social strata to address at some point an enemy that challenges with an extreme violence the democratic , social and national achievements of working class and peoples .

We believe that no revolution can simply abstractly assert democratic freedoms, say nothing about the imperialist interference, or condemn violence without examining its contents, class objectives and international circumstances. No revolutionary can place on the same plane revolutionary violence against the armed groups backed by imperialism and the Gulf monarchies and the legitimate repression of the activity of these groups. Effective struggle for democratic freedoms in the wider benefit of the working class and toiling layers is closely linked to resistance to imperialist aggression and its allies inside. It is linked to the struggle to liquidate the forces of reaction by military and political means, by a social policy for the masses. In a situation like that of Syria, democratic struggles can not be dissociated from the fights to inflict a stinging defeat to imperialism and its internal allies, to defeat its claim to decide for the people . No revolutionary party can win a leading role, independent of the bourgeoisie, if it is not involved with weapons in hand in imperialist resistance, if it does not make every effort to lead the masses in this resistance. It is by completing these tasks that it can give to this anti-imperialist resistance a most advanced content of economic and social class in favor of the working class, of the working popular strata , even if it is temporarily allied with other ruling forces that imperialism wants to forcibly remove and replace by submissive servants .

These struggles create the best conditions for the revolutionary party of the working class to conquer a leadership role.

We welcome our Syrians comrades in this difficult historic battle which has an enormous importance for all peoples. We sincerely hope they will succeed in the heat of the struggle to train workers to the victory against the forces of imperialism and internal reaction in the conquest of democratic freedoms and social progress.