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11/28/08 4:23 AM
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Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Unity of the International Communist Movement is Inevitable
Dear Comrades and friends,
The current historical stage is characterised by losing of the international balance of forces as result of the collapse of the European socialist camp. It is characterized from the beginning of the nineties by continuing and sharping of the contradiction between the labour and capital, persistence of the aggressiveness of the representatives of the capitalist system. But at the same time gradually growing the resistance against this state of affairs injustice and imperialist hegemony upon the world. The beginning of 21st century is characterized by further provocative offensive against the sovereign states aiming to achieve permanent hegemony of USA. That creates the need to react and respond: for the time being disparate and deficiently collaborative oppositions have arisen against that hegemony. There are for example movements against the war and military occupation, there are regrouping of social and peace movements. With different intensity, the struggle of workers for their right and the struggle of nations for their social and national emancipation continues. There are Blocs of countries, striving for a new political and economic order. The countries of socialist orientation are not only succeeding in defending of that orientation but they became an example of active and successful approach. They are providing solid aid and political support to other countries. At the same time they are subject of solidarity of progressive and democratic forces of whole the world.
Changing of the unipolar character of our world is our primary task. To achieve peace, security and social progress, there is NO other way than focusing on the change of the unipolar character of our world. That is why we welcome the attempt for emancipation of Russian Federation. That is why we have to focus on the independence of each country, Europe and EU in particular, from the international policy of USA. Just by such approach it possible to change the international balance of forces.
The Third Communist International of 1919 – 1943 was an effective militant organization and forum of cooperation in the anti-fascist struggle at the international level. First of all, because it unified the communist parties and it was closed to the reformist and social democratic parties. Further more, the Comintern leaned on the power and support of the Communist Party of Soviet Union and Soviet State. Dissolving of the Communist International was a serious historical mistake.
Today the communists, they have no international organization and NO one country is helping, by its economic and political possibility, the communist movement. The strongest communist parties, they do not take as their own task the question of unification of the communist movement. The justification for that given by the following: the former Comintern had a mistakes; the necessity of largest collaboration of all left forces in the present time.
Yes, collaboration of the largest left forces is Inevitable. But the creation of an international net of Marxist-Leninist parties, really fighting against the capitalism, is not in contradiction with that, on the contrary, it is a necessary condition. It is inevitable not only that the communists should create inside the large leftist movement and organizations their own pole, but also they should be organized as independent force.
To achieve this objective, it is necessary to strive for the unity of action of the communist movement. Common actions will lead not only towards creating of political and ideological unity, but also to a development of organisational forms of cooperation, that will lead to higher form of cooperation. To achieve this objective, there is still a long way ahead of us. We are witnesses of certain phenomenon of both marking and exclusions of some communist parties from participation on international meetings of communist and workers parties. By this approach, we will not achieve either the unity of action or any organisational unity of communist parties.
Our party, regardless of these difficulties, will continue in this attempt for tighter cooperation between communists and other left forces to achieve their desirable unity of action against increasing danger of militarism, neo-liberalism and war.
The CPBM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia) has ever striven for the cooperation of communist and left parties, and in its international activity it is based on total open manner and it is not prejudiced in advance towards any discussion. At the same time, it stands on its sovereignty and respects the sovereignty of other parties. Above all, the CPBM tries to stress the things and elements, which join various parties together, and tries to build bridges for mutual understanding.
The CPBM takes a status of observer in the European Left Party (ELP). The status of observer poses a certain compromise in the framework of the CPBM, and therefore it secures also an important consensus.
The focus of the CPBM´s approach is a demand that the ELP in its activity should fully respect the democratic standards and to be all-European party. From the standpoint of number of EL member parties, the EL represents only minor part of relevant political subjects. Except for some exceptions, it joins together only parties from the European Union (moreover, not all those parties). The parties, which work in countries of former USSR and Balkans as well as a great part of radical left parties of Northern Europe and also of Western Europe itself, almost all remain outside.
In the Czech Republic, the CPBM faces a primitive anticommunism. On its 17th meeting in October 30, the Senate, with participation of only 38 senators out of total 81, discussed the Final Report of the Temporary Commission for Examination of the Constitutionality of the CPBM. That non-quorate meeting has passed, by only 30 votes, the resolution, by which the Senate finds numerous indications of the violation of Constitution of Czech Republic by the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia. For example, they reproach the CPBM for sharing of Marxist outlook, for the position toward the conflict in Caucasus, and for other subjective interpretations. The senate resolution asks the government to take the case to the Supreme Administrative Court.
The struggle for the communist Character of our party continues on various front lines. The politics of anticommunism strives, in its final aim, to liquidate the communist character of our party. The unity of action of communist and workers parties will absolutely surely contribute to the defeating of the attainment of this aim.
Today, in the period of the new economic and financial crisis, the communists have a big chance to prove that the crises are an integral part of capitalist system. The new-liberal policy of the new-conservationists and the imperialist globalisation just deepen the extent and impact of the crisis on the largest middle and poor strata of inhabitants. Joint actions of the communist against its impact will contribute in the speeding of the consciousness of needs of socialism, of the order, which ensures proportional economic and social development, mobilisation of financial national resources and their distribution in favour of the society.
Doc. Ing. Hassan Charfo, DrSc.
Head of the CC’s Department of International Relations