4th IMCWP, Contribution of Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

6/21/02 11:41 AM
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CP of Bohemia and Moravia, Contribution to the Athens
Meeting 21J2002

by Jumr Vaclav

From where grow the roots of the contemporary terrorism ?

The actual fight �against terrorism� does not hit its
causes but rather the consequences of an impudent
international development. As the attack of September 11
targeted the United States, it is obviously indispensable
to put the following question: Who and why hates the United
States so much that he is able to perpetrate an action
destroying lives of thousands of (innocent) people but also
his own life ? Or: Who and why so strongly hates the
superpower policy of the United States ?

I am quite sure that in the answer to this question lays
the only possible reply how to prevent such horrible
actions and terrorism in general from happening in future.
Nobody kills only for his own pleasure, the more that he
himself loses his own life.

The world of capitalism prepared a soil for the emergence
of terrorism since the very end of the World War II. One
cannot believe that the Japanese people forgot the horrors
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear apocalypse of August
1945 is still far more horrible than the WTC horrors of
September 11. One cannot accept the arguments that in 1945
�it was a war�. After all, the US highest representatives
declared the WTC event a war.

It would be interesting to follow the feelings of tens of
millions of the inhabitants of Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos
when watching the WTC tragedy. Millions of their own dead,
disabled or wounded are a consequence of the French
colonialism and then of the US bloody military
intervention, responsible also for a destroyed or seriously
damaged nature.

The national liberation wars against colonial powers on all
the continents produced other tens of millions of victims.
The world nations gained their political independence on
the expense of enormous victims but they did not find their
place on the sunny side. Even today, in the 21st century,
some 60 millions people die every year from hunger. A great
majority of the mankind suffers from illiteracy, epidemics
and sicknesses, from poverty and sufferings produced by the
persisting social arrangement of the world. Hatred grows
from misery, deprivation, frustration, from desperation and
inability to change one's own fate and unfortunately also
thirst for revenge. In the light of terrorist actions the
world falls into a jungle from which its looks for a way
out. But who caused the fact of the world falling into a
jungle ? Let us remind Chile, Guatemala, Granada,
Nicaragua, and Panama as examples only of the US
interventions neglecting the international law and
paralysing the United Nations. This US policy is nowadays
far more dangerous, provocative and selfish under the Bush
presidency and administration.

One more example: the unfortunate and tragic fate of the
Palestinian people. The Israeli government have cheated for
decades the Palestinians and the world public by insincere
promises that they would return what they grabbed by
military force. A feeling of national deprivation and
social subjugation generated courage of the Palestinian
adolescents to lift up stones against occupation tanks,
planes, helicopters and rackets. They die by tens, tragedy
is reaping its victims. Intifada generates actions of
individual terror by which the Palestinian youth faces the
state terror of Israel.

Another example. In March 1999 armies of the North Atlantic
Treaty Organisation attacked, under a pretext of
�protecting Kossovo Albanians - a sovereign state, UN
member state Yugoslavia. They �punished� it by bombing all
important objects of the national economy and
infrastructure, including television and one foreign
embassy. During this cowardly attacks trying to avoid above
all their own losses, several thousands were killed,
including passengers of a civil train. All the existing
structure of the international law was put aside, the UN
Security Council paralysed, if not speaking about the most
representative body of the international community General

The United States, without presenting serious evidence,
attacked Afghanistan in searching for authors of the WTC
action. It was the Afghani people, not Taliban, who
suffered from the air hits the most. A bitter irony and
American tragedy: Taliban and Usama bin Ladin are products
of the American secret services that organised resistance
against the Soviet military presence in Afghanistan.
Superpower interests produced a Golem who turned against
his authors. New wars are being prepared against Iraq,
Iran, North Korea, eventually Cuba, Libya, Yemen and
others. Bush, stepping up aggressiveness of his
administration, neglecting global interests and enforcing
American interests only, declares a war to the whole

A decisive battle against terrorism cannot be waged and won
by wars and arms, among them those being able to wipe
mankind of this planet. It is absolutely necessary to turn
the world back to normal rails, to refuse a domination of
the US over the world and to return this �domination� to
the international law represented by the UNO. It is however
indispensable in the same time to put a man to the front
point of all endeavours, his daily troubles and interests,
his rights pursuant to the General Declaration of Human
Rights. If a justice is not installed in the world, if
immense differences in the life of individual social
groups, individual countries and peoples are not
liquidated, there will be no peace in the world. The
efforts to petrify the actual status quo of the world
represents however the greatest certainty that terrorism
will not be eliminated.

Allow me to quote at the end of my contribution Albert
Einstein: �I do not know with what arms one will fight in
the third world war but I know surely with what arms one
will firth in the fourth one with sticks and stones.� It
is our duty, imperative of these days to bar way to
American Armageddon.

JUDr. V�clav Jumr
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Czech Republic