4th IMCWP, Contribution of PADS - Algeria

6/21/02 11:41 AM
  • Algeria, Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism [PADS] 4th IMCWP En Africa Communist and workers' parties

PADS - Algeria, Contribution to the Athens Meeting 21J2002

Opinion's Algerian Party for democracy and socialism about
the new situation in the world after the September 11th

The offensive launched in the world by the leaders of USA
under the cover of a riposte to the
terrorist actions of September 11th, marks a new phase in
the development of the
contradictions of the imperialist system. Whatever the
silent partners, this terrorist action has
objectively favoured the strategic interests of American
imperialism which tries to overcome the
growing resistances to its hegemonic attempts, more than
ten years after the downfall of
USSR. It serves also the interests of the other capitalist
powers because the same
contradictions that capitalism bears in itself urge them
also to justify the adoption of measures
which clogs the fight of exploited classes and the
organization of real operations of
recolonization of peoples. The imperialist system is
confronted as a whole with the uprising of
an "antimondialization" movement which does not accept that
financial markets dictate the law
to Humanity. This movement reflects the growing rejection
from wide sectors , not only
proletarian ones, but also some edges of the lower
middle-class, of capitalist tendencies to
submit every act of the social life to the law of profit,
to maintain or to put people in poverty,
starvation, and exclusion from progress without any hope to
get through. The owning classes in
the world are not serene. They realize that the capitalist
system is laid on a volcano which will
wake up some day, due to the growing contradictions which
undermine it. The outrage of
September 11th have been used in USA as well as in all
capitalist countries to justify
restrictions to individual freedom in the name of
preventive neutralization of eventual terrorist
groups: telephone monitoring, house search without warrant,
arbitrary interpellations,
etc.Capitalists of all countries show their unity and act
in a concerted way when the aim is to
counteract a socialist danger, to crush the fight of
workers and peoples against exploitation, to
stamp out peoples which want to break the chains of
financial and political domination. But they
have a tendency to be involved in a merciless fight the
ones against the others for the sharing of
the world. Driven by its economical interests to extend its
influence zone, the monopolistic
bourgeoisie in Europe and Asia encounters more and more the
imperialist power of the biggest
one. USA have actively used the mood created by this
terrorist operation to ride rough-shod
over all positive acquirements of international legality
which tie them up in their tendency to
dictate their will to the world. The disappearing of USSR
and socialist countries has removed
the biggest obstacle to hegemonic domination of the world
by American imperialism. It has
created for the USA the possibility to get untied from all
that, in the associations previously
woven with other imperialist powers against the socialist
countries, represents now an
unbearable constraint to the realization of its
imperialist superpower projects, from all that
prevents to use, whenever and wherever its interests are
involved, the instruments of its
alliances, like NATO. The antiterrorist fight is a
wonderful pretext for American imperialism
which pays an easy game and use all the pretexts in the
execution of its vital strategic
objective: to prevent the emergence of competitive powers
able to contest its worldwide
leadership, to tolerate them only when they accept to place
themselves under the US authority
to carry out missions to keep their domination on peoples.
This strategy is the response of
American imperialism to the increasing of internal and
external contradictions in the capitalist
world and of its own contradictions. Although its relative
weight in worldwide industrial
production has decreased, the American imperialism uses its
trumps in the technological field
and its military supremacy to dictate its law to its
competing countries in Europe or Asia. The
American imperialism will never waive of its own free will
its hegemonic positions. The
systematic refusal to any international agreement which
could possibly tie their hands is a clear
example their forward flight in this politics of domination
which is more and more denounced by
the other powers as a demonstration of an unacceptable
unilateralism. Since September 11th,
things are going faster. The USA have called in question
again the anti-missiles treaty ABM of
1972. The so-called disarmament agreement, recently signed
by Bush and Poutine is a smoke
screen destined to deceive the public opinion. Last
December, they have caused the failure of
Geneva Conference on bacteriological weapons, to launch
their program of germs production for
military purposes. They refuse to sign the treaty creating
the Penal International Court to ensure
total impunity for their war criminals. They object to the
Rio and Kyoto Conferences, to the
prohibition of antipersonnel mines, to conferences on
children rights. They veto to all resolutions
of the Security Council condemning the exactions against
the Palestinians by Israel, armed
hand of all the imperialist powers, and especially USA, in
Middle East. They are ready to go on
the warpath against all which could represent a menace,
even a potential one, against their
tendency to absolute hegemony, including, in a more or less
far future, against their own allies;
to try to exclude by force all that could be an
encouragement to the fight of the .peoples to
transform the world. Since September 11th 2001, they have
gained a foothold in Afghanistan,
they have landed troops in Uzbekistan, in Georgia, in
Philippines and they draw up the plan to
spread everywhere with the support of mercenary states. The
aim of this feverish deployment is
to protect the limitless expansion of their capitals, to
remove any hindrance to the buying up of
the wealth created by the other peoples, to place under
their control the oil and gas deposits,
the terrestrial and maritime ways by which hydrocarbons are
transported. Thanks to their
ascendancy over the IMF and WB, and to their pre-eminent
position inside NATO, they threaten
the refractory peoples either with starvation by cutting
off assistance and credits, or with
bombing and reducing to captivity the leaders of resisting
countries. The contradictions are
accumulating between USA and the capitalist countries in
Europe .The European monopolistic
groups use without any hesitation the American umbrella to
preserve their interests and to
enlarge their part of the cake in the world face to the
peoples which try to shake off the
imperialist domination. But at the same time, they attempt
to gather their forces so as to get a
higher capacity for action face to their American rival by
accelerating the unification of their
economical potential within European Union with the change
to euro, and the creation of the
European force of intervention. The anti-terrorist fight is
the new favourite topic of imperialism,
after the "man rights". For the imperialist leaders, this
new theme can make more acceptable
by the democratic opinion the alliances with the medieval
regimes like the Gulf monarchies.
The imperialism, which has thoroughly used the
fundamentalist terrorism to pull down the
progressive regimes or to weaken the regimes which resist
to its influence, only pursue Ben
Laden and his acolytes when they turn against it. It does
not intend at all to eliminate them. It
will go on using them as a means of pressure to get the
disobeying countries to bend. This can
be perceived through the Algerian example. USA and United
Kingdom are until now sanctuaries
for tens of islamo-fascist leaders who have justified the
assassination of progressive
personalities and who go on pouring out their appeals to
murder without being disturbed or
extradited by the American or British authorities. This
does not keep Algerian leaders, who
apply slavishly the IMF and WB injunctions, from shouting
their availability to help the
imperialist countries in their so-called fight against
terrorism. The process of integration of the
Algerian army in NATO is accelerating. The visits of heads
of NATO forces are more and more
frequent in Algeria. The Algerian Navy has been for the
third time involved in the NATO
manoeuvres. The Algerian leaders betray their people
interests and the anti-imperialist traditions
of Algeria through its support of all legitimate fights in
the world and its fight against the
aggressive organizations of imperialism. The industrial
bourgeoisie criticize the rhythm of
integration of Algeria in the international capitalist
organizations and ensembles (association
with EU and World Organization for Trade) that compradore
fractions impose, so far as it
hinders its interests. But it is not ready at all to defend
the national interest. The fight of the
liberal-modernist fractions of the bourgeoisie against
Islamic fundamentalism is inconsequent
because they refuse to bind it to the fight against
imperialism which they perceive as a support
against the working class. The race for world domination
raise and will raise more and more
every day the workers and the progressive lower
middle-class of capitalist countries, the
millions of victims of the counter-revolution in the
previous socialist countries, the peoples
oppressed by the dictatorship supported by imperialism and
reduced to poverty by the so-called
structural adjustments, against the exploiters and their
system. Our tasks, as communists, in
these long and difficult fights having in mind to favour
the gathering of the subjective first-fruits
for the struggle for socialism, are: -to weigh more and
more in the clarification of historic stakes
of the anti-mondialization by displaying more efforts to
get bound with the youth which begins to
do his experience in the anti-capitalist fight, to help
this movement to avoid to fall in the
demobilizing reformist cul-de-sacs; - isolate the American
imperialism, rampart and pillar of the
international reaction, and its imperialist allies in
Europe and Asia; - to work to gather the
maximum of forces against the misdeeds of structural
adjustments, against the diktat of IMF,
WB, and that of the European Commissions; -to mobilize the
forces to dismantle NATO and all
military organizations of imperialism; -to denounce the
call in question again of the
disarmament agreements signed in the days of USSR and the
launching of the anti-missiles
shield; -to demand the evacuation of the foreign troops in
Afghanistan and in the Balkans, the
end of the occupation by Israel of the Palestinian
territories and the dismantling of the colonies
in the occupied territories; -to unmask the American plans
in its disinformation campaigns in
Colombia or against the Republic of Korea and to pursue the
actions for the breaking of the
blockade against Cuba ; -to defend the democratic freedoms;
-to show clearly the retrograde
aims of Islamic fundamentalists who mislead the
anti-imperialist feelings of Arab-Islamic
peoples submitted to the triple oppression of imperialism,
feudal-theocratic regimes, and
bourgeoisie which has given its allegiance to imperialism,
namely compradore; - to fight
mercilessly the reactionary Islamic groups and their
barbarous terrorism, aiming namely, like in
Algeria to physically eliminate the democratic and
progressive forces, with the support and the
encouragement which has been and is still provided openly
or in a underhand manner, of the
subversive services of the imperialist countries, whatever
can be the lying declarations of their
leaders. Concerning the terrorism: the imperialist
propaganda feeds the amalgam between
terrorism and armed revolutionary fight to discredit the
latter and facilitate its crushing. The
terrorism practiced by isolated individuals who want to
substitute their violent operations for
organized political and, when necessary, armed action, of
the masses, the terrorism which
does not attack the basis of the socio-economical system
which generates oppression, but
only its apparent symbols or the persons who represent it,
which does not consider the ratio of
forces between the classes, which turns up its nose at the
level of consciousness of the
masses and at their degree of preparation for the fight,
which pretends to stimulate them by
spectacular actions, this terrorism has always been
extraneous, totally extraneous to the
communists doctrine. But they support the masses armed
fight for national emancipation and
the conquest of social and democratic freedoms or their
defence if the bourgeoisie undertakes
the installation of a fascist regime. They support, as they
do in Algeria, the constitution of
armed auto-defence groups which have answered, arms in
hand, in a total lawfulness to the
reactionary and barbarous violence of the fundamentalist
terrorists. Were just and necessary
the armed actions of the partisans in Europe in front of
Nazi occupation, the armed fight of the
Vietnamese people and of the Algerian people-although that,
in this last case; the actions
which have aimed in a blind way at the European population
were erroneous et have done harm
to the legitimate armed fight- that of the Cuban people
against the Batista dictatorship. Is just
and legitimate the fight led to day by the Palestinian
people when it fights against the
occupation of its internationally recognised earth and when
it aims at the sionists responsible
for its tragic situation. This armed fight has nothing to
do with the terrorism decried by the
imperialism propagandists.