4th IMCWP, Contribution of Party of Polish Communists

6/21/02 11:41 AM
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Party of Polish Communists, Contribution to the Athens
Meeting 21J2002
From: Party of Polish Communists, Sat, 22 Jun, 2002

By Beata Karon

At the beginning I would like to thank you for the
invitation on International Meeting of Communist and
Workers' Parties. International Co-operation of communists
is very important. Now we can decide what to do for
changing situation. We agree that reason of war against
Afghanistan was economical interests of oil industry. It is
clear that connections Sedween big concern and governments
are dangerous for all over the world. Today monopolisation,
globalisation and militarisation threaten mankind.

In this situation big task for communist parties is
organising fight against war and imperialism. First task is
creating of system of information about reasons of war,
victims of war and results of war. We should co-operate in
changing information for better description of situation.
We should explain economical and political reason of war.

Next stage is organising of demonstrations, conferences and
other anti-war protests. On this basis it is possible to
build strong movement and organisations which have impact
on political direction. We must fight against imperialist
system but also against own government if this government
support imperialism. We must fight for revolution and
victory of socialism.

There is no end of history. We can change the world.